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Minnie Perchetti Photograph Collection

Location: PC 05:C, PC Negatives Box 09

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Collection Contents:

Goldfield, Nevada

0001    Goldfield and Columbia Ice Co. early 1900s.
0002    1905, Combination Mine.
0003    Goldfield fire, July 6, 1923. Times-Bonanza, Tonopah.
0004    Hot Creek Ranch, 1950s
0005    Rhyolite, Nevada, January, 1908
0006    Entire population in Tonopah, 1902
0007    Midway Mine, Tonopah
0008    Belmont Mine, Tonopah, Nevada
0009    Tonopah, Nevada Silver Queen Motel stands above dump, school lower right
0010    Tonopah, Nevada
0011    Clyde Pettagrove's Tin Shop behind Jim Butler
0012    Tonopah looking toward Mt. Brougher.
0013    Tonopah school house, 1930s. (Houses also identified)
0014    Tonopah, Butler Theater
0015    Florence Ave., Old Highway 95 "Y" in Tonopah.
0016    Tonopah July 4, 1939.
0017    Mine Shaft, Tonopah , Nevada
0018    Tonopah, Water for pool pumped out of Victor Mine. Swimming pool at Victor Mine site.
0019    Winter scene. Tonopah. Corner store owned by Harry Polin Ca 1960

Tonopah, Nevada Casinos

0020    Tonopah Club. Billy and Lena Hammond.
0021    Tonopah Club Car, early 1940s
0022    Tonopah Club Lounge Stairway led to Kendall rooms on second floor
0023    Tonopah Club Restaurant
0024    Tonopah Club, 1950s
0025    Raffle at Tonopah Club
0026    Tonopah Club Restaurant.
0027    (identified people)
0028    Town hall Casino, George Bosovich, owner
0029    Tonopah, Town Hall Casino Lounge, 1950s
0030    Town Hall Casino, early 1950s
0031    Town Hall Lounge
0033    Possible picture taken at Silver Peak because a big-time fight took place there.
0034    Fourth of July Tonopah
0035    Fourth of July drilling contest. Tonopah 1940s
0036    Tonopah 4th [of July] 1940
0037    Tonopah July 4th, 1940 Parade on Horseback
0038    Tonopah Charity Ball, Elks Club, 1930s
0039    Tonopah High School Basketball team. Awards Day Banquet, Tonopah won state meet.
0040    Second grade, Tonopah school, Miss Sullivan, teacher.
0041    Tonopah, probably Dr. Joy's birthday
0042    Tonopah, probably retirement party at hospital
0043    Probably at Tonopah Club.
0044    (identified people)
0045    Lions Club or 20-30 Club, Tonopah, Nevada