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William S. Park Photograph Collection

Location: PC 09:C, PC Negatives Box 17, RS 1.6.1

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Collection Contents:
Early Las Vegas (Some Kentucky)

0001    Thomas' Department Store, Las Vegas, NV. (corner of First and Fremont.)
0002    MacDonald Hotel, Las Vegas, NV.
0003    Las Vegas High School - 1930.
0004    [Riverboat on river, somewhere in Kentucky.]
0005    [Home in residential neighborhood, somewhere in Kentucky. Car has banner on it saying, "Las Vegas Nevada".]
0006    [Unidentified location - possibly Kentucky.]
0007    Mr. And Mrs. John S. Park's residence - later known as the Kiel Ranch and/or the Taylor Ranch.
0008    John S. Park residence - later known as the Taylor (Kiel) Ranch.
0009    John S. Park residence, corner of Fourth and Fremont St., Las Vegas.


0010    Mrs. Nannie Smith Park (John S. Park's wife); age 16.
0011    Sallie O. Hall (inscribed: "For Geo. W. Hall, Macon, GA.")
0012    Unidentified child. [Park family?]
0013    Unidentified man. [Park family?]
0014    Unidentified woman. [Park family?]
0015    Unidentified man. [Park family?] (Handwritten insc.: "Willa(?)")
0016    [William S. Park (?) as young boy.]
0017    [Nannie Smith Park - Mrs. John S. Park.]
0018    [Mr. and Mrs. John S. Park and son William.]
0019    [Mr. and Mrs. John S. Park and son William.]
0020    [William S. Park as a young boy (?)] (tintype)
0021    John Park, age 19.
0022    John S. Park. (c. 1870-1880)
0023    John S. Park. (c. late 1800's)
0024    John S. Park. (c. late 1800's)
0025    Mrs. John S. Park, standing on porch of home (nicknamed the "White Mansion", later known as Taylor Ranch and also Kiel Ranch). Others on porch not identified.
0026    Mr. and Mrs. John S. Park on porch of their home, corner of Fourth and Fremont, Las Vegas, Nevada.
0027    Mrs. John S. Park, second from left; John S. Park, far right.
0028    L-R: John S. Park; his son, Dr. William park; Mrs. John S. Park holding William's son, John William Park.


Family (cont'd)

0029    John S. Park and grandson John William Park. (c. early 1920's)
0030    John S. Park. (c. 1920's)
0031    Willie S. Park, age six months.
0032    Willie S. Park, age six months.
0033    John W. Park (infant).
0034    Dr. William S. Park.
0035    [William S. Park or John W. Park] - 2 years old.
0036    [John William Park - age 8 months.]
0037    [John William Park]
0038    [John William Park]
0039    John William Park feeding a beaver from his hand.
0040    [John William Park]
0041    William S. Park, right; his son John William, center. Man at left not identified. (c. early 1920's)
0042    John William Park
0043    William S. Park and son John William at right.
0044    John William Park
0045    John William Park
0046    John William Park
0047    John William Park riding a bicycle.
0048    John William Park with his bicycle
0049    John William Park
0050    John William Park, as a young boy
0051    John William Park [feeding a bear].
0052    John William Park in a boat.
0053    John William Park with a mother horse and her colt.
0054    John William Park wearing uniform of San Diego Army and Navy Academy. (c. mid to late 1930's)
0055    Band members - San Diego Army and Navy Academy.
0055a    Students at San Diego Army and Navy Academy. (c. 1930's). John W. Park is probably in the photo, but he is not identified.)
0056    Students and San Diego Army and Navy Academy - c. 1930's. John William Park attended the school. (Person second from right looks like him?)
0057    John William Park (early 1930's)
0058    John William Park (early 1930's)
0059    Joan Park (John W.'s wife) and their daughter Virginia. (1941)
0060    Virginia Park, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John W. Park.
0061    Virginia Park. (William S. Park's Grand-daughter.)
0062    Virginia Park, William Park's grand-daughter.


Family (cont'd)

