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Osborne-Sears Photograph Collection

Location: PC 05:C, PC Negatives Box 09, PC Slides Binder 03

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Collection Contents:

Pioche Area

0001    La Coeur Street covered with snow
0002    Another snow scene. The "General Merchandise" store.
0003    Overview of town. Unidentified person at right.
0004    Looking up Main Street from Lime Hill.
0005    Another view of Main Street from Lime Hill.
0006    Burke Tunnel, ca. 1900
0007    No. 1 shaft, ca. 1900
0008    View of an unidentified residence and mine. Note unidentified man
0009    Assorted dwellings and the General Merchandise store at center of photo.
0010    Random view. Notice out houses and horse and carriages.
0011    Overview of La Coeur Street. The smoke is from Odd fellow's Hall.
0012    Random view of Pioche, NV
0013    Unidentified miner's cabins.
0014    Pioche mining operation. Notice gallows frame. Old Wideawake Mill.
0015    Mining facility with housing for workers.
0016    Overview of Pioche.
0017    Old smelter above Lloyd House, dumps are still there.
0018    General view. Courthouse at left of photo.
0019    Mining in background; homes in the foreground; Church at left of photo.
0020    Perspective of mining operation and living quarters.
0021    Unidentified residence.
0022    Vacate

Osborne Property

0023    The Osborne home.
0024    Similar view of Osborne home. Catholic church on left burned down on Labor Day, unknown year. Residence is downstairs on Osborne building.
0025    T.J. Osborne's Law Office. Waiting room through left door; office through right door.
0026    Vacate
0027    Osborne's office exterior
0028    Osborne's office and picket fence.
0029    The Osborne's shed.
0030    Osborne shed
0031    The Osborne's shed and surrounding area.
0032    Unidentified horseman near the Osborne shed.
0034    Unidentified residence
0035    View of an unidentified residence
0036    Unidentified residence with balcony
0037    Unidentified business building, constructed of brick
0038    Close-up of unidentified business building , featuring the door and two windows.
0039    Vacate
0040    Unidentified brick building


0041    Unidentified people posing in front of a miner's shack
0042    Vacate
0043    Vacate
0044    Unidentified people at picnic
0045    T.J. Osborne second from left. The rest are unidentified.
0046    T.J. Osborne in front of his office. Unidentified woman at left door.
0047    T.J. Osborne.
0048    Unidentified women and unidentified girls in front of Osborne's office
0049    Unidentified group in front of an unidentified residence.
0050    Two unidentified women and two unidentified infants.
0051    Unidentified group photo.
0052    Seven unidentified miners and one dog standing around a mine in Pioche, NV. Notice Gallows frame.
0053    Miners by the mining structure.
0054    Unidentified man standing in front of a miner's shack
0055    Unidentified woman in front of brick building.
0056    Unidentified individual standing in front of brick building.

Additions to the Collection

0057    Panoramic view of Pioche.
0058    Unidentified people.