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William J. Moore Jr. Photograph Collection, William J. Jr.

Location: PC 06:A, PC Negatives Box 10, MC MS 01:D

Collection Contents:
Las Vegas

0001    Last Frontier Village
0002    Hotel Las Frontier, the early west in modern splendor, Las Vegas Nevada. (postcard)


0003    2nd Anniversary party, Last Frontier Hotel
0004    2nd Anniversary party, Last Frontier Hotel
0005    2nd Anniversary party, Last Frontier Hotel
0006    2nd Anniversary party, Last Frontier Hotel
0007    7th Anniversary party, Hotel Last Frontier
0008    7th Anniversary party, Hotel Last Frontier.
0009    Possibly a Nevada Admission Day party at Last Frontier Hotel.
0010    3rd Helldorado Parade 1943-44
0011    Helldorado 1945
0012    Helldorado celebration
0013    1944 1st (2nd?) Helldorado Parade.
0014    Last Frontier crew ready for Helldorado Parade, 1940s.
0015    Late 1940s, Helldorado
0016    Helldorado Float, Last Frontier, 1947 or 1949
0017    Helldorado Float, Last Frontier
0018    Last Frontier Hotel float, Helldorado Parade.
0019    Last Frontier float in Helldorado Parade.
0020    Helldorado
0021    Helldorado 1946
0022    Party at Moore home, 7-15-51
0023    Party at Moore home, 7-15-51
0024    Party at Moore home, 7-15-51
0025    Party at Moore home, 7-15-51
0026    Buffet Party July 15, 1951, (1201 South 6th Street).
0027    Party at Moore home.
0028    Party at Moore home, 7-15-51
0029    Party at Moore home, 7-15-51
0030    Party at Moore home, 7-15-51
0031    Party at Moore home, 7-15-51
0032    Party at Moore home, 7-15-51
0033    Party at Moore home, 7-15-51
0034    Party at Moore home, 7-15-51
0035    Party at Moore home, 7-15-51
0036    Party at Moore home, 7-15-51
0037    Party at Moore home, 7-15-51
0038    Party at Moore home, 7-15-51
0039    Party at Moore home, 7-15-51
0040    Party at Moore home, 7-15-51


0041    Nevada/Utah Hotel Association.
0042    William J. Moore Jr.
0043    Nevada/Utah Hotel Association , late 40s. (photo and newspaper article)
0044    Chef Schneider and Ann Kelsy.
0045    William J. Moore Jr., Mayor Cragin, Reprehensive Bunker, Governor Vail Pittman.
0046    Beverly Quinn, Cavanaughs, Art Force, Harold, Betty Hind.
0047    Las Vega High School vs. Honolulu 1946. Mayor Cragin, Bill Moore, Gov. Vail Pittman, student (unknown).
0048    William J. Moore Jr.
0049    William J. Moore Jr., and Paul McDermott.
0050    William J. Moore Jr., Senator Alan Bible, Senator pat McCarran, and Miles Pike.
0051    1975, Sam Boyd, Sen. J.M. Christensen, Jim Henderson, William J. Moore Jr.,--Prather, R.J. Kaltenborn, and James H. Down Jr.
0052    William J. Moore Jr., C.W. Stewart, Sheriff Glen Jones.
0053    Col. Jerry Mason, William J. Moore Jr., R. B. Griffith, 1st scheduled flight Western Las Vegas.
0054    At opening of Little Church of the West. Maxine Lewis and Jerry Wycoff.
0055    Chef Schneider.
0056    William J. Moore Jr.
0057    William J. Moore Jr., Sen. Pat McCarran.
0058    Opening of Carillo Room Bar; Joe Schramm, Burt Walsh, Maxine Lewis, William J. Moore Jr., Lu Carrillo and Burt King. (oversize)
0059    Gay Nineties Bar
0060    L-R; Harold Hind, Betty Hind, and William J. Moore Jr.
0061    William J. Moore Jr., third from right. Wilbur Clark, second from right.(rest unidentified)
0062    William J. Moore Jr., far right. Wilbur Clark, second from left. (rest unidentified)
0063    William J. Moore Jr., fourth from right. Wilbur Clark, far left,(rest unidentified)
0064    William J. Moore Jr., far right. Wilbur Clark, second from left.(rest unidentified)