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May Bradford Photograph Collection

Location: PC 09:A, PC Negatives Box 16, MC MS 01:F

Collection Contents:
Family and Friends

0001    (OVERSIZE) Uncle George Carter and family, Centralia, Mo. Ca. 1870's. (Letha Carter is seated)
0002    Center front: Nancy M. Carter Ward (Mrs. John Nelson Ward), grandmother of May Bradford, (Mrs. Ward frequently taught "accomplishments" to young ladies to supplement the family income.)

0003    "May Bradford. Gr. Carthage, Mo., High School, June 1898." (OVERSIZE)
0004    Sallie Jane Leona (Ward) (Wheeler) Bradford and Seymour Kimball Bradford, 1906. (May's parents)
0005    May Bradford (center of cartoon), alias "Belinda Bluegrass." A Stetson with snakeskin hatband was standard headgear for the young mining camp business woman. (Cartoon appeared in the Tonopah Daily Sun, May 12, 1905.)

0006    On board Italian steamer bound for Europe, July, 1906. May Bradford at left; Marjorie Bowes; Mrs. James Hamilton Lewis (wife of Senator from Illinois). Men are unidentified.

0007    May Bradford on her mustang, "Buck." Tonopah, Nevada, 1906. (The horse was given to her as a "tip" by Herman Reischke after she did a drafting job for him.

0008    Dr. Frank Dyer Chester (friend of May Bradford). He was American Consul-General to Hungary in 19063. [?]
0009    Center, Dr. Frank Dyer Chester, American Consul- General to Hungary, 1906. [?]
0010    Budapest, Hungary. (1906)
0011    Flat boat on a river in Hungary (1906)
0012    [Unidentified couple in Hungary, ca. 1906.]
0013    Mrs. Humphrey and Mrs. Mary Richards, friends of the Siegfrieds. Manhattan, Nevada, ca. 1906.
0014    Mr. And Mrs. Sigfriedt, at right, at claim in Manhattan, Nevada, which proved to have a gold vein on it. (Man at left unidentified) [ca. early 1900's]
0015    May Bradford (left) with friend and a baby. Fall, 1907
0016    May Bradford. Fall, 1907. (Enlargement of neg. #0242 0015)
0017    Tonopah Riding Club. Fall, 1907. May Bradford at far left. (Next to her is Catherine Jackson, then Mrs. (Dr.) Mapes. Other two unidentified)
0018    Fall, 1907. May Bradford on Tonopah Riding Club excursion.
0019    May Bradford (second from left) at a party. All others unidentified. Fall 1907.
0020    Little May Paiute granddaughter of Mary, who cleaned for the Bradfords 1908.
0021    Little May, Paiute granddaughter of Mary (who cleaned for the Bradfords)
0022    May Bradford with Little May (granddaughter of Mary, a Paiute Indian who cleaned for the Bradfords). Tonopah, 1908.
0023    Little May, Granddaughter of Paiute woman who cleaned for the Bradfords, Tonopah, 1908.
0024    May Bradford painting in Kitchen of "Little House" in Tonopah, 1908.
0024a    May Bradford painting.
0025    "Miss Bradford formerly wore a Stetson with a snakeskin hatband. She also packed a six-shooter on her rides across the desert, with which she shot the former owner of this owl wing." Aug. 31, 1908. (also see 0242 0026-0029)

0026    May's hat with owl wing (she shot the owl). May formerly wore a Stetson with a snakeskin band. (see also 0242 0025-0029)

0027    "Miss Bradford formerly wore a Stetson with a snakeskin hatband. She also packed a six-shooter on her rides across the desert, with which she shot the former 'owner' of this owl wing." Aug. 30, 1908.

