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Pittman Family

Collection Contents:


0001    Key Pittman , portrait, to his brother , Vail (OVERSIZE)

0002    Group photo, including left to right, front row: 1.President Levy, Union Pacific Railroad Company, ; 2. Emmet Boyle; 3. Buckley Wells; 4.President Sproule, San Pedro Railroad Company; 5. Key Pittman. Left to right, second row: 1. Chas. B. Henderson. 2. Roy Hardy; 3. Jon M. Fulton; 4. Fred Shorfless. Left to right, back individuals: 1. Walter Reed; 2. Walter C. Clark, 3, Fred G. Farish. Unknown location and event. (OVERSIZE)

0003    Left to right, front two men: 1. John Nance Gardner; 2. Vail Pittman, Washington, D.C. Capitol building (?), unknown event. (OVERSIZE)

0004    [L. to R. Harry S. Truman, Pres. Of U.S.; Vail Pittman, Governor of Nevada; James "Jim" Farley, Postmaster General U.S. (?)]

0005    Ann Brewington.

0006    "Jim Cashman presenting Gov. Pittman with western outfit at Elks Club in Las Vegas."

0007    Ann Brewington. (Picture taken in 1954)

0008    Governor Vail Pittman and Mrs. Pittman (Ida B.) with their dog.

0009    Gov. Pittman in Helldorado Parade

0010    Mrs. Pittman (Left) entertaining former governor's wives: (left to right), Mrs. Griswold, Mrs. Oddie, Mrs. Boyle, Mr. Dickerson, Mrs. Carville and Mrs. Scrugham.

0011    Gov. Pittman in Helldorado Parade.

0012    Governor and Mrs. Vail Pittman on a cruise around the world, 1961

0013    Governor's mansion in 1961

0014    Ida Louise (Liz Brewington) Pittman

0015    Mrs. Ida (Liz) Pittman (1978)

0016    Vail Pittman

0017    The Pittman's dog

0018    Vail Pittman, Gov. of Nevada from 1947-1950

0019    Dr. and Mrs. George F. Brewington, Mohawk, Michigan (bottom left) September 27, 1938, celebrating their golden wedding anniversary in the home of Mr. & Mrs. Vail Pittman, Ely, Nev. (top left). Miss Ann Brewington (bottom, second from right), University of Chicago, Chicago, Ill. And Miss Frances Brewington (bottom to right), School Nurse, Public Schools, Boulder City , Nev. Assisted the Pittmans in festivities.

0020    In this 1930's photo, taken in a Haskell Hall meeting room, Eva Sutherland-

assistant to the Dean, is seated at the left front, alongside faculty member Ann Brewington.

0021    Ida B. ("Liz" Brewington) Pittman



People (CONT.)

0022    Ann Brewington (center) celebrating her 98th birthday. (July 1987)

0023    Reception on July 22, 1989 to commemorate Ann Brewington's 100th birthday. Ann is seated in rocking chair which was a gift , along with the floral arrangement, from the University of Chicago.

0024    Ann Brewington (100 years old), left, and Alice Maher who was secretary to four governors of Nevada. (July 1989)

0025    Ann Brewington age 99