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Ida Brewington Pittman Photographs

Extent: 1.3 Linear Feet (5 hanging folders and 1 flat file)
Location: Photo Cabinet 11:B, Photo Collection Negatives Box 19

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Collection Contents:
The Ida Brewington Pittman Photographs contain photographs of Ida Brewington Pittman and her husband, Nevada Governor Vail Pittman, from 1896 to 1976. The photographs primarily depict Governor Pittman at political events, parades, celebrations, and events. The photographs include Governor Pittman meeting with politicians like President Harry S. Truman, U.S. Senator from Nevada Pat McCarran, Las Vegas, Nevada mayor Ernie Cragin, California Governor Earl Warren, Utah Governor J. Bracken Lee, Oregon Governor Earl Snell, and Wyoming Governor Lester C. Hunt. The photographs also depict the Pittman and Brewington families, the Governor’s Mansion in Carson City, Nevada, the Pittman home in Ely, Nevada, and the Pittmans travelling in other countries.


0001    Dr. George Brewington and his wife Rose. (1953) Parents of Ida ("Liz") Brewington Pittman.
0002    L-R: Frances, Ida ("Liz") , and Ann Brewington. (1896)
0003    "Vail when he was a young gay boy".
0004    Vail Pittman (standing).
0005    Vail Pittman.
0006    Vail Pittman.
0007    Vail Pittman. Signed: "To Frank with love from Vail"
0008    Vail Pittman.
0009    Vail Pittman.
0010    Vail Pittman.
0011    Vail Pittman.
0012    Vail Pittman.
0013    Vail Pittman on horseback.
0014    Ida ("Liz") Brewington Pittman. (OVERSIZE)
0015    Ida Brewington Pittman.
0016    Ida ("Liz") Brewington Pittman.
0017    University of Nevada Commencement, June 7, 1948. L-R; Senator Tasker Oddie, Mrs. Silas Ross, Ida B. Pittman, president Moseley.
0018    Ida B. Pittman (center, standing-dark dress).
0019    "Dorothy, Bill & Epp-at christening Aug. 16-1947"
0020    Ida ("Liz") Pittman (2nd lady from left) and sister Ann Brewington (lady on right side of table wearing glasses and pears, center).
0021    At the Riviera Hotel, Las Vegas, L-R: Mabel Bishop, Frances Brewington, Vail Pittman, Ann Brewington, Liz Pittman, Mabel Bates. (May 1, 1959)
0022    Vail Pittman (2nd from left); Frances Brewington (3rd from right); Ida "Liz" Pittman (far right).
0023    The Pittmans' 40th wedding anniversary (May 22, 1959). L-R: Bob Donlin, Ann Brewington, (?), Frances Brewington, Vail and Liz Pittman.
0024    Group at the Desert Inn, Las Vegas. L-R: Ann Brewington, Liz Pittman, Paula Donlin, Vail Pittman, Frances Brewington, Bob Donlin.
0025    Thunderbird Hotel (5-23-62) L-R: Henry Powell Hopkins, Liz and Vail Pittman.
0026    Group at Flamingo Hotel, Las Vegas. L-R: Vail Pittman, Mary Sherman, Liz Pittman, Charles Sherman.
0027    L-R: Frances Brewington, Bob and Paula Donlin, Liz Pittman, Ann Brewington.
0028    L-R; Vail and Liz Pittman, William Pittman (Vail's brother). (1950)
0029    Vail Pittman. (1939)
0030    Vail Pittman (right), August, 1939.
0031    Vail Pittman (right). (1939)
0032    Ida ("Liz") and Vail Pittman.
0033    L-R: Ann Brewington, Vail Pittman, and Frances Brewington at the Pittman home in Las Vegas-1817 Walnut Avenue.
0034    Ida and Vail Pittman at a conference in Sacramento. (1948)
0035    Ann Brewington and Vail Pittman.
0036    Liz and Vail Pittman.
0037    Liz and Vail Pittman in Canada. (1962)
0038    Bird hunting trip. Vail Pittman (left) and James Cashman, Sr. (center)
0039    Vail Pittman (center).
0040    Liz and Vail Pittman (left) with unidentified wedding couple.

