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Reynolds Electric & Engineering Co.



0001    Petroglyphs
0002    Arrowheads
0003    Metate and Mano
0004    Pottery

Cane Springs, NV

0005    Cabin under willow tree
0006    Cabin under willow tree
0007    Grave site of Pete Black

Cat Canyon, NV

0008    Exterior of prospectors’ cave
0009    Interior of prospectors’ cave

Pillar Spring, NV

0010    Bill Martin’s bedstead

Rhyolite, NV

0011    Stone depot
0012    Dolls from Mrs. Herschel Heisler’s collection
0013    Depot museum
0014    Bottle house
0015    Church and plaza, on set of “The Reward”
0016    Graveyard and church, on set of “The Reward”
0017    Wall inscription in the church, on set of “The Reward”
0018    Movie set “The Reward”
0019    Fireplace, inside bank building walls, on se of “The Reward”
0020    Steps leading to the bell tower of the church, on the set of “The Reward”
0021    Gravestones in churchyard, on the set of “The Reward”

Tippapah Springs, NV

0022    Interior view of stable

Wahmonie, NV

0023    Prospect hole
0024    Retort oven used for production of mercury

White Rock Springs, NV

0025    Oasis on the test site.
0026    Interior view of the house at White Rock Springs
0027    Interior view of the house at White Rock Springs

Nevada Test Site (Miscellaneous)

0028    Prospectors’ campsite
0029    Horse corral
0030    1928 Buick
0031    Cabin
0032    Scene at Nevada Test Site

Additions to Collection

0033    President Harry S. Truman. (Portrait photo by US Army Signal Corps.)