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Selma Morrison Photograph Collection

Location: PC 07:D, PC Negatives Box 14, PC Slides Binder 04, RS 1.6.4

Collection Contents:
The following photos, pertaining to the Southern Nevada area have been removed from the album and placed in the photo collection.
See the album housed on the roller bars for the remainder of photos. Log for entire album follows this one.

p. 11        Fremont Street 1928
p. 15        Las Vegas #1 Memorial Day, 1919. L-R: Jazz Morrison, Don Schuyler, Lee Boyd, Roger Wright at decoration for work in Liberty Loan, Court House lawn.
p. 16        Troop #1 in Las Vegas
p .17        Troop #1 in Las Vegas
p. 18        Jazz Morrison in scout uniform
p .24        City Band-1923: 1) Morris 2) Sandy 3) Morris 4) ? 5) ? 6) Doolittle 7) Peg Leland 8) Firman 9) Johnny 10) Jazz 11) Oakes 12) Bill Blodell 13) Robbins 14) ? 15) Kelley (or Kellsy) 16) George Blodell
p. 33.4    (Railroad yards?) backshop, Las Vegas
p. 36.5    Clark County High School, 1921
p. 37.1    Chemistry lab in Clark County High School
p. 37.2    Clark County High School
p. 38.1    Room in Clark County High School
p. 38.2    Classroom in Clark County High School
p. 38.3    Clark County High School basketball team
p. 38.5    Clark County High School varsity basketball team in 1921. 1) Morrison 5) James
p. 42.8    Spring Mountains
p. 46.1    Scout headquarters. Old M.C. Church 3rd and Bonneville
p. 46.2    Salt Lake Railroad Depot, Las Vegas
p. 50.1    Ladd's (Resort?)
p. 53.2    Las Vegas Public Library (formerly the Courthouse)
p. 53.3    Clark County Courthouse
p. 53.4    Fremont Street, La Vegas, 1917. Gunn Supply Company and other small businesses shown.
p. 54.6    (Mt.?) Charleston, Las Vegas
p. 58.3    Ella Morrison, mother of Jazz
p. 61.2    Memorial Day, 1919, Troop #1, Las Vegas
p. 62.2    Las Vegas Grammar School
p. 63.7    Jazz Morrison
p. 69.4    Houses at Potosi
p. 69.6    Potosi spill
p. 73.2    Potosi shaft
p. 74.6    Source of Little Falls, above Mt. Charleston Lodge in park.
p. 82.4    Mine head/Potosi
p. 100.1     Rockwell Field, photo of airplane
p. 101.1     Las Vegas High School
p. 101.2     Las Vegas High School
p. 102.6     Las Vegas High School between 4th and 5th Streets
p. 108.2     The new El Portal (under construction)
p. 108.3     Colorado River before dam was built
p. 110.1     Mess hall, (Mt.) Charleston
p. 110.4     Third and Garces, Las Vegas
p. 111.3     Jazz's mom, sister and unidentified girl in front of Mt. Charleston cabin, 1929.
p. 112.4     Jazz's mom, sister and unidentified girl in front of Mt. Charleston cabin,1929.
p. 115.1     Unidentified house in Las Vegas, 1929. Snow.
p. 115.3     Snow in Las Vegas, 1929. (Courthouse?)
p. 115.7     Las Vegas snow scene, 1929.
p. 117.3     Jazz's mother standing at Colorado River before dam was built.
p. 117.4     Governor Balzar, Carl Gray, Secretary Wilbur Senator Pittman at Boulder Junction, 9-17-30.
p. 117.5     Postcard of Chamber of Commerce billboard: "This is Las Vegas, Nevada, Gateway to Boulder Dam". Snow on ground.
p. 118.2     Postcard of two planes at Las Vegas, Nevada airport.
p. 118.3     Silver spike that started work on Hoover Dam, September 17, 1930
p. 118.4     Courthouse for speeches; 9-17-30
p. 119.2     Selma Morrison
p. 120.2     Selma Morrison
p. 120.6     Selma Morrison and seven unidentified girls
p. 120.1     Sikorsky S-38A, late 1920s
p. 122.6     Sikorsky S-38a, late 1920s
p. 128.1     Mt. Charleston Resort, 40 miles from Las Vegas, Nevada.
p. 128.2     On road to Mt. Charleston Resort.
p. 129.1     Martha Morrison, 1927
p. 129.2     Giles "Jazz" Morrison

NA (no album)

NA 2     L-R: Unidentified, Governor Balzar, Carl Gray, Secretary Wilbur
NA 11    "Jazz" in his father's battery shop on 100 block of North Main street, Las Vegas. "Every time the fire department had a fire, it was his job to go over and check the batteries after every run." W. Hunsaker, 1-30-84
NA 12    Las Vegas City Band "Dam Cooties", Boulder City, Nevada, May 10, 1933. Kneeling, the fifth from the left is Giles Morrison and the sixth is Terman Goodwin, also known as Terman King.
