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Roske, Ralph

0001    First State Bank, First and Fremont Streets, was build in 1906. (It remained standing until 1957 when it was razed to make way for a casino.)
0002    Fremont Street, c. 1930’s. (Note Boulder Club and Union Labor Temple on second floor of the Boulder Club.)
0003    Fremont Street between 7th and 8th Streets (late 1940’s – parade of some sort, possibly Helldorado Parade.)
0004    Aerial view of Sands Hotel on Las Vegas Strip. (December 1954)
0005    Frontier Village at Last Frontier Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada. [c. 1940’s - 1950’s] (OVERSIZE)
0006    Fanny’s Dress Shop in Frontier Village (Last Frontier Hotel), Las Vegas, Nevada. [1940’s – 1950’s] (OVERSIZE)
0007    Hoover Dam under construction. (c. 1934) (OVERSIZE)
0008    Las Vegas Rotary Club. [c. 1940’s]


0009    Beatty train depot. (Beatty, Nevada) – April 2, 1931.
0010    McAlister child and [father?] standing near State Highway Dept. truck. [Carrara, Nevada] – February 19, 1931.
0011    McAlister daughter at family home in Carrara, Nevada. (Feb. 2, 1931.)
0012    [McAlister] child with burro near Carrara, Nevada. Other two persons not identified. (c. 1931)
0013    McAlister child at home in Carrara, Nevada. (February, 1931)
0014    Carrara, Nevada – wild burros.
0015    Maray Mountain
0016    Bottle House in Rhyolite, Nevada. (c. 1920’s)
0017    Rhyolite Bottle House – Rhyolite, Nevada. (c. 1920’s) People are not identified.
0018    Main Street fire in Tonopah, Nevada (1968). Post Office still standing in photo.
0019    Main Street fire in Tonopah, Nevada – 1968.
0020    Sign on the original vault, built by the Bank of California in 1864. [Virginia City, Nevada]
0021    St. Mary in the Mountains Church in Virginia City, Nevada.
0022    Photo reproduction of Goodsprings Gazette, Feb.3, 1917. (pg. 1 of 4)
0023    Photo reproduction of Goodsprings Gazette, Feb.3, 1917. (pg. 2 of 4)
0024    Photo reproduction of Goodsprings Gazette, Feb.3, 1917. (pg. 3 of 4)
0025    Photo reproduction of Goodsprings Gazette, Feb.3, 1917. (pg. 4 of 4)


0026    Unidentified woman.
0027    Unidentified man with bighorn sheep. (Probably he just killed it.)
0028    Unidentified woman.
0029    Unidentified man with animal he has killed. (Same man as in photo #253 0027.)
0030    Joseph Ira Earl. (duplicate of #0027 0008)
0031    Group of men – no identification.
0032    Unidentified woman teaching school.
0033    Group of young boys sitting on steps. (No identification)
0034    USS Nevada display. (no date or location.)
0035    Pete Fabbe – Tonopah, Nevada. (no date)