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Photo Collections Record

Robbins Family Photograph Collection

Location: PC 05:C, PC Negatives Box 09, PC Slides Binder 03

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Collection Contents:


0001    Area view (postcard)
0002    Area View (postcard)
0003    Town view (postcard)
0004    View of buildings
0005    School, 1910, 1. to r. Dick Jarman, Harold Jarman, Reynolds Robbins, Clay    Robbins, Scott Robbins, Margie Jarman, Verda Potter, (sister) Potter, Teacher Miss Hardy (postcard)
0006    Autos by "Beckleys" Store
0007    Chamber of Commerce Excursions , "road trip"
0008    Autos in road

Additions to Robbins Collection

0009    Goodsprings, NV
0010    Searchlight, NV. Hobson street
0011    Mill
0012    Water tan


0013    Scott Robbins on burro, Goodsprings, NV. C. 1917
0014    Robbins brothers
0015    Unidentified man with ox-drawn covered wagon
0016    Unidentified children on burro
0017    Unidentified girl with burros


0018    Burro