NA 21    Big man in white shirt is Pat Kline, surveyor, engineer, worked with Binkhorst's, Las Vegas Development Company on Main Street. Behind him is "Jazz" Morrison.

(housed on roller bars)

P.1.0    Imperial Valley Band. El Centro, California, ca. 1925.
P.2.0    University of Nevada R.O.T.C. Band, ca 1924-1925
P.3.1    The Gate./UNR/
P.3.2    The Bulletin Board. /UNR/
P.4.1    Morrill Hall.
P.4.2    Mackay Mines and Education.
P.5.1    The Man With the Upturned Face. John William Mackay statue at UNR.
P.5.2    Manzanita.
P.5.3    The Quad.
P.6.1    Nevada takes Fresno 61 to 6. Guys playing football.
P.6.2    Somebody pole vaulting.
P.6.3    Guys playing football.
P.7.1    University of Nevada, Reno cadet band on parade.
P.7.2    University of Nevada Cadet Band.
P.8.1    Engineers Building.
P.8.2    The Lake, /Manzanita/.
P.9.1    Agriculture and Education.
P.9.2    Lincoln Hall and hospital.
P.9.3    The tram.
P10.1    University of Nevada Cadet Band.
P10.2    Unidentified woman.
P11.0    Fremont Street 1928.
P12.0    No photos.
P13.1    Ruth
P13.2    Selma Buckner Morrison, 1930. (Glenn Davis photo)
P14.0    Las Vegas scouts on hike. Ca. 1919.
P15.0    L-R: Jazz, Don Schuyler, Lee Boyd, Roger Wright. At decoration for Work in Liberty Loan, ca. 1918, Courthouse lawn.
P.16     Troop #1. in Las Vegas.
P.17     Troop #1 in Las Vegas.
P.18     Jazz Morrison in scout uniform.
P19.0    Las Vegas subdivision.
P20     No photos
P21     No photos
P22     No photos
P23     No photos
P24     City band in 1923.
P25.1    Bulldozers and men working.
P.25.2    Boulder Dam site-Hoover Dam.
P26.1    The Great White Way
P26.2    The "N"
P26.3    Three unidentified women. Watching the "N" being painted.
P26.4    Manzanita Hall. /UNR/
P27.1    Mackay Field-men playing football.
P27.2    Mackay Field-men playing football.
P27.3    Group at Manzanita Lake, /UNR/
P27.4    The Bleachers.
P27.5    Group at Manzanita lake, /UNR/
P27.6    Santa Clara-Nevada football game.
P27.7    Men playing football.
P28.1    20 paints the "N"
P28.2    '29-'30 Tug of War.
P28.3    People at the "N" ca. 1928
P28.4    Mackay statue/at UNR/
P28.5    '28 at the "N"
P.28.6    '29 takes the water. Tug of war contest.
P28.7    Unidentified woman and Juanita holding up sausages.
P.29.1    Jazz and unidentified man.
P29.2    Lake Tahoe.
P.29.3    Ida.
P.29.4    Unidentified man
P29.5    The "N"/UNR/
P29.6    K. Davison and Riley.
P30.1    Jesse 1926.
P30.2    Jazz and Jesse.
P30.3    Maurine, 1921.
P30.4    Ida Mae, Reno in 1926.
P30.5    Jesse and Linda in 1926.
P30.6    Linda Lee.
P31.1    The Rio Colorado in Yuma, Arizona.
P31.2    Work and Beddome.
P31.3    Above the dam site.
P31.4    Phelps. Back water from the Gila and Colorado River.
P31.5    Seven unidentified men standing near a car.
P32.1    Photo identifies men as: RGM, Stock, Heimer, Schuyler, Beddome, Work, Herbert, Clark
P32.2    Beddome. At the Rio Colorado showing old and new bridges.
P32.3    Eight unidentified men standing in a row.
P32.4    Office force-1926. Yuma, Arizona.
P32.5    Same gang. Seven unidentified men.
P33.1    The 3612 goes against the table.
P33.2    Photo of the 3612.
P33.3    When they were 3700's and new. A train engine.
P33.4    Back shop in Las Vegas.
P33.5    Unidentified woman.
P33.6    Photo of the 3717 train engine.
P34.1    Train yard.
P34.2    Train yard.
P34.3    The old motor for Moapa Branch.
P34.4    "My first ride in this." Photo of an airplane.
P34.5    T.L.R. 1-27-24.
P34.6    Trains for pit.
P35.1    Three unidentified people.
P35.2    Photo labeled "New House", "Carlin".
P35.3    The Statue of Liberty, 6-1926
P35.4    Carlin 9-??-26.
P35.5    Three unidentified people with horses, 9-??-26.
P35.6    Western and Pacific and Fruit Express pump houses on the Humbolt.
P36.1    Don and Eva.
P36.2    A photo of the desert.
P36.3    The swimming hole.
P36.4    Five unidentified men playing ball.
P36.5    Clark County High School in 1921.
P37.1    Chemistry lab in Clark County High School.
P37.2    Clark County High School.
P37.3    Men playing a sport.
P37.4    Clark County High School varsity basketball team in 1921.