0063    Virginia Park
0064    Virginia Park, grand daughter of Wm. S. and Mary Belle Park.
0065    Virginia Park - John W. and Joan Park's daughter.
0066    Virginia Park. (c. 1941-1942)
0067    Virginia Joan Park.
0068    Virginia Joan Park (daughter of John William and Joan Park).
0069    Mary Belle Park and granddaughter Virginia. (c. 1940-1943)
0070    Mary Belle Park (Dr. Park's wife) and granddaughter Virginia.
0071    Virginia and Grandmother King. (maternal grandmother)
0072    Joan Park and daughter Virginia. (c. 1942-1943)
0073    Virginia Joan Park with Henry St. Amand, caretaker for the Park family.
0074    Virginia Park (Spring 1944) taken at El Reno, Oklahoma farm-airport.
0075    Virginia Joan Park, April 1943.
0076    Virginia Park with grandmother (?)
0077    Virginia Park, Spring 1944, El Reno, Oklahoma.
0078    Virginia Joan Park, Boulder, Colo. (Oct. 23, 1942 - Boulder, Colo.)
0079    Joan Park and daughter Virginia. (Oct. 23, 1942 - Boulder, Colo.)
0080    Virginia Park, summer of 1946. (She was a little over 5 years.)
0081    Ronny and Thomas Gartrell (next door chums) and Virginia, on the front steps of 816 So. Reno. December, 1944.
0082    Thirty + snapshots of Virginia Joan Park, granddaughter of Wm S. Park and daughter of John W. Park. (Most are of her as an infant or toddler, n.d.)
0083    Mary Anderson Thomas' birthday, July 30, 1952. (w years old) L-R: Jonny B, Charles, Gordie, David Nicholson, Evelyn, Marian, and George Ellis, Virginia, Tom Lawler and Mary. Mike, a neighbor boy, seated.
0084    Charles Lester Thomas - 10 months old.
0085    L-R: [Virginia and the Thomas Children?]
0086    Miscellaneous photos of Charles Lester Thomas and John Gordon Thomas. (1946-1947) Some photos are identified on back/
0087    Sister Viley and Art.
0088    [Not identified - is either William S. Park or John W. Park as a baby with his mother.]
0089    Not identified - [Mary Belle Park?]
0090    Four ladies, not identified. [The one at right might be Mary Belle Park?]
0091    Four ladies, not identified. [The second lady from the right might be Mary Belle Park?]
0092    [William S. and Mary Belle Park?]
0093    Unidentified man standing by child on horseback.
0094    John W. Park (as a small boy).


Family (cont'd)

0095    [Mary Belle Park and son John William?]


0096    "The baby room. Girls' dormitory is thru door in background. Baby bath is on the R. Crib is about where camera is."
0097    U-M Ranch (1947). (Two views)
0098    Grand Canyon. (Tow views - see back.)
0099    Grand Canyon.
0100    Scenery and buildings - not identified. (Many of these may have been taken on the Park property later known as Kiel Ranch and the Taylor ranch.) Approximately ten photos.
0101    Pilots and planes (four photos) - not identified.
0102    Numerous small photos of airplanes, airfields, dirigibles, etc. (not identified)
0103    Seven photos: desert scenes, different varieties of cactus, etc. (No identification.)
0104    Unidentified photos of people. (About ten photos in all.)
0105    (NEGATIVES ONLY) Negatives of Mary Belle Park, her daughter-in-law Joan Park, and granddaughter Virginia. (2)
0106    (NEGATIVES ONLY) [Mary Belle Park holding granddaughter Virginia.]
0107    (NEGATIVES ONLY) Miscellaneous negatives of Virginia Joan Park. (Baby photos)

Album I

1.0    Infant John William Park.
2.0    Marybelle Park with infant son John William.
3.0    (Same as above.)
5.1    Marybelle and infant son John W.
5.2    William Park and son John William.
6.0    Marybelle and infant son John W.
7.0    Three photographs of infant John William Park.
8.0    Infant John William with his father, William S. Park.
9.1    John William Park (infant.)
9.2    (Same as above).
9.3    Marybelle and baby son John William.


Album I (cont'd.)

10.0    William Park and baby John W.
11.0    John W. Park (toddler).
12.0    John W. Park and parents
13.1    L-R: John s. Park, Marybelle, Mrs. John S. Park.
13.2    L-R: John S., William, Mrs. John S. holding infant son John William.
14.0    John William Park (toddler).
15.0    Four photos of John William.
16.0    Three photos of toddler John W.
17.0    John W. Park (toddler)
18.0    Four photos of John W.
19.0    Three photos of John W.
20.0    Two photos of John W.
21.2    John William with his mother, Marybelle.
21.3    Same.
23.0    Several photos of John W.
24.0    Same.
25.1    L-R: Mrs. John S. Park (?), baby John W, Marybelle.
25.2    John W. with chickens and roosters
26.0    John. W. Park
27.0    Same.
28.0    Same.
29.1    John W. Park.
29.2    Mrs. John S. Park and grandson John W.
29.3    John S. Park and grandson John W.
30.0    John W. Park as a toddler.
31.0    Same.
32.0    John W. Park.
33-38    Photos of John W. Park
39.1    John W. Park.
39.2    Mrs. John S. Park and grandson John William
40-41    Photos of John William Park.
42.1    John S. Park and grandson John William
43.1    L-R: (?), John S. Park, John William, Mrs. John S. Park.
44-49    John W. Park as a toddler
52.1    John W. and grandmother (Mrs. John S. Park)
53-65    Photos of John William Park.
66.1    Marybelle and son John W. Park
66.2    Same
66.3    John W. Park


Album I (cont'd.)

68-75    Numerous photos of John W. Park.

Album II

Small album containing approximately thirteen photos of John W. Park, son of William S. Park, taken when he was a toddler.

Album III

1.0    Joan Park and baby daughter Virginia.
2.1    Joan Park and Virginia.
2.2    Joan and Virginia Park.
2.3    Baby Virginia with Grandmother King.
2.4    Joan Park and Baby Virginia.
2.5    Baby Virginia
2.6    Joan Park and daughter Virginia
2.7    Same
2.8    Joan Park (right) and baby Virginia.
3.1    Joan Park and Baby Virginia
3.2    Baby picture of Virginia Park.
3.3    Same