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Photo Collections Record

Murphy-Farmer Family Photograph Collection

Location: PC 07:B, PC Negatives Box 12, MC MS 01:F

Collection Contents:

0001 M.S. Murphy, summer of 1949. Looking across the street (5th) at the corner
of 5th & Garces.
0002 Christmas 1934. New Mickey Mouse pocket watches for M.T. Murphy &
R.L. Yandell in Boulder City, Nevada.
0003 [M.S. & Patsy Murphy] 333 N. 11th St. No longer exists. Razed for
0004 Iva B. Murphy, mother; Patsy Murphy-Farmer; Merlin S. Murphy, father.
0005 Pat Murphy & Garry Dillingham at the Last Frontier Village in 1949.
0006 333 No. 11th St., L.V., Nev. Patsy M. Murphy. 1943
0007 Patsy Murphy. 705 S. 5th St. SE corner 5th & Garces.
0007a Patsy Murphy. 705 S. 5th St. SE corner 5th & Garces. 1940-41.
M.S. Murphy’s Gilmore Service Station.
0008 Dad’s (M.S.Murphy) Gilmore Service station, 705 South 5th St., Las
Vegas, Nevada 89101. Johnson’s Grocery (later Mike’s 5th Street Market)
Diagonally across the street. 1942.

Nevada, North of Las Vegas.

0009 Mark Twain and many other celebrities entertained at Piper’s Opera House,
Virginia City, Nevada.
0010 130,000 Dollar Railroad Station- without a railroad, at the famous ghost town
of Rhyolite.
0011    Nevada State Capitol Building, Carson City, Nevada.

Boulder City, Nevada

0012 Boulder Dam Service Bureau, Theatre Building. Boulder City, Nevada.
0013 Boulder City Airport.
0014 U.S. Bureau of Reclamation - Administration Building - Boulder City, Nev.
0015 Aerial view of Boulder City. Jan. 22,1947. (oversize)
0016 Aerial view of Boulder City, Jan. 22, 1947. (oversize)
0017 Aerial view of Boulder City. Jan. 22, 1947. (oversize)

Hoover Dam and Lake Mead

0018 Hoover Dam, 105047. (oversize)
0019 Bronze figures at base of flagpole. Hoover Dam. (oversize)
0020 Hoover Dam, 1-22-47. (oversize)
0021    Fishing on beautiful Lake Mead. Boulder Dam.

Hoover Dam and lake Mead (cont.)

0022 Looking downward from top of Hoover Dam during construction.
0023 Boulder Dam, June 10, 1935.
0024 Man in middle is boss Doc Lawson - boss of crew at Boulder Dam--crew
built center section of power house, machine shops, seismograph room,
clock room & battery room. M.S. Murphy absent with injury- summer 1935.
0025 Hoover Dam, ca. 1937-38.
0026 Upstream face of Hoover Dam.
0027 Form K first to reach top of Boulder Dam.
0028 Visitors’ Gallery within Boulder Dam leading from elevator shaft to power
0029 Arizona Spillway bridge.
0030 Downstream face of Hoover Dam.
0031 Highway on crest of Hoover Dam.
0032 Downstream face of Boulder Dam at night.
0033 Bronze figures at base of flagpole, Hoover Dam.
0034 Boat landing and bathing beach, Hoover Dam.
0035 Visitors waiting for elevator to Hoover Dam powerhouse.
0036 Lake Mead from observation point, Hoover Dam.
0037 Arizona Spillway, Hoover Dam.
0038 Hoover Dam.
0039 Lake Mead entrance to Grand Canyon, eighty miles from Hoover Dam.
0040 Nevada wing of Hoover Dam powerhouse.
0041 Power line leading from Hoover Dam to Los Angeles.
0042 First water through the valve house at Hoover Dam.

Las Vegas

0043 Roulette wheel, black jack table, and wheel of fortune, Las Vegas, Nevada.
Ca. early 1940s.
0044 Ye Kings Rest Auto Court. Refrigerated, air conditioned. Las Vegas, Nevada.
Ca. 1937.
0045 M.S. Murphy’s Signal Station, 531 S. 5th Street, NE corner; 1937, Las Vegas.
0046 Tom Garrison at his independent service station next door to the El Cholo Cafe.
April 1955.
0047 Fred Riney- Helldorado Kangaroo Court jail. Early 1940s.
0048 Texaco filling station N.W. corner of 3rd and Fremont Streets, Las Vegas, NV.
Jack Sutherland, Ralph Purdy, Jack Anderson, Alton Franklin, Glenn Purdy.
Ca. 1934.


Las Vegas ( cont.)

0049 Graduation class, 8th grade Fifth Street Grammar School. May 1937. Row 1,
#1 John Pinjuv; #2 Lynn Scott.
0050 Mrs. Dickinson conducting choralettes, LVHS, 1954 Christmas; at 3rd St. USO.
Row 4, #4 Patsy Murphy (Farmer).
0051 5th St. 1952 graduation class in auditorium. (oversize)
0052 Clark County Courthouse, Las Vegas, Nevada.
0053 Bright lights of Las Vegas, Nevada.
0054 “Keno, popular game of chance, Las Vegas, Nevada.” Boulder Club, Las
0055 Aerial view of Las Vegas- Squires park & City Hall- Dula Memorial Center
(left front) before City Library & new State Building. (oversize)
0056 Aerial view of Las Vegas. [Major street in center is U.S. Highway 91, known
today as Las Vegas Boulevard] 1-22-47. (oversize)
0057 Aerial view of Las Vegas. [showing downtown LV] 1-22-47. (oversize)
0058 Aerial view of Las Vegas, NV- Division I, 1-22-47. (oversize)
0059 Aerial view of Las Vegas, Division I, 1-22-47. (oversize)
0060 Aerial view of Las Vegas [showing downtown, looking north]. 1-22-47.
0061 Aerial view of Las Vegas, 1-22-47, looking north. [shows downtown area]
0062 Sill’s Drive-In Cafe, on US Highway 91 at Charleston Blvd., Las Vegas, Nev.


0063 Cathedral Rock, Charleston Park, near Las Vegas, Nevada.
0064 Aerial view of Basic Magnesium plant in Henderson, Nevada. 1-22-47.
0065 Unidentified mountain area.