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Pioche Mines-John Janney

Collection Contents:
Pioche, Nevada

0001    Pioche Baseball Park, about 1908.
0002    Panorama of Pioche
0003    Panorama of Pioche
0004    Panorama of Pioche
0005    Panorama of Pioche
0006    Panorama of baseball field at Pioche
0007    Pioche
0008    The Newman house, near Pioche. Ranch hands on horseback.
0009    The Alamo Club. Left to right are Ernie Ferri, Russell Duffy. 1934
0010    Price House


0011    Henry Lee
0012    Henry Lee
0013    Front row, left to right, are Nettie, Ivy, Dessie Lee. Back row, left to right, are Del, Julia, Maud, Clara, and Maggie Lee. At Panaca.

Unidentified Location

0014    Mining-panorama
0015    Mining-panorama
0016    Mining-panorama
0017    Mining-panorama
0018    Unidentified-panorama
0019    Unidentified-panorama
0020    Unidentified-panorama
0021    Unidentified-panorama