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Mobley Photograph Collection

Location: PC 04:A, PC Negatives Box 07

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Collection Contents:
Old Ranch

0001    Meadow north of house

0002    Orchard on Ranch

0003    This was east of the house we lived in

0004    Our house taken from across the road and bridge.

0005    Winter scene in front yard

0006    Miriam and Ross with pool in the background. Dressing rooms for bathers back of pool. (Ross Houck)

0007    Bathers

0008    "The Old fort where the white men used to defend themselves from the Indians. The wall extending to the left is crumbling away. Those are fig trees overhanging the wall."

0009    "The rustic bridge just below the falls. Lafurgey's house in the distance."

0010    "I don't know what this is but it must have been somewhere on the ranch." M. Copeland. "After writing the above I discovered this building in the Las Vegas book. It apparently is the fort from another side." (pg. 45)

0011    A part of the crowd at the pool

0012    Miriam sitting at foot of mesquite tree on edge of pool. X is the "slider down." House and small tent house in the rear of picture. Bath houses on right of pool.

0013    The pool on the 4th only a part of the crowd. 112 in the pool that day.

0014    View of house from the east. Small tent house. Water in foreground runs into pool immediately to the right but pool not visible in picture.

0015    Old Ranch

Mesquite Club

0016    This picture is for mother-you may all look at it however!