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Milton Norman Photograph Collection

Location: PC 09:C, PC Negatives Box 17

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Collection Contents:
(The following collection is made up of photos of substandard structures, built during the 1940's in the area now known as West Las Vegas. These structures were demolished by the City of Las Vegas in the 1960's.)

0001    Corner of "D" and Jefferson Streets, Las Vegas, Nevada. (1943)

0002    Las Vegas 1943. Madison and "E" Streets on West Side of town. Electricity was available for those houses that were up to building codes but few were. Note, no paved streets.

0003    "C" to "D" Streets and Monroe West Las Vegas (1943).

0004    Looking northeast on Monroe Street. (1943) With no air conditioning, many of the houses, shelters, and shacks had removable tarps instead of roofs.

0005    Northeast corner of "D" and Jefferson Streets West Las Vegas (1943).

0006    Corner of "C" Street and Jefferson. (Las Vegas 1943) (Note: shack foundations were usually just wood blocks.)

0007    Las Vegas 1943. The back yards of shacks at "D" Street and Jackson show that in war economy scrap wood was a valuable commodity, both for building and fuel.

0008    Las Vegas (1943) "C" to "D" and Jackson Streets.

0009    Vegas Heights, newly annexed to City of Las Vegas. (1964) LaSalle and Lake Mead Blvd. Flooding due to lack of sewers and proper drainage.

0010    Vegas Heights 1964. Lexington and Miller Streets. Flooding due to lack of sewers and proper drainage.

0011    Balzar and LaSalle Streets in Vegas Heights. (1964) Flooding due to lack of sewers and proper drainage.

0012    Structure in Vegas Heights being destroyed by fire. (1964)

0013    Vegas Hts., 1964 Hassell & Highland. Streets flooded during severe rain no sewers or drainage.

0014    Lexington and Carey, in Vegas Hts. (1964) Streets flooded during severe rain.

0015    Balzar and Revere Streets Vegas Heights. (1964) No sewers or proper drainage lead to flooded streets during severe rainstorm.

0016    Vegas Heights (1964) Revere & Hart Streets. Newly annexed part of Las Vegas no sewers or proper drainage.

0017    Wooden shack at 1100 "D" Street West Las Vegas. (4-24-62) Access building at alley by New Jerusalem Church.

0018    Three rear access buildings at 610 Monroe St., in West Las Vegas. Two of them were for storage; one was an outhouse used by three families. (4-17-62)

0019    Front view of house at 617 No. "G" St. West Las Vegas. (7-28-65)

0020    Shack at 13-5 "F" Street, West Las Vegas. (1962)

0021    Trailer at 12-8 "E" Street, West Las Vegas. Note outhouse next to trailer.         (2-21-62)

0022    East view of sub-standard building at 310 Van Buren West Las Vegas. (c. 1962)

0023    Rear of trailer at 606 Jackson Street West Las Vegas. (7-10-62)

0024    Shack at 1305 "F" St. West Las Vegas. Black children are playing in yard.     (c. 1962)

0025    Three shacks in rear of "E" Street, by alley. (911 "E" St. 7/12/62) Buildings were demolished 12/10/67.

0026    West Las Vegas, 123 Adams Street. (7-28-65)

0027    Shacks at 512 Wilson St., West Las Vegas. (1962) These were demolished soon after.

0028    View of substandard building in West Las Vegas. Also shows storage shed and trailer. (c. 1962)

0029    West Las Vegas 1524 S. 2nd St. (c. 1962)

0030    Substandard housing at 216 Washington, West Las Vegas. (7-29-60)

0031    Duplex and trailer: 908 "B" Street. (4-23-62)

0032    Proposed demolitions 1526-1526 S. 2nd St., West Las Vegas. (c. 1960's)

0033    Remains of 908 "B" Street West Las Vegas. (4-23-62)

0034    Two views of 908 "B" St. (West Las Vegas) 4-23-62

0035    House at 1102 No. "B" Street, West Las Vegas. (7-28-65). It was burned down about one month later.

0036    Ruins of building at 908 N. "B" Street, West Las Vegas. (4-23-62)

0037    House at 621 North "H" Street, West Las Vegas. (c. 1960's)

0038    House in West Las Vegas, 422 Morgan St. (9-1-60) House had no bathroom facilities, no foundation, no water or sewer. It had hazardous wiring and inadequate room sizes. This building was demolished July 2, 1962.

0039    West Las Vegas 606 Jackson Street. (7-10-62)

0040    Shacks on Jackson Street, West Las Vegas. (2-14-62)

0041    Shack at 3-2 McWilliams, West Las Vegas. (7-28-65) Was burned down about a month later.

0042    Shacks in West Las Vegas. Behind the Moulin Rouge, looking south from McWilliams Avenue.

0043    Shack at 619 Jackson St., West Las Vegas. (7-14-62)

0044    Tarpaper shack at 1102 No. "B" Street (rear). Photo dated 7-28-65; was burned down a month later.

0045    Shack at 313 Jackson, West Las Vegas.

0046    West Las Vegas 713 Jackson Street. (4-20-67) Photo on reverse shows outhouses.

0047    Substandard building at 1022 Washington, West Las Vegas. (9-22-60)

0048    West Las Vegas McWilliams Street.

0049    Shacks in West Las Vegas 630 & 632 S. 1st Street. (12-28-64) (Burned 1-26-65)

0050    Building at 320 Van Buren, West Las Vegas. (1-27-65)

0051    Storage shed and outhouse combined at 618 "H" St., West LV. (3-20-62)

0052    Shack at 721 No. "E" Street West Las Vegas. (7-22-65)

(Documentation pertaining to the photos in this collection is contained in an envelope filed at the end of the photos.)