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John C. Olsen Photograph Collection

Location: PC 12:A, PC Negatives Box 19, RS 1.8.1

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Collection Contents:
Helldorado Celebration

0001    Helldorado Celebration-Old Timers' Parade-1951.
0002    Helldorado-Old Timers' Parade-1951. Cowboys on horseback.
0003    Old Timers' Parade on Fremont Street in front of the Las Vegas Club. (5/10/51) Helldorado celebration.
0004    Old Timers' Parade during Helldorado Celebration (1951). Stagecoach drawn by horses is seen in front of Las Vegas Club.
0005    Old Timers' Parade-Helldorado Celebration-May 1951. Showgirls riding in trolley car drawn by horses.
0006    Old Timers' Parade-Helldorado Celebration. (May 1951)
0007    Parade during Helldorado Celebration-May 1951. Good view of Las Vegas Club sign.
0008    Old Timers' Parade-Helldorado event. (May 1951) Open carriage drawn by horses on Fremont Street in front of the Las Vegas Club.
0009    Old Timers' Parade-Helldorado Celebration. (5-10-51) Covered wagon (?) drawn by horses on Fremont Street.
0010    An ostrich is led down Fremont Street in the Old Timers' Parade. (Helldorado) (5-10-51)
0011    View of Main Street, Cashman Cadillac, and Overland Hotel. (5-12-51) During Helldorado Celebration.
0012    Old cars parked in front of Sal Sagev Hotel during Helldorado. (5-12-51)
0013    Zebras and ostriches in the Helldorado Parade, Las Vegas, Nev. (5-13-51)
0014    Beauty Parade in Helldorado Celebration. Bathing beauties on IOOF float.(5-13-51)
0015    Old Timers' Parade, Helldorado celebration (1952) in Las Vegas. Covered wagon.
0016    Moapa Indians marching in the Helldorado Parade. (5-15-52)
0017    Old Timers' Parade (Helldorado) in May 1052. Covered wagon with "Santa Anita Casino" painted on the side.
0018    Camel marches in Old Timers' parade, Helldorado. (1952)
0019    Pioneer Club covered wagon in Old Timers' parade during Helldorado celebration. (1952)
0020    Float entitled 'Bonanza Queen" in the Beauty parade during Helldorado. (1952) Float was sponsored by North Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce.
0021    An elephant marches in the Helldorado Parade. (5-18-52)
0022    Parade Marshall, Helldorado Parade. (1952)
0023    Beauty Parade, Helldorado celebration. "Treasure Island" float. (1952)
0024    Float sponsored by El Rancho Vegas Opera House in the Beauty Parade, Helldorado celebration. (1952)
0025    Horseshoe Club float entry in the Beauty Parade, Helldorado. (1952) It was entitled "Jack and the Beanstalk".
0026    Pioneer Club float in the Beauty Parade, Helldorado; it was named "A Tale of Two Cities". (1952)
0027    Ronzone Department Store's float entry in the Beauty Parade, Helldorado (1952).
0028    Beauty Parade, Helldorado, 1952. Beauties riding in back of an open car.


0029    Flamingo Hotel and pool. (1952)
0030    Flamingo Hotel and pool. (1952)
0031    Desert Inn Hotel & casino. (1952)
0032    Flamingo Hotel (rear view), Las Vegas. (1952)
0033    Flamingo Hotel, Las Vegas. (1952)
0034    Thunderbird Hotel, Las Vegas. (1951)

Last Frontier Village

0035    Sign at entrance to Last Frontier Village at the Last Frontier Hotel, Las Vegas. (1951)
0036    Last Frontier Village-General Store. (at Last Frontier Hotel, 1951)
0037    Last Frontier Village-Museum & Saloon-1952.
0038    The Rifle Range-a store in the Last Frontier Village. (1951)
0039    Mother Logan's Rooming House in the Last Frontier Village. (1951) Woman perched on window sill.
0040    Last Frontier Village-another view of the Rooming House. (1951)
0041    Last Frontier Village (at Last Frontier Hotel, Las Vegas) (1951)
0042    Engine and railroad car at Last Frontier Village, Las Vegas. (1951)
0043    Last Frontier Village at the Last Frontier Hotel, Las Vegas. (1951) Looks like a train next to the saloon.
0044    Wagon at Last Frontier Village, Las Vegas. (1951)
0045    Prospector at Last Frontier Village (Last Frontier Hotel, Las Vegas.) (1951)

Shriners' Parade

0046    Shriners' Parade-downtown Las Vegas. (5-7-52) Colors parade by.
0047    Drill team in the Shriners' Parade, downtown Las Vegas. (5-7-52)
0048    Nobles in the Shriners' Parade in Las Vegas. (5-7-52)
0049    Salt Lake City Shriners' Band in Las Vegas Shriners' Parade. (5-7-52)
0050    Shriners' Parade, Las Vegas downtown-honor guard. (5-7-52)
0051    Shriners' Parade, downtown Las Vegas. (5-7-52) Drummers in full regalia.
0052    Shriners' Parade, Las Vegas. (5-7-52) Some of the members riding mules.(donkeys?)

Twin Lakes

0053    Twin Lakes-Las Vegas, Nevada. Swimming pool. (9-52)
0054    Twin Lakes-Las Vegas, Nevada. One of the cabins. (1952)

Mount Charleston and Red Rock

0055    Mount Charleston. (Nevada)
0056    Snow at Mount Charleston Lodge. (Nevada) (1952)
0057    Road to Mount Charleston Lodge. (Nevada)
0058    Ski run at Mount Charleston (Nevada). (1952)
0059    Mount Charleston (Nevada) covered with snow.
0060    Red Rock Recreational Area (near Las Vegas, Nevada).
0061    Desert around Red Rock Recreational Area (near Las Vegas, Nev.)
0062    Red Rock Recreational Area-mountains and surrounding prairie--near
            Las Vegas.
0063    Red Rock Recreational Area near Las Vegas.

Hoover Dam, Lake Mead

0064    Hoover Dam. (1952)
0065    Hoover Dam-shows the power stations. (1952)
0066    Arizona side of Hoover Dam. (1952)
0067    Lake Mead. (Nevada)


0068    Petroglyphs at the Valley of Fire.
0069    Petroglyphs at the Valley of Fire (Nevada).

Rhyolite, Nevada

0070    Rhyolite ghost town. Mines in the mountains. (1951)
0071    Rhyolite, Nevada. Ghost town, showing remains of the hotel. (1951)
0072    Remnants of train depot in ghost town-Rhyolite, Nevada. (1951)
0073    The last of the bank in the ghost town of Rhyolite, Nevada. (1951)
0074    Ghost town of Rhyolite, Nevada. Portions of a store are still standing. (1951)
0075    Famous Bottle House in Rhyolite, Nevada. (1951)


0076    Group of entertainers called "Polly Possum, Joe Wolverton and the Dogpatch County Band" performing at the Golden Nugget Saloon in downtown Las Vegas. (n.d.-maybe 1950s)
0077    Possibly the same band as the one pictured in photo #0076 with some different musicians. (n.d.-possibly 1950s) Performing in the Golden Nugget Saloon in downtown Las Vegas.