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Brookman, Eileen

Collection Contents:
0001    L-R: Bonnie Gragson (wife of former LV Mayor Oran Gragson), actor Cary Grant, Eileen Brookman. (1960, Las Vegas) (photo by Las Vegas News Bureau)

0002    At an NAACP meeting in Las Vegas, 1963. Third from left is Eileen Brookman; fourth from left, Mayor Oran Gragson.

0003    Senator Howard Cannon and Senator Alan Bible (rt.), Las Vegas, 1964.

0004    Senator Eugene McCarty and Eileen Brookman. (Oct. 18, 1964)

0005    Will Rogers Jr. and Eileen Brookman at the Carson River, Carson City, NV. (Feb 1968)

0006    Photograph autographed by Paul Laxalt; Eileen Brookman (center), Sen. Paul Laxalt (rt.) (n.d.) (Laxalt was governor of Nevada at his time.)

0007    Taken at the governor's mansion, March, 1967. L-R: Gov. Paul Laxalt, Debs, Eileen Brookman, George Brookman. (Debs is Brookman's daughter.)

0008    "Grand opening Harrah's Tahoe Hotel Nov. '73. Gov. office Carson City" Eileen Brookman standing at right.

0009    Nev. Gov. Mike O'Callaghan holding proclamation; Eileen Brookman (rt.) (n.d)

0010    "Campaign 76 Shafer House" L-R: Eileen Brookman, Many Cortez, George Brookman.

0011    L-R: D.C. McSweeny, Eileen Brookman, Sen. Howard Cannon. (Mar. 15, 1978) (photo autographed to Eileen by Cannon)

0012    Eileen Brookman. (Apr. 14, 1982) (photo by Patricia Mortati)

0013    Eileen Brookman (3rd from left) and Gov. Richard Bryan (seated) (Mar11, 1983)

0014    "Winter 87 session Carson City, NV. Cuz Bill, Esther Swartz, Gov." (handwritten insc.)

0015    Gov. Richard Bryan and Eileen Brookman. (n.d.)

0016    Nevada Sen. Harry Reid with Eileen Brookman. (n.d.) (photo autographed to Brookman by Sen. Reid.)

0017    Clint Eastwood in [U.S. Marines?] uniform (n.d.) (photo autographed by him for Eileen Brookman)

0018    Gov. Grant Sawyer (2nd from left). (n.d.) (photo autographed by Wallye Rosenbluth, Int. Pres. Of B'nai B'rith Women she is probably standing 2nd from right.)

0019    Gov. Grant Sawyer with unidentified woman. (n.d.)

0020    L-R: Brigadier General Harry Wald (Nevada Army National Guard); Senator Alan Bible (Nev.); Nevada Assemblywoman Eileen Brookman. (LV News Bureau photo august 1968)

0021    Colonel Harry Wald (2nd from left) of the Nevada Army National Guard, receives his Brigadier General stars in office of Lt. Gov. Harry Reid (right). Assemblywoman Eileen Brookman at left. (c. 1968) (LV News Bureau photo)

0022    Nevada Senator Alan Bible (left) and Brigadier General Harry Wald holding U.S. flag. (Aug. 1968) (LV News Bureau photo)

0023    Assemblywoman Eileen Brookman, Brigadier General Harry Wald, Nevada Senator Alan Bible. (Aug. 1968) (LV News Bureau photo) See photo #0021.

0024    Colonel Harry Wald (Nevada Army National Guard), 2nd from left; Assemblywoman Eileen Brookman (far right). (November 1967)

0025    Colonel Harry Wald (2nd from left); Eileen Brookman (right).

0026    Nevada Governor Paul Laxalt (center) helps Nevada National Guardsmen cut a cake. (Nov. 23, 1967) (LV News Bureau photo)

0027    Brigadier General Harry Wald (Nevada Army National Guard) and Nevada Senator Alan Bible (right). (Aug. 14, 1968) (LV News Bureau photo)

0028    Two unidentified men; one at right is officer in the Nevada Army National Guard. (Nov. 1967)

0029    Nevada Assemblywoman Eileen Brookman and Senator Harry Reid (Nev.) (color portrait autographed to her by Reid) (1989)

0030    Color portrait of Eileen Brookman and Senator Richard Bryan (Nev.) (1989)

0031    Nevada Governor Bob Miller signing legislative bill AB 95, 1989 session of legislature. Assemblywoman Eileen Brookman at left.

0032    Nevada Governor Bob Miller (seated); Nevada Assemblywoman Eileen Brookman (rt.) Taken during 1989 legislative session.

0033    Eileen Brookman. Men not identified. (c. 1989)

0034    Eileen Brookman, 1989 Nevada legislative session. Men are not identified.