P37.5    Barn dance in 1921.
P37.6    Clark County High School varsity basketball team in 1921.
P38.1    Room in Clark County High School.
P38.2    Classroom in Clark County High School.
P38.3    Clark County High School basketball players.
P38.4    A photo of the desert.
P38.5    Clark County High School varsity basketball team in 1921.
P38.6    Study hall.
P39.1    H.J. Reiley in 9-6-26, Carlin, Nevada.
P39.2    Old House Gallery, Carlin, Nevada.
P39.3    Spot Reiley.
P39.4    Carlin, Nevada. September 1, 1926.
P39.5    Old house and weekend ice pond.
P39.6    Knap and Melba.
P40.1    Carlin, September 1926.
P40,2    An airplane with a group of people around it.
P40.3    A woman walking sideways.
P40.4    Hugh F. Reilly. 9-15-26
P40.5    Both pacific and Fruit Express houses.
P40.6    Carlin, from Union pacific house.
P41.1    A fire in Carlin. 8-15-26
P41.2    Six unidentified men wearing suits.
P41.3    The Cramer sisters, D    and Ruth.
P41.4    Five unidentified men playing with a ball.
P41.5    High school barn dance 1921.
P41.6    Girls' basketball team and "Jazz", 1921.
P42.1    A snake in a box. 16" long weighs about ten pounds.
P42.2    Jazzbo in scout uniform, June 3, 1919
P42.3    W.H. Roger. Scoutmaster.
P42.4    Don and Cecil.
P42.5    Scout camp. April 18, 1919.
P42.6    Scouts watching something.
P42.7    Red and Dan, 1919
P42.8    Spring Mountains.
P43.1    Breaking camp, White River. August 13, 1919.
P43.2    Joe K. with two unidentified people.
P43.4    Charlotte C.
P43.5    Louise Chanbelain? Princeton, Indiana.
P44.1    Seven unidentified people at a lake.
P44.2    Two unidentified women.
P44.3    Red and Dirty Daugherty. Unidentified people at the lake.
P44.4    Soldiers and Sailors Princeton. A memorial.
P44.5    Old Man 'Mile or More". Unidentified man.
P45.1    Troop #2 Princeton, Indian.
P45.2    Our camp on the River, 1919.
P45.3    Check Tent Gibson County Fir
P45.4    Unidentified boy with lake in background.
P45.5    Troop #2 Princeton, Indiana.
P45.6    Troop #2.
P46.1    Scout headquarters. Old M.E. Church. 3rd and Bonneville.
P46.2    Salt lake Depot, Las Vegas, Nevada.
P46.3    Memorial Day 1919, some sort of gathering with band.
P46.4    Scouts standing around somewhere.
P46.5    Unidentified town.
P46.6    Unidentified town.
P47.1    Sandy, Jones, Morrison, Goodwin, Wengert, Wright, Schuyler.
P47.2    Six unidentified men by a river or stream, building to the right.
P47.3    Unidentified desert landscape.
P47.4    Toms Camp 1917.
P47.5    Unidentified desert landscape.
P.47.6    Toms Camp 1917.
P48.1    Rube Dalton in Carlin, Nevada.
P48.2    Carlin, Nevada.
P48.3    Morrison in Carlin, Nevada, August 5, 1920.
P48.4    Factory in Carlin, Nevada.
P48.5    Melba.
P48.6    Carlin, Nevada.
P48.7    Melba in the wood pile. Carlin, Nevada.
P49.1    Bus. Don, Nuts, Rek. Butter. Pete. Boy Scouts.
P49.2    Patrol leader, Don Schuyler, "Eagle" Troop #1 B.S.A. Las Vegas, Nevada. 4-13-19.
P49.3    Unidentified reptile.
P49.4    The foundation of "Grub" Camp Rogers, 4-18-19
P49.5    Packing up. 4-14 to 4-19-1919.
P49.6    Out for 5 days. "Scouts of the Desert" Troop #1, Las Vegas, Nev.
P49.7    Unidentified man, January 6, 1919.
P49.8    Fire in town, taken from Grapevine Springs, 401601919.
P50.1    Ladd's. Still wet. Four unidentified people.
P50.2    A mule train pulling three wagons.
P50.3    Four unidentified people standing in a river or lake.
P50.4    Unidentified desert with house in background.
P50.5    Four unidentified people standing in a river or lake.
P50.6    Unidentified desert.
P51.1    Selma? 1923 photo front identified as Tillie.
P51.2    Martha E. Girl with a coat.
P51.3    Maurine, 1921.
P51.4    Class of 1921.
P51.5    Lucille, 1924.
P51.6    San Ado Mts. California. (San Bernardino Mts.)
P51.7    Jazz and Don.
P52.1    Salt Lake City.
P52.2    Salt Lake City.
P52.3    Salt Lake Temple.
P52.4    Utah Capitol Building.
P52.5    Capitol grounds.
P52.6    Capitol grounds.
P53.1    Home.
P53.2    Public library.
P53.3    Clark County Court House.
P53.4    Fremont Street, Las Vegas, 1917.
