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Delores Brownhofer Neonis Photograph Collection

Location: PC 05:A, PC Negatives Box 08, PC Slides Binder 03

Collection Contents:
0001    Francis X. Brownhofer (on horseback) in front of Last Frontier Hotel, Gay Nineties Bar, 1944.

0002    Restaurant exterior.

0003    Delores Neonis, daughter of Francis X. Brownhofer, stands in kitchen at original Pioneer Steak House on South First Street, Las Vegas, 1958.

0004    Celebrating Christmas at restaurant, L-R: 1) Delores Brownhofer Neonis,
            2) waitress, 3) dishwasher, 4) Jackie ?, waitress 5) Tom, husband of #4,
            6) F.X. Brownhofer, 7) Isabelle Brownhofer.

0005    Delores Neonis and her mother Isabelle Brownhofer in restaurant.

0006    Delores Brownhofer Neonis in restaurant.

0007    Delores Brownhofer Neonis (L), and 2 others in restaurant.

0008    Delores Brownhofer Neonis.

0009    Maryland Parkway and Charleston, Las Vegas, Nevada, 1964.

0010    Francis X. Brownhofer in front of Hotel Last Frontier. (May, 1944)