0028    May's hat with owl wing. Aug. 30, 1908.
0029    May Bradford, Aug. 30, 1908.
0030    May Bradford Shockley, 1908.
0031    May Bradford Shockley, Tonopah, 1908.
0032    May Bradford Shockley. May, 1908 - Tonopah, Nevada.
0033    William Hillman Shockley with Little May (Paiute granddaughter of woman who cleaned for Bradfords). Tonopah, 1908.
0034    William Hillman Shockley. Tonopah, 1908.
0035    "The Little House", Tonopah, Nevada; May 1908.
0036    William Bradford Shockley. London, ca. 1910. (May's son)
0037    May Bradford Shockley holding son, William Bradford Shockley.
0038    William Shockley holding son, William Bradford Shockley, London, 1910.
0039    May Bradford Shockley, London, ca. 1910.
0040    May Bradford Shockley, London (ca. 1915).
0041    May Bradford Shockley, 1956 (passport photo)
0042    May Bradford Shockley (left) and unidentified woman, 1959.
0043    L to R: Dr. Gordon H. Baker, Emmy (Mrs. William B. Shockley), Mrs. Gordon H. Baker, Dr. William B. Shockley, Mrs. William H. Shockley (May Bradford). Frankfurt, Dec. 1956.

0044    May B. Shockley, Stanford Plaza, 1970's. I. Magnin store.
0045    May Bradford Shockley (left) and Jean Siegfriedt, July 1966.
0046    May Bradford Shockley in her apt. Bust of William H. Shockley is behind her, 1973.
0047    May Bradford Shockley at nursing home, July 1976.
0048    May Bradford's apt. 1973.
0049    May Bradford Shockley's apt. Bust of William Hillman Shockley, 1973.
0050    Senator William M. Stewart at Rhyolite, NV, 1905
0051    Senator William M. Stewart's law office in Bullfrog/Rhyolite, Nevada, 1905. (He was May Bradford's friend)
0052    Senator William M. Stewart, Nevada home at Bullfrog/Rhyolite, Nevada, 1905.
0053    Senator William M. Stewart's law office at Bullfrog/Rhyolite, Nevada, 1905.
0054    Senator William M. Stewart's home in Bullfrog/Rhyolite, Nevada, 1905. Maps and Miscellaneous
0055    Weather station, Mt. Brougher Tonopah, 1908. (Probably roof of little house)
0056    Resort and dry lake outside Tonopah, Nevada 1908.
0057    [Taken near Tonopah, Nevada, 1908]
0058    Railroad outside Millers, Nevada 1908. (David Garcia 1-26-90)
0059    [Taken near Tonopah, Nevada, 1908]
0060    "Fourth of July parade, 1906. Bradford & Bradford float. S.K. Bradford is standing behind the driver. May Bradford, sitting in the rear holds upright a surveyor's 'rod'. This was the last appearance of Bradford & Bradford Surveyors (as a firm) in Tonopah. They had divided up the proceeds, and all three left town the next day May for Europe, S.K. and Mrs. Bradford for a well earned vacation."

0061    Drilling contest at the Railroad Celebration, Tonopah, Nevada; July 25-27, 1904. (See Tonopah Goldfield Album)

0062    Tonopah, Nevada. 1910
0063    Entire population of Tonopah, Nevada. 1902
0064    Boom days in Tonopah, Nevada in the early 1900's.
0065    Drilling contest, Tonopah, July 4, 1903.
0066    "$75,000 Silver Bullion, Tonopah, Nevada"
0067    "Built with 5 Gal. Oil cans Tonopah, Nevada, 1905." Can House, Tonopah, NV.
0068    Plat of Tonopah, Nye County, Nevada drawn by May Bradford. [ca. 1905]
0069    Map of Tonopah Mining District drawn by May Bradford, ca. 1905
0070    Map of properties of the Tonopah Mining District drawn by May Bradford. [ca. 1905]]
0071    Of Tonopah Mining District drawn by May Bradford, ca. 1905.
0072    Goldfield Mineral Map drawn by May Bradford. [ca. 1905]
0073    (NEGS. ONLY) Early Bradford Negatives (May's Graduation Class Picnic, Spring River, Bradford's Farm and more)
0074    Map of Bullfrog Mining District, Nye County, Nevada. Compiled from official surveys by Bradford, Strange, and Collier and drawn by May Bradford. [ca. 1905]
0075    Mining maps drawn by May Bradford. [ca. 1905]
0076    Mining diagrams drawn by May Bradford, ca. 19050077 Reno, Nevada. (1912)
0078    Map of Goldfield-Columbia townsite, Esmeralda County, NV. ca. 1905. (drawn by May Bradford)