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Nevada State Parks

Collection Contents:

Folder 105-1


Boulder City Hoover (Boulder ) Dam

0001    Overview of town (part of souvenir envelope)

0002 Hoover (Boulder) Dam (part of souvenir envelope)

0003 Hoover (Boulder) Dam, night view (part of souvenir envelope)

0004 Hoover (Boulder) Dam, view from the top (part of souvenir envelope)

0005 Hoover (Boulder) view from the top (part of souvenir envelope)

0006 Hoover (Boulder) upstream view (part of souvenir envelope)

0007 Hoover (Boulder) interior (part of souvenir envelope)

0008 Lake Mead Viewpoint , (part of souvenir envelope)

0009 Hoover (Boulder) Dam, filling after completion

0010 Hoover (Boulder) Dam, filling after completion

0011 Hoover (Boulder) Dam, filling after completion

0012 Hoover (Boulder) Dam, penstocks

0013 Hoover (Boulder) Dam, canyon wall

0014 Hoover (Boulder) Dam, spillway

0015 Hoover (Boulder) Dam, upstream view

0016 Hoover (Boulder) Dam, intake towers

0017 Hoover (Boulder) Dam, men standing in diversion tunnel

0018 Building wall at Lake Mead Viewpoint

0019 Building wall at Lake Mead Viewpoint

0020 Building wall at Lake Mead Viewpoint

0021 Boulder Beach and Marina, c. 1935

0022 Boulder Beach and Marina, c. 1935

0023 Boulder Beach and Marina, c. 1935

0024 Men working on scow at Boulder Beach

0025 Men working on scow at Boulder Beach

0026 Men working on scow at Boulder Beach

0027 Boating on Lake Mead

0028 Near the narrows of Boulder Canyon

0029 Black Canyon, Lake Mead

0030 Black Canyon, Lake Mead

0031 Black Canyon, Lake Mead

0032 Black Canyon, Lake Mead

0033 Black Canyon, Lake Mead

0034 Black Canyon, Lake Mead

0035 Black Canyon, Lake Mead

0036 Lake Mead

0037 Lake Mead

0038 Lake Mead, at sunset

0039 Lake Mead, at sunset

0040 Lake Mead, Fortification Hill

0041 Lake Mead, Fortification Hill

0042 Lake Mead, area, desert view

0043 Lake Mead, area, desert view

0044 Bird nest near Lake Mead

Mt. Charleston

0045 Roadway and mountains

Valley of Fire

0046 Rock formations

0047 Stove and cabin

0048 Stoves at cabins

0049 Park sign by cabins

Movie Filming in Nevada


0050 [Movie company tents, Logandale, NV-might be Hal Roach Studios encampment

            at the Home Ranch 6/25/26]

People "Westerns" ca.1925-29

0051 Oliver Hardy, as character in western comedy film

0052 Jim Fennelson, as character in western comedy film

0053 Oliver Hardy & Jim Fennelson, as characters in western-comedy film

0054 Oliver Hardy and Milton Steele, fight scene

0055 Joe Perkins, western movie character

0056 [Western movie scene-L to R: (1) Guinn "Big Boy" Williams (2) Kathleen

    Collins. And (3) Christian Frank. Movie was probably "Black Cyclone" (1926),

    Directed by Fred Jackman and shot by Hal Roach at the Home Ranch, Logandale,


People "Westerns" ca.1925-29 (cont.)

0057 [Crew viewing film rushes; front row left (on aisle); Director Fred Jackman;

            Front row right: 1. Kathleen Collins. 2. Guinn "Big Boy" Williams. Film

            Was probably "Black Cyclone" (1926) filmed at the Home Ranch, Logandale,

             NV, by Hal Roach Studios.]

58        Roy Rogers and Dale Evans filming a scene, school children looking on; c. 1940.

59        Movie scene, "Black Cyclone", Local man; Bryant Whitmore] c. 1925-29

60        [Part of movie crew] [Woman in center is actress Kathleen Collins. Photo may have been taken during filming of "Black Cyclone" (1926) at Home Ranch, Logandale, NV, by Hal Roach Studios]

