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Stanley Mitchell Photograph Collection

Location: PC 05:D

Collection Contents:
Alamo; Beatty; Carrara; Goldfield; Pioche, Nevada

0001    Little Oasis Market at Alamo, Nevada, 1980
0002    Stone Cabin Ranch, a.k.a. Smith's Station, Widow Smith's.
            (Stage stop from Tybo-Austin through Monitor Valley)
0003    NECO a.k.a. U.S. Ecology, near Beatty, Nev.
0004    Carrara, Nev.
0005    Photo of bond used to raise money to put in second water system with outside water. (First system, redwood pipe.) Esmeralda County, Nev.
0006    Mozart Club at Goldfield, Nev.
0007    "1970 Aerial view of Goldfield, Nev. 60 additional mobile units have been installed since photo."
0008    "Miners (sic) shack, MX missile impact area, Goldfield, Nevada."
0009    Church at Manhattan, Nev.
0010    Gem theatre at Pioche, Nevada, 1980.


0011    Photo of a group of men at Belmont, Nev. Ca.1887.
0012    Left to right standing:

1): Andy Demetrius, Esmeralda County District Attorney; 2) Xenia Baird, Esmeralda County Clerk; 3) State Senator Rick Blakemore; 4)[Gov. Robert] List's press aide. Seated, left to right, 1) Eddy (Green Parrot Bar owner); 2) Gerry Allen, Esmeralda County Commissioner. Signing of water bond.

0013    Left to right: 2) Charlie Keough, Nye Co. Commissioner. Peavine Ranch, ca. 1937 [?]
0014    Left to right, front row: 1, 2) Members of Central Nevada Cattlemen's Association; 3) Mrs. Fellini. Second row: 3) Wayne Hage.
0015    Wayne Hage, 1980. Ralston Valley, Monitor Valley rancher.
0016    Nick Bonovitch, former Nye County Commissioner.
0017    Andrew Eason, former Nye County Commissioner (22 yrs.) ca. 1959-80
0018    Jane Logan, first woman elected Nye County Commissioner, 1980.