P53.5    Aerial shot of Las Vegas.
P53.6    Snow in Las Vegas.
P54.1    Unidentified girl.
P54.2    Lucille and Mo, 1921.
P54.3    Lucy and Wanda.
P54.4    Butch, Keifer, ?, Beefy, Jazz, Class of 1921.
P54.5    Two unidentified women at Venice, California.
P54.6    Charleston, Las Vegas.
P54.7    Lucille, 1924.
P55.1    First ride in this one. Photo of an airplane.
P55.2    To the rear. Photo of a scout sitting on a rail.
P55.3    Photo of a factory with smoke stack.
P55.4    Cecil Cogel, Ardin, 1919.
P55.5    Little Falls.
P56.1    Above camp, photo of mountains.
P56.2    Photo of an airplane.
P56.3    LA and Salt lake train engine 3431.
P56.4    Eagle Rock.
P56.5    Potosi Cub, photo of a mine entrance.
P57.1    Bakersfield, California. Jazz and Aunty Kurtz at the El Tajon Hotel, 1927.
P57.2    Nine unidentified women. Photo says "The girls go along".
P57.3    Unidentified man and woman.
P57.4.    Missouri River.
P57.5    Unidentified people.
P57.6    Photo of unidentified woman holding a hat. Picture could have been taken in El Centro, California.
P58.1    Unidentified woman.
P58.2    El Centro, California, train yard.
P58.3    Ella Morrison, mother of Jazz.
P58.4    Unidentified snow scene.
P58.5    Jazz with unidentified woman.
P58.6    Unidentified woman.
P59.1    Up in the Rainbow Canyon.
P59.2    Unidentified mountain area.
P59.3    Charleston Ridge.
P59.4    Photo unidentified as the Dome.
P59.5    Carlin, Nevada.
P59.6    Unidentified desert photo.
P60.1    300 ft. from campsite. Photo taken in the mountains.
P60.2    Unidentified desert photo.
P60.3    Sentinel Peak.
P60.4    Unidentified desert photo; there is a train on the right side of the photo.
P60.5    Photo is identified as "Our mountain home"; photo is of a tent in the mountains.
P60.6    Carlin, Nevada.
P61.1    Unidentified airplane.
P61.2    Memorial Day, Troop #1, Las Vegas, Nevada.
P61.3    Photo identified as baldy, forest scene.
P61.4    Photo identified as "jitney", log cabin and buggy..
P61.5    Photo of two birds. L-R: Helen and ?.
p.61.6    Packing up. 4-18-19, Camp Rogers.
P62.1    Unidentified people sitting on a bench at unidentified occasion.
P62.2    Las Vegas Grammar School.
P62.3    Unidentified mountain.
P62.4    Russell Doolittle.
P62.5    Easy and unidentified scout standing against a tree in the mountains.
P62.6    Three unidentified women sitting on the ground. Photo dated 1920.
P62.7    Some type of ceremony, either inspection, or graduation.
P63.1    Unidentified man, Easter, 1921.
P63.2    Jazz and unidentified woman.
P63.3    Martha, 1924.
P63.4    Unidentified woman.
P63.5    Baton Rouge, Louisiana, photo of railroad tracks.
P63.6    Woman identified as Lucy.
P63.7    Jazz Morrison.
P64.1    Two unidentified women, one holding an umbrella.
P64.2    Louise Venice, 1920.
P64.3    Unidentified woman, photo dated September 18, 1921.
P64.4    Two scouts blowing trumpets, 1919.
P64.5    Four unidentified girls, photo was taken on a camping trip.
P64.6    Sis, 1919.
P64.7    Dad, 1919.
P65.1    Dear Canyon [sic, probably Deer Canyon]
P65.2    Unidentified bird in a cage.
P65.3    Unidentified scout.
P65.4    Mon and Sis.
P65.5    The sawmill.
P65.6    United States flag.
P65.7    Out in open country, photo of the desert
P66.1    Unidentified scout.
P66.2    Baldy from M Dome.
P66.3    Poker while you wait. Scouts on a camping trip.
P66.4    Photo of scouts on an outing.
P66.5    Scouts marching.
P66.6    Lovers Lane.
P66.7    Caught on Mt. Charleston, baby eagle.
P67.1    Photo of a valley, see town.
P67.2    Lucy Reid, 1919.
P67.3    Photo of camp
P67.4    Feather River.
P67.5    Photo of camp.
P67.6    Pass up my coat, photo showing landslides and snow.
P67.7    Thelma.
P67.8    Photo of some mountains.
P68.1    Jazz and two unidentified women.
P68.2    Thelma Norris, 1920.
P68.3    New M C Church.
P68.4    Two unidentified people standing in front of a house or big building.
P68.5    Topango Canyon, California.
P68.6    30 miles from the    , picture of mountains
P68.7    Unidentified woman standing next to Yucca plant.
P68.8    Photo of some mountains, similar to P67.8 photo.
P69.1    Mountains, mountains everywhere.
P69.2    Photo of landslides on mountain.
P69.3    Mine shack on side of mountain.
