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Richard Ronzone Photograph Collection

Extent: 0.2 Linear Feet (2 hanging folders)
Location: PC 12:D

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Collection Contents:
The Richard Ronzone Photographs depict Las Vegas, Nevada storeowner and politician Richard “Dick” Ronzone and his family from 1920 to 1989 and 2001. The photographs primarily depict Ronzone at Ronzone’s Store in Las Vegas, at events with politicians such as Nevada Governor Paul Laxalt, or at the Las Vegas Valley Water District. The photographs also depict Ronzone during his service with the Nevada National Guard; portraits of Ronzone, his wife Ann Roeth Ronzone, and his mother Bertha Ronzone; and events during Ronzone’s tenure as a Clark County Commissioner from 1972 to 1980.

0001    Possibly Dick Ronzone. Would have been in Manhattan, Nevada, c. 1920s.
0002    Dick Ronzone in his late teens portrait.
0003    Dick Ronzone in his late teens portrait.
0004    Dick Ronzone in his late teens.
0005    Dick Ronzone in his late teens.
0006    Dick Ronzone in his late teens a portrait.
0007    Dick Ronzone in his late teens, early twenties. (portrait)
0008    Silhouette portrait of Dick Ronzone. (1939)
0009    Dick Ronzone in his military uniform-1945. (portrait)
0010    Dick Ronzone, back row, 2nd from right. Several others identified on back of photo. (probably taken during his Nevada National Guard Service, anti-aircraft battalion, 1941-46)

0011    Rotary Club (1959). Dick Ronzone is 2nd from right.
0012    Dick Ronzone (left), taken at an event at the Stardust Hotel in 1962.
0013    Attending a board meeting of the Nevada Retail Association at the Riviera Hotel, Las Vegas, are L-R: Allan Williams (Montgomery Ward, Reno); Moylan Brown (American Retail Federation, Washington, D.C.); Dick Ronzone (president of Nev. Retail Assn). (11-16-67)

0014    L-R: Dick Ronzone, Nevada Governor Paul Laxalt, California Governor Ronald Reagan. Taken at a breakfast held in Reagan's honor. (1968)

0015    Dick Ronzone (3rd from left).
0016    Dick Ronzone (standing, 2nd from right) being sworn in as a Clark County Commissioner. (c. 1970s-80s)
0017    Groundbreaking ceremonies for the Harvey Luce Reservoir (?) (1976) Shown is Harvey Luce.
0018    At dedication of Harvey Luce Reservoir (?) 1976. L-R: (?); Dick Ronzone; Harvey Luce; Thalia Dondero; Tom Weisner.
0019    Four color snapshots taken at the dedication (?) of the Harvey Luce Reservoir, Las Vegas. (1976) See photo #0018 for names of people.

0020    Dick Ronzone (peeking through, 3rd from left); Jack Petitti (3rd from right); Jean Ford (far right). (Nov. 13, 1980) Ronzone was a county commissioner at the time.

0021    L-R: Dick Ronzone and Tom Weisner. (c. late 1970s, early 1980s) (Clark County Commissioners) (color photo)
0022    Dick Ronzone (seated, center), president of Las Vegas Valley Water District. (c. 1978).    Seated at right is Jack Petitti. Standing, left, is Thalia Dondero. Far right is Robert Broadbent, Manny Cortez next to him. (color photo)

0023    L-R: Standing: Thalia Dondero, unidentified, Robert Broadbent, Manny Cortez. Seated: unidentified, Dick Ronzone (pres. of LV Valley Water Dist.), Jack Petitti. (c. 1978) (color photo)
0024    L-R, standing: Robert Broadbent, Dick Ronzone, Jack Petitti, Thalia Dondero, Manny Cortez. (c. 1978) (color photo)
0025    Seated: Tom Weisner, Thalia Dondero. Standing: 2nd from left-Jack Petitti; 2nd from right-Dick Ronzone. (c. 1978) (color photo)
0026    Portrait of Dick Ronzone. (undated)
0027    Dick Ronzone (rt.) n.d.
0028    Moe Dalitz's birthday party. L-R: Manny Cortez, Dick Ronzone, Dalitz, (?), Jack Petitti. It was Moe's 80th birthday.
0029    Dick Ronzone (rt.) at Moe Dalitz's 80th birthday party. Others not identified.
Relatives and friends

0030    "Little Jimmie" in a goat cart. (possibly Dick Ronzone's Aunt Jimmie) n.d.
0031    Bertha Ronzone, Dick Ronzone's mother. (1941)
0032    Dick Ronzone's Aunt Jimmie. (1941)
0033    L-R: Ann Ronzone (wife of Dick Ronzone) and Bertha Ronzone (Dick's mother). (c. 1950s)
0034    Ann Ronzone (Dick Ronzone's wife)-at Desert Inn Country Club when she won a golf tournament. The men are the DI golf teaching pros.

0035    Dick and Ann Ronzone in Halloween costumes at the Desert Inn Country Club. (n.d.)
0036    Ann Ronzone at the Desert Inn Country Club with Grant Sawyer (former Nevada Governor). Woman at right not identified. n.d.
0037    Portrait of Ann Ronzone, Dick Ronzone's wife. (2001) (color portrait)
0038    Bertha Ronzone (left) with Corinne Johnson, summer of 1962.
0039    L-R: (1) Sam Diamond (2) unidentified (3) Willy Alderman (4) Davy Berman (5) Jack (last name--?) (6) "Bowser" Joe Rosenberg (7) Sam Belkin (8) Ed Barrick, (9) Sam Preras (sp?). n.d. Above is handwritten on back of photo: "The Gang" or "Mob". Ronzone's Department Store

0040    Ronzone's (store), c. 1950s. Located at 209 Fremont Street, Las Vegas, Nev.
0041    Billboard advertising Ronzone's store at the Tropicana Hotel. (c. 1957)
0042    Billboard: "Celebrating 40 Years Serving Southern Nevada Ronzone's Downtown Las Vegas". (10/6/57)
0043    Ronzone's float-probably Helldorado Parade, Las Vegas. Theme was "Wings of Victory". (c. 1940s)
0044    Ronzone's parade float, Las Vegas. (c. 1950s) Theme: "Return to Treasure Island".
0045    Helldorado, 1945. [Possibly Ronzone's employees.]
0046    Ronzone's Department Store employees' group portrait. Seated at bottom left of stairs are Bertha, Ann, and Dick Ronzone. (c. 1950s-60s)

0047    Group portrait of Ronzone's employees c. 1950s, 60s. Dick and Ann are seated at bottom left. Bertha is seated at right.
0048    Bertha Ronzone (left) and display judge. (c. 1956)