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Bruckman, John R.

0001    L-R; Corporal Jack Meyers, Lieutenant Mackie, Sergeant Meryl McKinney, and Corporal John R. Bruckman. Meyers, McKinney, and Bruckman were chosen All Southwest Air Force Division All-Star Baseball Team (1951054). Coach Lt. Mackie managed the 1952 cagers.
0002    Nellis Air Force Base Team (won the Southwest All-Invitational Championship between the years 1951-54). Front row, L-R: Homer Randle, Rocky Léger Lefty Maginot, Herm Meadows, Roy Starnes, Lou ( ? ) , John R. Bruckman, Paul Miller (coach). Standing, L-R: Jack Petty, Al Hetrick, Willie Rogers, Jim Irvin, Leroy Williams, Tom Ahey, Mat Flythe, Red Nunnery, ( ? ) McKee.
0003    Nellis Air Force Base Baseball Team (Division champs between the years of 1951-54). L-R: (bottom): Homer “Randy” Randle, Jake Hunter, John R. Bruckman, Manuel Jamie, Robert Oleson, John Conniff, Fred Nunnery. L-R (top row): Robert Schrader (“Hoosier”), Jerry Nagle, Paul Wollowitch, Robert Trowbridge, Tom Ahey, Ken Braden, “Mac” McKinney, Walt Robinson, Tom Stephens, and Leo Maas (coach). (names taken from handwritten inscription on back—some may be incorrect spellings.)
0004    Nellis Air Force Base headquarters (1951-54)
0005    Base headquarters, Nellis Air Force Base, c. 1951-54.
0006    Nellis Air Force Base chapel, front view, c. 1951-54.
0007    Nellis Air Force Base chapel, rear view, c. 1951-54.
0008    Officers’ swimming pool, Nellis Air Force Base, Las Vegas, Nevada. (c. 1951-54)
0009    Movie theatre at Nellis Air Force Base, Las Vegas, Nevada, c. 1951-54. (Admission was 25 cents.)
0010    Main entrance to the base gym, Nellis Air Force Base, c. 1951-54. L-R: Jack Meyers, Rhyne Bradshaw, Jessie Meehan.
0011    (1951) Basic squadron, Nellis Air Force Base, Las Vegas, Nevada.
0012    Airmen’s barracks, Nellis Air Force Base, 1951.
0013    Last Frontier Village (at Last Frontier Hotel, Las Vegas, Nev.), 1952. L-R: Con Meany and Robert Trowbridge.
0014    Last Frontier Village (at Last Frontier Hotel, Las Vegas, Nev.), 1952. An airman named “Woody” poses with two wooden dummies.
0015    Enlisted airman John R. Bruckman at the Last Frontier Village, 1952.