P69.4    Houses at Potosi.
P69.5    The Dome.
P69.6    Potosi spill.
P70.1    Potosi dump.
P70.2    Photo of a mountain, there is some type of building at the base.
P70.3    Roughneck Mine.
P70.4    Photo of an airplane.
P70.5    Eagle Rock.
P70.6    Art in trouble.
P71.1    Lucy, Thelma, Don, Margaurett and Roger.
P71.2    Rockers Cliff, 11,000 feet
P71.     Frozen [?]
P71.     Photo of a log cabin.
P71.5    Don and Thelma.
P71.6    Eva, Lucille and Thelma.
P72.1    Watch your step, photo of is some mountains.
P72.2    Thelma, Lucy, Jazz, Margaurett and Roger.
P72.3    Bugs, photo of a hillside.
P72.4    Art Leday, 1919. Photo of him sliding down an ice hill.
P72.5    Lucy, Don, Thelma.
P72.6    Tillie, Don, Lucy.
P73.1    Unidentified girl, photo taken Jan. 1, 1920.
P73.2    Potosi shaft.
P73.3    Little Falls Canyon.
P73.4    Photo of some mountains.
P73.5    Potosi entrance.
P73.6    Baldy from camp.
P74.1    Sentenial.
P74.2    Dead Sheep Canyon.
P74.3    Ridge Rock.
P74.4    Photo of a mountain.
P74.5    "Tallest and highest peak and ridge in the Sierra Nevadas"; aerial shot of a city. [probably Reno].
P74.6    Source of Little Falls, [above Mt. Charleston Lodge in park].
P75.1    River scene lots of little boats.
P75.2    Two unidentified women.
P75.3    Griffith's Delux, photo of a log cabin.
P75.4    Dead Tree Canyon.
P75.5    A trumpet.
P75.6    Carlin, Nevada. A photo of cows grazing, some type of plant is in background.
P75.7    Carlin, Nevada. Photo of the P.F.E. Plant.
P76.1    Relic Hall, fairgrounds
P76.2    River scene, photo related to 75.1
P76.3    Some type of railroad car.
P76.4    Four unidentified women.
P76.5    Aspens, photo of trees.
P76.6    Carlin, Nevada and P.F.E. Plant.\
P76.7    New and old hose, Carlin, Nevada.
P77.1    Unidentified woman.
P77.2    Unidentified man.
P77.3    Unidentified woman.
P77.4    Two unidentified people.
P77.5    Thelma Swift.
P77.6    Unidentified woman.
P77.7    Butch Nelson.
P77.8    Photo identified as "Her", 1921.
P79.1    Three unidentified women sitting on the ground.
P79.2    Photo of a Salt lake train engine, #3705. Photo was identified as "passenger pigs".
P79.3    Unidentified woman.
P79.4     Photo of people sitting in a little train in front of a groceteria. Building to the right is a filling station and the sign on top says Venice. [could have been taken in Venice, California]
P79.5    Jump, photo of empty train cars taken so we are looking down on them from a tower or high place.
P79.6    Salt Lake route best, photo of a train engine, #3432.
P80.1    A train yard.
P80.2    Unidentified woman.
P80.3    Photo identified as Lucy, 1924.
P80.4    Photo of a Noah's Ark-carnival.
P80.5    Lucy, 1919.
P80.6    Train yard, same as P80.1.
P80.7    Photo of a Salt Lake rain engine, #3430. Photo was identified as 'Passenger Pigs".
P81.1    Three unidentified people. Car license is a Nevada plate date 1921.
P81.2    Unidentified woman.
P81.3    Photo of a fire, identified as Same.
P81.4    Jazz and Pete R.C. Wreighn, and R G M, 1919. In swimming outfits.
P81.5    Unidentified girl, 7-1-19.
P81.6    Unidentified woman and man.
P82.1    Photo identified as Chippy, a tree, taken in the mountains.
P82.2    A bicycle with and American flag on it.
P82.3    R.G.M at "Taps" Memorial Day, 1919.
P82.4    Mine head. [Potosi]
P82.5    Assembly for forward march to camp, four miles. W.H. Rogers scoutmaster Troop #1, Las Vegas. Scout blowing trumpet.
P82.6    Unidentified woman in bathing suit.
P83.1    Shriners in a parade in Reno.
P83.2    Shriners in a parade.
P83.3    Shriners in a parade.
P83.4    The Shriners on Mackay Field, 1926.
P83.5    Shriners in a parade.
P83.6    The Shriners on Mackay Field, 1926.
P83.7    Oriental Band, Islam. Shriners at Mackay Field.
P83.8    Shriners in a parade.
P83.9    Shriners in a parade.
P84.1    Shriners in a parade.
P84.2    Shriners in a parade.
P84.3    Shriners in a parade.
P84.4    Shriners in a parade, band.
P84.5    Shriners in a parade.
P84.6    Homecoming 1926, UNR, Mackay Field.
P84.7    Marching to Mackay Field.
P84.8    Someone in a parade.
P84.9    Palisade, Nevada.
P85.1    Susan Ferry-S.P. Co.
