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Nevada State Historical Society



0001    Panorama of town, 1907


0002    Looking over town, including Red Light District


0003    Mrs. Clara Beatty, former Director of Nevada Historical Society.

0004    Eva Stewart

0005    Mrs. Clarence Mackay

0006    Senator W.A. Clark

0007    Governor Emmett D. Boyle signing the 19th Amendment to the Constitution,        Carson City, February 7, 1920.

0008    Anne Martin for U.S. Senate, campaign women in auto.

0009    Groundbreaking (?) including left to right: 1. Al Coradetti, City Commissioner; 2) Rodney Colton, County Commissioner; 3) unidentified; 4) Ira Earl, County Commissioner, 5) Frank Gusewelle, County commissioner.

Additions to Collection



0010    Loading gondola on Pioche branch at Bullionville


0011    Panorama , 1873

0012    Town and mines, c. 1885

0013    Street scene, c. 1906, including Bank of Pioche, Inc. and saloon.

0014    Street scene, c. 1906, including Clark's Place and S. Thompson General Merchandise

0015    Thompson's Opera House (formerly Brown's Hall) c. 1914

0016    Lincoln County Courthouse, c. 1920


0017    Rose Valley School, Lincoln County

0018    First home of Everest and Sara Hackett at Deer Lodge, NV. Built in summer of of 1915.


Additions (cont.)

0019    Twenty-two animal team on the road to Candelaria. (c.late 1800's)

0020    Pickhandle Gulch (Mt. Diablo Mine)- Candelaria.1885

0021    Candelaria, Nevada. (1893)

0022    Candelaria, Nevada. Late 1880's

0023    Candelaria, Nevada. Late 1880's

0024    Candelaria, Nevada. (1876)

0025    Remains of Candelaria, Nevada. (1951)

0026    (NEG ONLY) Survey map of Candelaria , Nevada.

0027    Tonopah, Nevada-Main Street (1904) Two-story building is Miners Exchange Hall. Other buildings include: Nevada Café (center), Tin Shop (left), and .Mercantile Company (far left). On the street can be seen several drays and house-drawn vehicles.

0028    Tonopah, Nevada (July 4, 1905). Crowd watching drilling contest at corner of Brougher and Main Streets. Shows the Butler Saloon at the corner. (Note: The trees along the street were brought in especially for the occasion)

0029    Butler General Merchandising Store , Tonopah, Nevada. (1901)

0030    Bottle House in Tonopah, Nevada, built by Wm. F. Peck in 1902. Pictured are,left to right: Wesley Peck (3 years old), and Mary Peck (7 years old). Photo taken    in 1903.

0031    George Bartlett home in Tonopah, Nevada . (Scene of many a Junior Prom and graduation ball.

0032    Mrs. Belle Butler sitting on first ore sacked in Tonopah , Nevada. Jim Butler is fifth man from the left. (1901)

0033    [Shaft and head works-Tonopah, Nevada(?)]

0034    The Divide Building-Tonopah? Nevada. Mr. Edwards, at right

0035    Robinson Store in Lida, Nevada. (1905)

0036    Early motorcars in Lida, Nevada

0037    Lida, Nevada (1907)

0038    Senator William M. Stewart on burro at Rhyolite , Nevada.

0039    Senator and Mrs. Key Pittman.

0040    Taken during construction of Elks Lodge, 39th and Carson, Las Vegas, Nev.

0041    Miss Currer, Fifth Grade Boys: Floyd , Carl, Billy, Thayne, Earl, Bobby, Gordon, Gerald, Billy Williams with cap on face.

0042    Fifth Grade Girls: Maridee, Mary , Eleanor, Angelina, Colleen, Rose Marie,Margaret, Mable, Nancy, Pearl, Mary Jane, Marie, Janet & Barbara.

0043    Mary Etta, 4th from right, front row.