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Nevada Women's Conference


0001    Beverly Harrell, June 1977

0002    Gloria Steinem greeting Nevada Women's Conference (NWC) guests, June 18, 1977

0003    Unidentified dancer performing at NWC festival, June 18, 1977

0004    L to R: 1. Kathy Butler, 2. Jana Diamond, 3. Lorraine Jervis performing NWC volunteers, L to R: 1. Unidentified, 2. Peg Bolen, June 17, 1977

0005    Art works and NWC volunteers, L to R. 1. unidentified, 2. Peg Bolen, June 17, 1977

0006    Dr. Gerald Jones doing breast examination , June , 1977

0007    Opening ceremonies, NWC 1977 conference, far left: Mabel Thomas of Carson City , others unidentified.

0008    NWC workshop group, June 18, 1977

0009    NWC voting in final plenary session, June 19, 1977

0010    NWC display, 1977

0011    Jean Ford, Conference Chair, listens while Gloria Steinem addresses the Nevada Women's Conference , June 18, 1977.

0012    Gloria Steinem luncheon (6-18-77) Nevada Women's Conference held at the Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada. About 1200 men and women were president.

0013    Nevada Women's Conference, Las Vegas. (6-19-77) Conference leaders confer with Pat Little over election results. Left to right: Pat Little: Ida Crockett, Election Chairman; Jean Ford, Conference Chair; Gerridee Wheeler, IWY Reprehensive; and Frances [Test?], Parliamentarian.

0014    Nevada Women's Conference , Las Vegas. (6-19-77) L-R: Mary Forrester, Administrative Assistant; and Deidra Mitchell, volunteer.

0015    Nevada Women's Conference, Las Vegas. (6-19-77) L-R: Jo Gonzales and Ruby Duncan, newly-elected delegates to the National Conference in Houston.

0016    Nevada Women's Conference , Las Vegas. (6-17-77) Phyllis Middleton, Indian Springs participant and volunteer Southern Nevada public relations person.

0017    Standing ovation for Gloria Steinem, speaker at Nevada Women's Conference , Las Vegas Convention Center. (6-18-77)

0018    L-R: State senators Bill Hernstadt and Joe Neal listening to Gloria Steinem's speech at the Nevada Women's Conference. (6-18-77)

0019    Participants in Nevada Women's Conference. 6-18-77.

0020    Legal Status of Women Workshop; Nevada Women's Conf. Las Vegas. (6-18-77)

0021    Gerridee Wheeler, IWY Commissioner, at Nevada Women's Conference. (June 17-19,1977)


People (cont.)

0022    Regional Ladies' Chorus sings at breakfast meeting, Nevada Women's Conference. (6-18-77)

0023    Danny Carlisle makes a point during resolution debate-Nevada Women's Conference. (6-19-77)

0024    NOW Booth Nevada Women's Conference , Las Vegas (6-17-77)

0025    Nevadans for ERA Booth Nevada Women's Conference (6-17-77)

0026    Father and son participants at Nevada Women's Conference (6-17-77)

0027    Communications Workshop at Nevada Women's Conference, Las Vegas Convention Center. (June 17-19, 1977)

0028    Gloria Steinem, luncheon keynote speaker at the Nevada Women's Conference. (6-18-77)

0029    L-R: Maya Miller, IWY Coordinating Committee; Jo Gonzales, luncheon mistress of ceremonies; Gloria Steinem, keynote speaker. (Nev. Women's Conference, 6-17-77)

0030    Jo Gonzales , left is being congratulated for her election as delegate to the National Women's Conference , (6-19-77)

0031    Participant in Nevada Women's Conference, listening to speaker Gloria Steinem (6-17-77)

0032    Nevada Women's participants listen to Gloria Steinem's speech. (6-18-77)

0033    L-R: Carol Ross and Pat Mogle listen to Gloria Steinem speak at Nevada Women's Conference. (6-18-77)

0034    Participant at NWC listens to Gloria Steinem (6-18-77)

0035    L-R: Myrna Williams (Las Vegas) and Jan Tyler (Utah Women's Conference Chair) listen to Gloria Steinem . (NWC 6-18-77)

0036    Carol Burris (Women's Lobby, Inc. Washington, D.C.) opening keynote speaker at Nevada Women's Conference in Las Vegas. (6-17-77)

0037    Gloria Steinem , key note speaker at Nevada Women's Conference, Las Vegas. (6-18-77)