P85.2    Rube, Melba, and Snapper.
P85.3    Unidentified girl on bicycle.
P85.4    Carlin Pond, Carlin, Nevada.
P85.5    Unidentified body of water.
P86.1    Two unidentified women riding a horse.
P86.2    Rube and Melba.
P86.3    Frisco cross the Bay.
P86.4    University of Nevada, cadet band. [UNR], 1924.
P86.5    The Chronicle Building and the Mint in San Francisco.
P87.1    Sacramento River bridge.
P87.2    And the band. The gang the 2nd day out. On the Sacto Bridge.
P87.3    Across the Sacramento. Across the upper Sacto.
P87.4    And a new one. Photo of a new bridge under construction.
P87.5    North end. The new Vallejo Bridge. The highway bridge Vallejo side.
P87.6    The upper Sacramento River.
P88.1    At Roseburg, Oregon. Truman Hutton (leader), white cap. Jack Connelly, tenor; "Smithy" and "Banjo" Larry Sears.
P88.2    Photo of a bus of some type. The Fresno fire truck.
P88.3    Highway below Mt. Shasta.
P88.4    Oakland bound. Photo of a ferry boat, Sacramento, Southern Pacific.
P88.5    A bridge over Myrtle Creek in Oregon.
P88.6    Photo of unfinished bridge, identified as South End.
P89.1    Mountains near Mt. Shasta.
P89.2    The Sacramento River.
P89.3    The Columbia River.
P89.4    Three unidentified people in Portland.
P89.5    Black Butter Mountain, northwest of Mt. Shasta.
P89.6    Steamer Undine to Laugtin, Washington with the fire chiefs.
P90.1    Highway bridge Portland, Oregon; one of 7.
P90.2    Across the Umpaqua River at Winchester (Roseburg), Oregon.
P90.3    Photo of Mt.. Shasta.
P90.4    Photo of the Fresno fire truck, Mt. Shasta in background
P90.5    Photo of unidentified river.
P90.6    Photo of someone on the SP ferry.
P91.1    The California and Oregon state line.
P91.2    Our home in Portland. The mascot "Jack", a monkey, is inside and to the left. 1927
P91.3    Captain Wilkensen and Jazz looking at the paper mill in Oregon City.
P91.4    A fire across the Columbia. Photo identified as forks of North and South Klamath River.
P91.5    Mt. Shasta.
P91.6    Out the boat in Portland. Photo identified as "That's her in the white rah".
P92.1    Willamette River in Oregon.
P92.2    Portland Country Club. Photo identified as Gold Club across the Willamette.
P92.3    The gang.
P92.4    Portland. Photo of a bridge.
P92.5    Willamette River.
P92.6    Inman and Larry Sears in the Siskiyou.
P93.1    Supreme Court in Portland, Oregon.
P93.2    Jazz, Fresno in 1927.
P93.3    Along the Columbia. Photo identified as Oneiga Canyon.
P93.4    Unidentified girl standing on deck. Photo identified as "not as bad as she looks. Really a good looking blonde from Seattle".
P93.5    Mulinomah Falls, 800 odd feet on the Columbia River.
P93.6    Billy Sunday's Ranch. Photo identified as "Big Boy on the Sunday Ranch, Mt. Hood".
P94.1    The cub drinks. Photo identified as "Little fella is not used to prohibition, 'yeh'".
P94.2    Jazz, in Portland, Oregon. August or 1927.
P94.3    Bear cub taking a drink of something. Photo identified as 'Little Fella, Sunday Ranch".
P94.4    Oneiga Gorge, Columbia River highway.
P94.5    Photo of a bear drinking out of a bottle.
P94.6    Multinomah Falls.
P95.1    Unidentified woman with Jazz in Portland, 1927.
P95.2    The hack we took the Mt. Hood trip in.
P95.3    Small bear on Billy Sunday's ranch below Mt. Hood.
P95.4    Klamath River bridge.
P95.5    Clearing out a big red wood for the new highway, California.
P95.6    Melba in 1926.
P.96.1    Horse Tail Falls, Columbia River highway.
P96.2    Martha Morrison Hunsaker, sister. Sis graduation.
P96.3    Archie, Wilkie, Jazz and Larry in Oregon City, Oregon, 1927.
P96.4    Unidentified woman.
P96.5    Six unidentified people in Roseburg, Oregon, 1927.
P97.1    We swam here prior to the dance in Redding, California. Sacramento River at Redding.
P97.2    Unidentified picture.
P97.3    Ro River at Grants Pass.
P97.4    Captain Packard Mrs. Nelson, M. Schneider and Jazz, Mt. Hood trip.
P97.5    Crown Willamette paper mills. Visited here our full day.
P97.6    Mt. Hood.
P98.1    On the Crescent City highway from Oregon caves. 7 miles of 3% grade.
P98.2    Vista House on the Columbia River highway.
P98.3    Tunnel on the Columbia River highway.
P98.4    People swimming at Grants Pass, Oregon.
P98.5    New bridge across the Klamath River, California.