Parades, Rodeos, Celebrations

0041    Vail Pittman on horseback.
0042    Vail Pittman riding "Trigger" in the Helldorado Parade, Las Vegas, NV. (1946) (OVERSIZE)
0043    Vail Pittman riding "Trigger" in the Las Vegas Helldorado Parade, May 23, 1946.
0044    Vail Pittman, Las Vegas Helldorado Parade, 1949. (on horseback)
0045    Helldorado Celebration. L-R; Jim Cashman, Sr., Mrs. Ernie Cragin, Lieut. Governor Vail Pittman, Mayor Ernie Cragin, Governor E.P. Carville. (1945)
0046    Vail Pittman riding in the Fourth of July parade in Reno, Nevada. (1947)
0047    Tonopah Rodeo, Sept. 20, 1947. Vail Pittman, left, won prize for best dressed "cowboy".
0048    Governor Vail Pittman receives gift of western attire from James Cashman, Sr. L-R: Al Cahlan, Ernie Cragin, Pittman, Cashman, Cliff Jones, Harry "Hap" Hazard. (May 1947)
0049    Tonopah Rodeo, Sept. 20, 1947. Vail Pittman, third from right.
0050    Gov. Vail Pittman and former world's heavyweight champion, Jack Dempsey, at Tonopah's birthday celebration. (May 1950)
0051    Gov. Vail Pittman and Lieut. Governor Cliff Jones (rt.). Tonopah birthday celebration. (May 1950)
0051a Tonopah birthday celebration, May 1950. Gov. Vail Pittman (3rd from left); Jack Dempsey (3rd from right); Leonard Sachs, Dempsey's manager (far right).
0052    Rotary Club meeting, Ely, Nevada. Vail Pittman is seated third from left at table at far left of photo. (photo by Chas. D. Gallagher, Ely, Nevada)
0053    Nevada car ("Pitman") and Nevada float in inaugural parade, Washington, D.C. (Jan. 20, 1949)    Governor Pittman is riding in car.
0054    Nevada float in Inaugural Parade, Washington, D.C. (Jan. 20, 1949) (Morrison Photographs)
0055    Nevada car in inaugural parade, Washington, D.C., 1949. (Notice spelling of "Pittman" on car's sign-is spelled "Pitman".) (Photo by Nevada State Highway dept.)
0056    Governor Vail Pittman receiving gift of western outfit from Jim Cashman, Sr. L-R: Al Cahlan, Ernie Cragin, Pittman, Cashman, Cliff Jones, Harry 'Hap" Hazard. (May 1947)

Political Activities

0057    Governor Pittman's inauguration. March 1947. L-R: Mr. And Mrs. Alan Bible, Lieut. Governor Cliff Jones, Liz and Vail Pittman.
0058    Governor Vail Pittman taking the oath of office.
0059    Governor Vail Pittman's inauguration, March 1947. L-R; Rev. and Mrs. Harvey (backs to camera); Lt. Gov. Cliff Jones; Liz and Vail Pittman.
0060    The Bates Family at Governor Vail Pittman's inaugural ball, May 8, 1947.L-R: Dr. George Bates; his wife Betty; Osmond Bates; his daughter Catherine; Mabel (Osmond's wife); Catherine's husband; Donald Bates; his wife Jerry. (See back of photo for additional info.)
0061    Gov. Vail Pittman (left) giving a speech in which he accepts the Rona portrait bust, at his inaugural ball, March 8, 1947. At right is Gene La Tourrette, Young Democrats' president.
0062    Governor Vail Pittman poses next to bust of himself. (Photo by John J. Nulty) (OVERSIZE)
0063    Governor Vail Pittman (left).
0064    Vail Pittman, Governor of Nevada.
0065    Governor Vail Pittman in his office-March 29, 1949.
0066    Governor Vail Pittman.
0067    Gov. Vail Pittman signing bills passed by the 1949 state legislature. (Nev. State Highway Dept. Photo)
0068    Truman rally, Sept. 22, 1948, Reno, Nevada. President Harry S. Truman (at podium) was campaigning for reelection.
0069    President Harry S. Truman (center) with Nevada Governor Vail Pittman (left) and Nev. Senator Patrick McCarran (right).
0070    Taken the day of President Harry Truman's speech in front of the State Building in Reno. (Oct. 1948) L-R in open car: Truman, Nev. Gov. Vail Pittman, Nev. Sen. Pat McCarran. (Photo by Henry Heisler)
0071    Center, walking towards camera, L-R: Nev. Gov. Vail Pittman, Pres. Harry S. Truman, Nev. Senator McCarran. (Sept. 22, 1948) [Reno, Nevada, probably]
0072    Vail Pittman in "Black Maria' at Hawthorne, Nevada. (c. 1947)
0073    Governor Vail Pittman (wearing white hat), Hawthorne, Nevada, Oct. 25, 1947.
0074    Navy Day at Hawthorne, Nevada, Oct. 25, 1947. Ida Pittman (2nd from left) and Governor Vail Pittman, (3rd from left).
0075    L-R: Gov. Earl Snell (Oregon), Lt. Gov. Donald Whitehead (Idaho), Gov. Lester D. Hunt (Wyo.), Gov. Vail Pittman (Nev.), on board the USS Iowa during the Governors' Cruise. (Official photo of U.S. Navy)
0076    Gov. Vail Pittman (right) and Ernie Cragin (left).
0077    Former Nevada Governor Vail Pittman receiving Distingu8shed Nevadan Award, June 6, 1960.
0078    Ida Pittman (left) and Vail Pittman (right).
0079    Governor Vail Pittman (center) personally conducting tour of Hoover Dam for Mr. And Mrs. K.E. Jung, 3-millionth visitor to the project. (1-28-58)
0080    Nevada Governor Vail Pittman (directly behind man holding frog; between woman and man wearing bow tie). They are watching Gov. Hall and his frog at the Jumping Frog of Calaveras County Contest.
0081    Governors from various states on board the USS Iowa. (c. late 1940s) Nevada Governor Vail Pittman is front row, fifth from left. See reverse for other i.d.s. (Official U.S. Navy photograph)
0082    Governor Vail Pittman and Captain J.S. Crenshaw tolling replica Liberty Bell concluding dedication ceremonies.
0083    Governor Vail Pittman (left) with U.S. Postal Service employees.
0084    Governor Vail Pittman being served in the enlisted mess hall aboard the USS Shangri-La enroute to Honolulu from San Diego. (8 September-14 September 1946). Pittman and other officers were guests of the Secretary of the Navy. (Official U.S. Navy photograph)
0085    1950 Red Cross Fund Conference, Las Vegas Air Force Base.    L-R: Lawrence O. Hall, Field Director; Col. Joe L. Mason, Commanding Officer, LV Air Force Base; Governor Vail Pittman; Rev. Walter Bishop, Chairman, Clark County Chapter, Las Vegas, Nev.
0086    Ida and Vail Pittman (2nd and 3rd from left, behind table). (c. late 1940s)
0087    Gov. Vail Pittman giving address, Freedom Train program. (Photo by
William C. Chadwell Co., Reno, Nev.)
0088    Politicians from western states: L-R: Gov. Earl Warren, Calif.; Gov. Ernest Gruening, Terr. Of Alaska; Lt. Gov. Knight; (?); Ford; Gov. Vail Pittman, Nev.; Robins.
0089    Gov. Vail Pittman cutting the cake, Ranch Inn banquet, 12-21-46. His wife Ida is at his side.
0090    Lehman Caves, 8-14-49. L-R: Gov. Lee, Gov. Vail Pittman, Mrs. Lee, Ida Pittman.

