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Photo Collections Record

Patrick, Elizabeth Nelson

Collection Contents:


0001    Edwin Giles' office building, across from Goldfield Hotel
0002    Edwin and Edith Giles' burial plot
0003    Remains of French Laundry, as of 1980
0004    Movie house on Fifth Street
0005    Remains of Sacred Heart Catholic Church, as of July 1979
0006    Jack Witt home, now the Montezuma Lodge (Masonic)
0007    Billy Mercer home, on outskirts of Goldfield as you come from Tonopah
0008    Spiral-wrapped and riveted water pipe uses as a fence


0009    Nye County Maintenance Shop
0010    Water Co. of Tonopah
0011    Campbell & Kelly Foundry & Machine Shop
0012    Campbell & Kelly Foundry
0013    Campbell & Kelly original office building
0014    Campbell & Kelly original office building
0015    Equipment in Campbell & Kelly Foundry yard
0016    Equipment in Campbell & Kelly Foundry yard
0017    Old Bottling Co. building on Corona Street

Las Vegas

0018    Sahara Hotel postcard.
0019    Riviera Hotel postcard.
0020    Candlelight Wedding Chapel postcard (dup)
0021    Binyon's Horseshoe Club postcard

Death Valley

0022    Scotty's Castle foldout postcard

Hoover Dam

0023    15 of the original 20 postcard set for Boulder Dam


Postcard with a picture of a Nevada-type landscape that was common in "permanent" mining towns.



0025    Porcelain teapot and dish that were found buried in Pioche, Nevada. Also an opium pipe was found.    
0026    Picture of Gue Gim Wah in 1981.
0027    Aerial of downtown Las Vegas, summer 1940. From 4th St. to Main ST. viewing down Fremont St.

Additions to Collection

0028    El Rancho Vegas ad announcing "Tom Hull Invites You to El Rancho Vegas, tomorrow, Tuesday, December 2, for the Grand Opening of the winter season featuring Tommy Smith and Kay Lorraine…" 1941. (SLIDE)
0029    El Rancho Vegas Thanksgiving menu which appeared in the Las Vegas Review-Journal 11-25-41. (SLIDE)
0030    "Vegas Air School Assured" headline which appeared in the Las Vegas Review Journal 1-23-41. (SLIDE)