P98.6    Camped here after seeing the Oregon Caves, right above. August 15, 1927.
P99.1    Unidentified mountains.
P99.2    Rogue River, Oregon.
P99.3    Willamette River, Oregon.
P99.4    Deception, California. Waves hitting the beach.
P99.5    Columbia from Vista House. Columbia through a smoke screen.
P99.6    Santa Barbara, California. Waves hitting the beach.
P100.1    Rockwell Field, photo of an airplane.
P100.2    Photo of airplane. Whole left side.
P100.3    Photo of ferry boats in the distance.
P100.4    Photo of airplane. Photographer standing in the back on right side looking Through wings.
P100.5    Photo of airplane, right side.
P100.6    Photo of airplane. Right side, whole right side.
P101.1    Las Vegas High School.
P101.2    Las Vegas High School.
P101.3    Snapper, Rube, Carlin, Nevada, 1926.
P101.4    Espee Station, Sacramento.
P101.5    Photo of unidentified beach.
P101.6    Walker Lake, Nevada.
P102.1    Photo of burros tied to a post.
P102.2    Two burros.
P102.3    Unidentified beach.
P102.4    The hack and Mt. Shasta.
P102.5    Bowers Mansion.
P102.6    Las Vega High School, between 4th and 5th Streets.
P103.1    Manzanita and Lincoln view. [UNR]
P103.2    Photo of unidentified body of water with mountains.
P103.3    Martha.
P103.4    Jazz and unidentified woman. [I think it's Martha]
P103.5    The Humboldt and palisades.
P103.6    Unidentified man and woman. [woman same one as in P103.4]
P104.1    The new M.E. Church.
P104.2    Tunnel on the Columbia River highway.
P104.3    Peggy in Carlin, Nevada 1926.
P104.4    Martha Morrison in her graduation gown.
P104.5    Carlin schools.
P104.6    Jazz Morrison.
P105.1    Melba Berning.
P105.2    Mom at Charleston. Was supposed to take the cabin. But don't show much of it.
P105.3    Unidentified man.
P105.4    Asalon Bay, Catalina.
P105.5    Three unidentified people.
P105.6    Carlin jail.
P105.7    Two unidentified women.
P105.8    Carlin rail yard.
P106.1    Unidentified beach.
P106.2    Unidentified woman. Same as P103.4.
P106.3    Carlin from the Western pacific roofs.
P106.4    Unidentified town.
P106.5    A telephone pole.
P107.1    Jazz in Fresno, 1928.
P107.2    P.F. E. Elcentro.
P197.3    Four unidentified people standing on a hill.
P107.4    Unidentified body of water.
P107.5    Unidentified woman.
P108.1    Repairing the streets, 1929. Street scene with tractor.
P108.2    The new El Portal. Building under construction.
P108.3    Unidentified body of water.
P108.4    Molly.
P108.5    Unidentified woman sitting on a fallen tree.
P109.1    Asolan Bay. [?]
P109.2    Catalina Island, California.
P109.3    Catalina.
P109.4    The high school glee. Year?
P109.5    Catalina.
P109.6    Unidentified boy with houses in background.
P109.7    My yacht in Catalina. Photo has two boats in it.
P110.1    Mess hall, Charleston.
P110.2    Photo of train engine. Company unknown, #7856.
P110.3    Jazz and his sister in the mountains or desert, 1929.
P110.4    Third and Garces Streets.
P110.5    Two unidentified women.
P110.6    Elaine and Rohe in old Mexico.
P110.7    Clara and Mom.
P111.1    Eagle Rock.
P111.2    Unidentified mountains.
P111.3    Jazz's Mom, sister, and unidentified girl in Mt. Charleston cabin, 1929.
P111.4    Two unidentified people playing in the snow.
P111.5    Unidentified mountains.
P111.6    Unidentified person outside the cabin in Mt. Charleston.
P112.1    Unidentified forest.
P112.2    Unidentified forest.
P112.3    Photo identified as "Pa using snow to cool down the Buick".
P112.4    Jazz's mom, sister and unidentified girl in Mt. Charleston cabin, 1929.
P112.5    Unidentified desert.
P112.6    Unidentified desert.
P113.1    Repairing the streets, 1929.
P113.2    Jazz standing in snow up to his knees.
P113.3    Unidentified girl's head and the cabin in Mt. Charleston.
P113.4    Unidentified desert road. [Could be the road up to Kyle Canyon]
P113.5    Unidentified woman standing in the snow.
P113.6    Unidentified desert road.
P113.7    Unidentified mountain.
P114.1    Unidentified desert, Mummy Mountain in background.
P114.2    Unidentified person sliding down on snow.
P114.3    Unidentified person sliding down on snow.
P114.4    Unidentified girl to the left and Jazz's sister in the desert.
P114.5    Getting up in the world. Photo is unidentified sitting on top of a mountain.
P114.6    Unidentified desert road.
P114.7    Unidentified people in the desert. [Jazz and his family]
P115.1    Unidentified house in Las Vegas Nevada, with snow on it, 1929.
