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Photo Collections Record

Ralph Roske Photograph Collection

Extent: 2.9 Linear Feet (2 hanging folders, 1 shared box of negatives, 3 over sized folders)
Location: PC 09:B, PC Negatives Box 16, MC MS 01:F

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Collection Contents:
The Ralph Roske Photographs (approximately 1917-1989) depict life in rural Southern Nevada and newspaper clippings from the Goodsprings Gazette. The collection consists of thirty-five images dated from 1917 to 1989. The images consist of unidentified Nevadans, Las Vegas landmarks, and members of the McAllister family in Carraca, Nevada.

0001    First State Bank, First and Fremont Streets, was build in 1906. (It remained standing until 1957 when it was razed to make way for a casino.)
0002    Fremont Street, c. 1930's. (Note Boulder Club and Union Labor Temple on second floor of the Boulder Club.)
0003    Fremont Street between 7th and 8th Streets (late 1940's parade of some sort, possibly Helldorado Parade.)
0004    Aerial view of Sands Hotel on Las Vegas Strip. (December 1954)
0005    Frontier Village at Last Frontier Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada. [c. 1940's - 1950's] (OVERSIZE)
0006    Fanny's Dress Shop in Frontier Village (Last Frontier Hotel), Las Vegas, Nevada. [1940's - 1950's] (OVERSIZE)
0007    Hoover Dam under construction. (c. 1934) (OVERSIZE)
0008    Las Vegas Rotary Club. [c. 1940's]


0009    Beatty train depot. (Beatty, Nevada) April 2, 1931.
0010    McAlister child and [father?] standing near State Highway Dept. truck. [Carrara, Nevada] February 19, 1931.
0011    McAlister daughter at family home in Carrara, Nevada. (Feb. 2, 1931.)
0012    [McAlister] child with burro near Carrara, Nevada. Other two persons not identified. (c. 1931)
0013    McAlister child at home in Carrara, Nevada. (February, 1931)
0014    Carrara, Nevada wild burros.
0015    Maray Mountain
0016    Bottle House in Rhyolite, Nevada. (c. 1920's)
0017    Rhyolite Bottle House Rhyolite, Nevada. (c. 1920's) People are not identified.
0018    Main Street fire in Tonopah, Nevada (1968). Post Office still standing in photo.
0019    Main Street fire in Tonopah, Nevada 1968.
0020    Sign on the original vault, built by the Bank of California in 1864. [Virginia City, Nevada]
0021    St. Mary in the Mountains Church in Virginia City, Nevada.
0022    Photo reproduction of Goodsprings Gazette, Feb.3, 1917. (pg. 1 of 4)
0023    Photo reproduction of Goodsprings Gazette, Feb.3, 1917. (pg. 2 of 4)
0024    Photo reproduction of Goodsprings Gazette, Feb.3, 1917. (pg. 3 of 4)
0025    Photo reproduction of Goodsprings Gazette, Feb.3, 1917. (pg. 4 of 4)


0026    Unidentified woman.
0027    Unidentified man with bighorn sheep. (Probably he just killed it.)
0028    Unidentified woman.
0029    Unidentified man with animal he has killed. (Same man as in photo #253 0027.)
0030    Joseph Ira Earl. (duplicate of #0027 0008)
0031    Group of men no identification.
0032    Unidentified woman teaching school.
0033    Group of young boys sitting on steps. (No identification)
0034    USS Nevada display. (no date or location.)
0035    Pete Fabbe Tonopah, Nevada. (no date)