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Photo Collections Record

Nita L. Rieger Photograph Collection

Location: PC 11:D, PC Negatives Box 19

Collection Contents:
Law Enforcement Personnel

0001    Las Vegas Sheriff's dept. 1930s or 1940s. Front row, L-R: (1) unidentified officer with motorcycle (2) Luther Swanner (3) Paul Jenkins (4) Glen Jones (5) Bob Owens (6) John Eubank (7) unidentified man standing by motorcycle. Second row: (1) Oscar Abett (2) Mrs. Brown (3) ? (4) ? (5) Paul Jones (6) ?. Third row : (1) ? (2) Woody Cole (3) Con Tagen (4) ?. Top Row: (1-4) all unidentified. (5) Dick Stevens (6) ? (7) Micky Walliss (8) Elmer Wagner.

0002    Party for Glen Jones (sheriff), his deputies, and office staff. (1930s or 1940s) Jones seated on saddle.

0003    L-R: Luther Swanner and Earl Wright 1920 wearing rodeo medals.

0004    Luther Swanner, Las Vegas deputy sheriff, 1960. (he was Nita L. Rieger's maternal grandfather.)

Krupp Ranch

0005    The pump house at the lake on the Krupp Ranch property. (now spring Mountain Ranch) (1950s)

0006    The lake at Krupp Ranch (now Spring Mountain Ranch) (1950s)

0007    Claudia Londo poses at the back of Krupp Ranch where she lived. (1950s) Krupp Ranch is now Spring Mountain Ranch.

0008    Blacksmith shop at the Krupp Ranch. (1957)

0009    Small lake at Krupp Ranch. (Mar. 1957)

0010    One of the buildings at Krupp Ranch. (1950s)

0011    Mrs. Krupp's ranch house. (Apr. 1956) The Krupp Ranch was called the "Diamond V." (V for Vera; Krupp Diamond)

0012    A ranch building at the Krupp Ranch. (1950s)


0013    Float in Las Vegas parade. (Nov. 1957)

0014    View of a float in a parade in Las Vegas. (Nov. 1957)

0015    Las Vegas parade float. (Nov. 1957)

0016    Parade float, Las Vegas. (Nov. 1957)

Gold Star Mothers

0017    L-R: Sadie Alger, Butch Woolley, Ned Londo, and Thelma Swanner. The boys are each donating $10 toward the monument to be erected in the Las Vegas City Park in honor of Las Vegas youths who lost their lives in World Wars I, II, and the Korean War. Mrs. Swanner and Mrs. Alger are members of the Gold Star Mothers. (1950s)

0018    Dedication of the Gold Star Mothers war memorial in Las Vegas City Park.(1952)

0019    Gold Star Mothers Nevada Chapter. (1951) L-R: Lucy Stewart, Leona Stump, Myrtle Cheel, Lettie Parks, Gladys St. Johns, Olive Roberts, Margaret Medberry, Thelma Swanner (installed as president), Sadie Alger, Margaret Rice, Augusta Schouten, Ella Heap, Gladys Page.

0020    Gold Star Mothers and War Mothers. L-R: Gold Star Mothers: Lola Williams, Leona Stump, Augusta Schouten, Thelma Swanner, Olive Roberts, Myrtle Cheel. (n.d.) Others not identified.

0021    A group of Gold Star Mothers, Las Vegas chapter. (1950s) Thelma Swanner, far right, standing.

0022    Gold Star Mothers, Las Vegas chapter, 1963-64? Thelma Swanner standing at far left.

0023    Desert Chapter of Gold Star Mothers seated around a table at the national convention in Long Beach, CA. #1- Thelma Swanner. #2-Stella Harris (n.d.)

0024    National Convention of Gold Star Mothers in long beach, CA. (n.d.) Hawaiian dinner. (1) Luther Swanner (2) Thelma Swanner (3) Margaret Rice.

0025    National Convention of Gold Star Mothers, Long Beach, Ca. (n.d.) Hawaiian dinner. Thelma Swanner (in plaid jacket, 3rd woman to right of the man in line). Woman next to her in white is possibly Margaret Rice.

0026    Veterans Day Community Observance, 1958, held at Memory Garden Memorial Park, Brea, Calif. At podium is His Excellency Dr. Mong-Ping Lee, who was Consul-General of Republic of China. (see reverse for more info.

0027    Dr. Mong-Ping Lee speaks at the ceremony of the placing of the Veterans Memorial Wreath, Nov. 9, 1958, Memory Garden Memorial Park, Brea, Calif.

0028    (1) Augusta Schouten (2) Thelma Swanner; Memory Garden Memorial Park, Brea, Calif., Nov. 9, 1958. They represented the Desert Chapter of Gold Star Mothers (Las Vegas). (see photo #0315 0026)

0029    (1) Augusta Schouten (2) Thelma Swanner. (see photo #03150028)

0030    Unidentified man leads prayer for peace Memory Garden Memorial Park, Brea, Calif., Nov. 9, 1958. Occasion was observance marking the placement of the Veterans Memorial Wreath.

See also photo album in the Nita Londo Rieger Manuscript Collection. Accession #99-13