P115.2    Union Gasoline sign in the snow, 1929. Las Vegas, Nevada.
P115.3    Two unidentified people standing in the desert.
P115.4    Repairing the streets, 1929.
P115.5    Las Vegas, Nevada, with snow on the ground, 1929.
P115.6    Las Vegas, Nevada, with snow on the ground, 1929.
P115.6    Same
P116.1    Unidentified desert.
P116.2    Same.
P116.3    Unidentified desert.
P116.4    Unidentified man with three burros.
P116.5    Unidentified desert.
P116.6    Same
P117.1    photo of an airplane. Unidentified owner or company.
P117.2    Unidentified airplane in the sky.
P117.3    Unidentified woman.
P117.4    Balzar- Carl Gray, Sec. Wilbur, Senator Pittman at Boulder Junction, 9-17-30.
P117.5    Postcard picture showing the Chamber of Commerce sign. There is snow on the Ground.
P117.6    Photo of clouds.
P118.1    Blurry picture identified as the Colorado River.
P118.2    Postcard picture showing two airplanes, identified as Las Vegas, Nevada airport.
P118.3    The silver spike that started work on Hoover Dam. September 17, 1930.
P118.6    Postcard picture showing a mountain scene.
P118.5    N.A.E. Transport over Boulder    9-17-30
P119.1    Unidentified town.
P119.2    Selma
P119.3    Unidentified people in Reno.
P119.4    Unidentified lake. [maybe Lake Tahoe]
P119.5    Unidentified people in Reno.
P119.6    Six unidentified people.
P119.7    Unidentified girl on left with Selma.
P119.8    Unidentified place in Reno.
P120.1    Selma.
P120.2    Selma.
P120.3    Two big open boats. Sign above the right one says Camp Richardson.
P120.4    Selma.
P120.5    Selma
P120.6    Eight unidentified girls.
P120.7    Unidentified girl on a bridge in Reno.
P121.1    Unidentified airplane, one that can land not only on land but in water.
P121.3     Unidentified airplanes.
P121.4    Unidentified airplanes.
P121.5    Unidentified desert.
P121.6    Unidentified airplanes flying.
P121.7    Unidentified truck and airplane.
P121.8    U.S. Navy airplane.
P122.1    Unidentified airplane.
P122.2    Unidentified desert.
P122.3    Unidentified airplane and truck. Truck looks like a refueling truck.
P122.4    Three unidentified airplanes flying.
P122.5    Unidentified desert.
P122.6    Four unidentified people refueling a plane.
P122.7    Unidentified airplane landing and or taking off.
P122.8    A Western Air Express airplane and two unidentified men.
P123     No photos
P124     No photos
P125     No photos
P126     No photos
P127     No photos
P128.1    Mt. Charleston resort, 40 miles from Las Vegas, Nevada.
P128.2    On road to Mt. Charleston Resort.
P129.1    Martha Morrison.
P129.2    Giles (Jazz) Morrison.
P129.3    Martha Morrison.
P130     No photos
P131     Jazz and unidentified girl. Same as P103.4

NA (not in album)

NA1.    Two unidentified women.
NA2.    Four unidentified men, one is Governor Balzar.
NA3.    Unidentified girl with blonde hair.
NA4.    Martha had a lamb, 1920.
NA5.    Muriel Longview 1929
NA6.    Postcard picture of Manzanita Lake, UNR, Reno.
NA7.    Postcard picture of Maureen ?, Giles' friend.
NA8.    Picture of water falls.
NA9.    Six unidentified people.
NA10.    Two girls, not identified, having a tea party.
NA11.    Jazz in his father's battery shop on 100 block, North Main Street, Las Vegas."Every time the fire department had a fire, it was his job to go over and check the batteries after every run." W. Hunsaker, 1-30-84
NA12.     Las Vegas City Band, Dam Cooties, Boulder City, Nevada, May 10, 1933. The fifth person is Giles Morrison and the sixth is Terman Goodwin, also known as Terman King.
NA13.1    Unidentified girl with unbrushed curls.
NA13.2    Seventeen unidentified people.
NA13.3    Five unidentified people standing in front of a very large tree.
NA13.4    An unidentified baby.


NA14.1    An unidentified baby.
NA14.2    Two unidentified girls.
NA14.3    Unidentified livestock and farm.
NA15     Unidentified mountains.
NA16.    Four unidentified people.
NA17.    Two unidentified people in a body of water.
NA18.    People identified as Junior, Viola, Selma, Rowena, 1918.
NA19.    Selma and Rowena and Junior, 1920.
NA20.    "This is my costume I designed for the operetta, Paul Revere, Sis. Martha Morrison in costume.
NA21.     Big man in white shirt is Pat Kline, surveyor, engineer, worked with Binkhorst's, Las Vegas Development Company, Main Street. Behind him is Jazz Morrison.
NA22.    Built by John Frey and his brother in 1877 and later sold it to Chris Bachtold. Photo was apparently given to Selma from a Mr. Arthur Norch. Photo is of a wood building with an unidentified man in the doorway.
NA23.    Photo of an unidentified woman.