61        Stage coach hold up scene in Red Anderson Wash, north end of Valley of Fire.

62         Stage coach hold up scene in Red Anderson Wash, north end of Valley of Fire.

"1 Million Years, B.C." 1936-37

63        Filming location overview, Valley of Fire

64        Filming location overview, Valley of Fire

65        Actor Lon Chaney, Jr. filming scene on rocks

66        Actor Lon Chaney, Jr., close up in costume

67        Mastodon chasing actress and child in scene

68        Actress and child in costume

69        Women carrying "dead animal" in scene

70        Group view of "cave people" in scene

71        "Cave people" on the rocks in scene

72        Prop Men with paper mache "animals" for scene


73        Chairman of State Parks Commission-Nye County, at foot of fireplace, Diana's Punch Bowl

74        Chairman of State Parks Commission-Nye County, at foot of fireplace, Diana's Punch Bowl

75        In boat, left to right: 1. Carl A. Lehnard, Chief Ranger, Boulder Dam Recreational Area; 2. Dr. C.W. West, Chairman of Nevada State Parks; 3. Guy D. Edwards, Supervisor of Boulder Dam Recreational Area; 4. Robert H. Rose, Naturalist, U.S. Park Service. Lake Mead, 4-20-38

76        Unidentified men, fishing

77        Unidentified men, fishing

78        Unidentified men with pack mule

79        Kiva, excavated by M.K. Harrington (neg. only)

80        Plate 7A, B, C form panorama of southern site of Pueblo Grande de Nevada (neg. only)

Lost City Photo Album

Pg. 59.1    Governor Scrugham and Archaeologist M.R. Harrington with Union Pacific Railroad officials at Harrington's camp, Lost City

Pg. 80    S.E. view from God's Pocket of Colorado River

Pg. 88    Panorama view of the Pueblo Grande de Nevada site, from the top of Mormon mesa.

Pg. 1    Kieva, excavated by M.R. Harrington of the Museum of the American Indian New York. Governor Scrugham and party at the uncovering of the first find and excavation of the Lost City of Nevada.-NOV. 22, 1924. Members in the group reading left to right: Geo. Evans, excavator, full blooded Pitt River Indian; Explorer and Archaeologist M.R. Harrington and son Bonny; Governor Scrugham of Nevada; Mr. Wright, news correspondent ; Dr. C.W. West of Reno; Senator Levi Syphus of Clark Co. Nevada; Sergeant State Police MacSherry. Pueblo Kieva or Medicine Man's Lodge one of many in the Lost City

Pg. 2    Geo. Evans, Pitt River Indian, excavating the first kiva under the direction of Archaeologist Harrington Lost City of Nevada or Pueblo Grande de Nevada.

Pg. 11    Implements found in House no.2 of Lost City. Shows one of the rooms of Photos 3 & 12.

Pg. 12    View of House No. 2 upon its final uncovering, contained 8 rooms.

Pg. 60    View of House No. 5 after complete excavation, showing cement capping put on to preserve the adobe from erosion.

Pg. 68    View showing surface indications of house ruins on gravel hill before excavation.

Pg. 87    Join and make panorama of the Pueblo Grande de Nevada site from South to Northwest, from the top of the Mormon Mesa.

Additions to Collection

NOTE: Elizabeth Warren collected glass plates from Willard George's widow, Florence Schroeder George Anderson, and identified them with her help and with additional research. Documentation on photos 0081-0122 was done June 12, 1998.

81        Paiute Indian family, probably near Indian Springs, between 1893 and 1904. Note windbreak at left and shelter at right built by them.

82        Paiute Indian baskets made by Las Vegas Paiute women who worked at Kiel Ranch.

83        Paiute Indian woman called "Annie" Wearing basket hat. Between 1893 and 1904 on Kiel Ranch.

84        Paiute Indian Between 1893 and 1904, He is sleeping next to a windbreak made of brush and mesquite.

85        Paiute woman in southern Nevada at Paiute encampment (Between 1893 and 1904) Some Indian implements are shown, but she is wearing cast off Anglo clothing. She is lacing away from the camera because she believed that otherwise the camera would "steal her spirit" Note the windbreak made of brush between two mesquites.

86        Baskets made by Paiute Indian women who worked at Kiel Ranch. Shows inside of baskets in photo # 82. Basket at bottom right was a laundry basket.

87        Paiute Indian pictured at Kiel Ranch where he worked. Adobe house in right background. (Between 1893 and 1904)

88        Sadie Kiel George (Mrs. Hampton E. George) washing clothes in the irrigation flume at Kiel Ranch. (Between 1893 and 1904)

89        Sadie Kiel George duck hunting along Las Vegas Creek on the Stewart Ranch. (Between 1893 and 1904)

90        Kiel Ranch between 1893 and 1904. At Left is a shed or stable for horses. At right is possibly a spring house. Man at left is Hampton E. George. Other man might be Conrad Kiel. Lady seated is Sadie Kiel George.

