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Nevada Inter-Tribal Council Photograph Collection

Location: PC 03:D, PC Negatives Box 07, PC Slides Binder 03

Collection Contents:

Northern Paiute Indians

0001    Wovoka, the Paiute messiah from Mason Valley, was the originator of the Ghost Dance religion.

0002    Women of the early 1900's. Mary Davis, Nina (Davis) Smith, and Myma Briggs.

0003    Early 1900's. Northern Paiute people began to incorporate non-native materials into their camps.

0004    Hand game competition at the Ft. McDermitt Indian Reservation.

0005    Indian couple carrying railroad ties. (Early 1900's)

0006    Tuba (pine nuts) was an important food to the Paiutes.

0007    Maggie Jones holds Louise James (wrapped in a cradleboard).

0008    Mary Lowe (age 70), standing next to a rabbit blanket she made.

0009    Women playing Na-zi-sa-ka.

0010    Bobbie Dodd and Hastings Pancho prepare to distribute food rations.

Shoshone Indians

0011    Children at the Duck Valley Reservation preparing to attend school at Stewart in 1901.

0012    Shoshone man in Elko County with paint and feathers.

0013    Students of the Indian Service Day School at the Goshute Indian Reservation. 1930 photo.

0014    Ruby Valley Indian leaders: John Carson, frank Jim, Jack Temoke, White Man, Bert Moon, and more. Photo taken around 1920.

0015    Shoshone woman and daughter of Tonopah displaying water bottles.

0016    Shoshone families of Smokey Valley displaying game after a hunt.

0017    Shoshone woman standing by her horse and wagon in the early 1940s.

0018    Katie Wilson with cradleboard and baby.

0019    Indian hand games at the 4th of July encampment at Towhee, NV.

0020    Tom Wilson of Death Valley holds a 100 year old water basket.

Southern Paiute Indians

0021    Moapa Reservation in the 1930s.

0022    The Brother Chiefs and their wives. Photo taken on Powell Expedition (1871-1875)

0023    Southern Nevada's ancient salt miners at work in Salt Cave.


Southern Paiute Indians (cont.)

0024    E-nu-ints-i-gaip, one of Major John Wesley Powell's guides.

0025    A band of Southern Paiutes in 1871.

0026    A Southern Paiute sun shelter located near Las Vegas, 1907.

0027    A Kahn or Southern Paiute winter home.

0028    Ilee Castillo and Imogene Domingo with baby.

0029    Josephine Pete of Cedar City, Utah with baby in cradleboard.

0030    A Southern Paiute family from Goodsprings, NV. Bahoon, Daisy Mike, and unidentified woman. Taken in 1912.

Washo Indians

0031    Captain Pete, an early spokesman for the Washo in their dealings with the whites.

0032    Two Washo basket makers.

0033    Washo couple with a trout they caught at Lake Tahoe.

0034    Dat-So-La-Lee with her husband Charley Keiser, outside their home in Carson City, NV.

0035    Captain Jim, a Washo spokesman.

0036    The Washo lived around lake Tahoe each summer, fishing and gathering foods well into the 1900s.

0037    Washo children of the Carson Indian School at Stewart, NV.

0038    Cave Rock, overlooking Lake Tahoe, was a sacred place of the Washo doctors.

0039    A cradleboard of the Washo people.

0040    Clara Frank and Hank Pete, Washo elders, in tribal dress.