Pittman Homes

0091    Easter party for the children from the orphans' home on the grounds of Nevada's governor's mansion. (April 20, 1946)
0092    Ida ("Liz") Pittman with children on lawn of governor's mansion, Carson City, Nev. (1946)
0093    Governor's Mansion, Carson City, Nevada, Christmas 1948.
0094    Christmas at the Governor's mansion, Carson City, Nevada, 1949.
0095    Executive Mansion, Carson City, Nevada, Christmas 1946.
0096    Executive Mansion, Carson City, Nevada, Christmas 1947.
0097    Governor's mansion, Carson City, Nevada. (June 1946)
0098    Ida and Vail Pittman at their Ely, Nevada home.
0099    The Vail Pittman home in Ely, Nevada.


0100    Ida ("Liz") and Vail Pittman on board the R.M.S. "Queen Mary".
0101    Ida and Vail aboard R.M.S. "Queen Elizabeth".
0102    Vail and Ida Pittman on board R.M.S. "Queen Mary".
0103    Liz and Vail Pittman (front row #2 and #3), on a sightseeing boat in Stockholm, Sweden. (1957)
0104    Ida and Vail Pittman (seated, center) in a boat, probably in Venice, Italy.
0105    Ida and Vail Pittman (right) in sampan on way to floating restaurant in Hong Kong.
0106    Twelve photos of Ida and Vail Pittman's travels to foreign countries. (Country identified on each photo.)


0107    Vail Pittman Mausoleum, Mountain View Cemetery, Reno, Nevada.
0108    Vail Pittman Mausoleum, Mountain View Cemetery, Reno, Nevada.
0109    Unidentified woman standing by car with dog. (John W. Walker Electric Studio, Ely, Nevada.)
0110    Group of hunters. Vail Pittman, 3rd from left (?).
0111    Unidentified group of people.
0112    "Mrs. Lee's luncheon Nov. 7-1949-Western Conference." Ida Pittman, second from right.
0113    Group of women standing by a [pond]. Ida Pittman is second from right. (Ross Photo Service, Sparks, Nev.)
0114    Probably the Pittman's pet dog.
0115    John Wright and Ann Brewington on the UNLV campus, November 1976.
0116    Ann Brewington and George Hardbeck. (Nov. 1976)