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Rader, Art



0001    Ruins of LV & T station, Goldfield, 1918-1928.
0002    LV & T [1906-1918], grade near Ralston, Nevada. Remains of Ralston Townsite.
0003    Ralston, Nevada.
0004    Ralston, Nevada, Gage box car.
0005    LV T&T grade at Stonewall Pass, Nevada.
0006    Ruins of mine near Bonnie Clair.
0007    Remains of Mill at Bonnie Clair, Nevada
0008    Remains of T&T station at Goldcenter, Nevada.
0009    Ruins of ore transfer hill at Death Valley Junction.
0010    Former T&T station at Death Valley Junction, shown at its present location in Lathrop Wells, Nevada.
0011    Pacific Coast Borax Company buildings in Death Valley Junction.
0012    T&T grade at Tecopa end of famous Amargosa River Canyon.
0013    Station agent home still in use at Tecopa, California.
0014    Silver Lake, California, with adobe ruins.
0015    Ruins of T&T water tower and station may survive at Soda Springs near Baker, California.
0016    Former Delaware & Lackawana boxcar repainted in T&T colors at Baker, California.
0017    Site of Crucere, California where T&T crossed Salt lake railroad.
0018    Site of interchange track between T&T and Salt Lake RR.
0019    Ruined T&T sand-retaining fence at north side of Crucere, Calif.
0020    Remnant of concrete trestle near Raser, California.
0021    Ruins of T&T station at Raser, California.
0022    Ruin of Railroad Hotel at Raser, California.
0023    Remains of T&T wooden trestle in Mojave River Wash between Crucere and Raser, California.
0024    T&T caboose number 401 only surviving piece of T&T rolling stock.
0025    Village and mill, looking west at Death Valley Junction.
0026    West side of plant, Death Valley Junction, 1928.
0027    South end of mill, Pacific Coast Borax Co. Mill, Death Valley Junction, 1915.
0028    Amargosa Hotel, Death Valley Junction
0029    Joyriding, Death Valley Junction, 1910
0030    Mill Company housing, 1918 Death Valley Junction
0031    General view of village, Ludlow, Calif., 1910
0032    Gas-mechanical passenger-baggage-mail car on service T&T RR, 1926-1940.
0033    Senator Clark's first train
0034    Engine room, Death Valley mill
0035    Chemical lab at Death Valley Junction, 1915
0036    Pacific Coast Borax Co., mill near end of its operations in 1928