91        Irrigation ditch on Wilson's Sandstone Ranch.

92        Irrigation ditch on Wilson's Sandstone Ranch.

93        Creek or irrigation ditch on Wilson's Sandstone Ranch.

94        Helen J. Stewart with camera at Sandstone Ranch (now Spring Mountain Ranch) Mt. Charleston in background. (Between 1893 and 1904)

95        Group with horse drawn wagon somewhere in southern Nevada, between 1893 and 1904. Boy standing is Willard George. His father Hampton E. George and an unidentified Indian in the wagon.

96        Kiel Sawmill in Kiel Canyon. Edwin Kiel (left) and probably his father Conrad Kiel (Between 1893 and 1894)

97        The Wilson's Sandstone Ranch, now Spring Mountain Ranch. James B. Wilson Sr., the owner at left. His adopted sons Tweed (Anderson) Wilson, center and James Beck (Anderson) Wilson at right. (c. 1900) Cabin in background with grapevine at left. Buster or Boone, son of Tweed, seated at left.

98        Conrad Kiel(?) by the reservoir at Kiel Ranch. (Between 1893 and 1894)

99        A favorite horse at Kiel Ranch. Sunrise Mountain in background.

100     Kiel Ranch, 1904. L-R: Sadie's mother, Mrs. Franklin Kiel; Sadie's brother Frank (behind burrow); Sadie Kiel George riding the burro with her son Willard behind her.

101    Adobe brick structure at Kiel Ranch, between 1893 and 1900. Edwin Kiel (Sadie's uncle) in front of adobe. On horseback, left to right, Willard George, unidentified Indian, Hampton George (Sadie's husband and Willard's father).

102     In Nebraska, 1899 or 1900. Willard George (left) is showing a relative how to shoot a Paiute bow and arrow.

103     In Nebraska, c. 1900. Willard George, at left. Others not identified but probably relatives.

104     Sadie Kiel George's brother Frank on burro; woman is probably Sadie's mother. In the background is the main cabin at the Kiel Ranch built by Conrad Kiel after 1875.

105     Winter of 1904(?) on the Kiel Ranch. L-R: kneeling: Hampton George, unidentified Indian, Sadie's mother, unidentified Indian. L-R standing: Sadie's father and brother. They are showing off apples from the Fall crop.

106    At right is Willard George standing in irrigated fields on the Kiel Ranch with an unidentified person. Note Mesquite corral at left of picture.

107     Hampton George (Sadie's husband) court appointed executor of the Kiel's will, on a chair on the Kiel Ranch. (.c1902)

108     Tiza Stewart riding Willard George's burro on the Stewart Ranch

109     Mail carrier at Kiel Ranch in his horse-drawn cart. (Between 1893 and 1904) Willard George kneeling at right.

110     Willard George (rt) and his cousin standing on a California beach (1904-05) they are wearing rented swimsuits.

111    Kiel Ranch-Willard George in cart drawn by a burro. ( Between 1893 and 1904)

112    Willard George and Tiza Stewart on a burro at the Stewart Ranch. ( Between 1893 and 1904)

113    Franklin Kiel (Sadie's father) in the fields at Kiel Ranch, demonstrating cooking in a Dutch oven. ( Between 1893 and 1904)

114     Unidentified Indian on Kiel Ranch, demonstrating cooking in a Dutch oven. ( Between 1893 and 1904)

115     Hampton George (right) and son Willard setting up camp on the road somewhere in southern Nevada. ( Between 1893 and 1904)

116     Unidentified prospector with pack mules on Kiel Ranch. ( Between 1893 and 1904)

117     Willard George riding his burro at Kiel Ranch (Between 1893 and 1904)

118     Unidentified Indian on Kiel Ranch near the water tower. ( Between 1893 and 1904)

119    Willard George standing next to a huge yucca plant near Indian Springs. (c. 1904)

120     Willard George seated on a horse on Kiel Ranch (Between 1893 and 1904)

121     Group of men in encampment on the way to Death Valley, toward Amargosa. Seated on the ground is Willard George; far right next to him is Hampton George. The group accompanied Mr. Norton (also pictured but not specifically identified). Norton was doing assessment work on his nitrate claim. ( Between 1893 and 1904)

122     Edwin Kiel on Kiel Ranch. Note haystack and mesquite corral in background ( Between 1893 and 1904)