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Geneva Stark Merwin Photograph Collection

Location: PC 06:A, PC Negatives Box 10

Collection Contents:
Collection Contents:
Documentation for album donated by Geneva Stark Merwin

p.001    Pahrump School 1941-1942. Note flagpole
p.2.1    Looking North. Scene near Pahrump School 1941-42
p.2.2    Looking South-Western Mountains. Top of Raycrafts' trees barely visible. Near Pahrump School.
p.2.3    Scene near Pahrump School. Inscription on back-"Mr. Buol's Place. (Pop to the whole neighborhood). Taken from school, quarter of mile away. Eastside of his store and winery."

p.2.4    Scene near Pahrump School. Mountains to Southwest.
p.2.5    Pahrump School 1941-1942.
p.3.1    Pahrump School. Right side of building constructed of railroad ties: The left side is made of tarpaper. The tar paper end had a table, benches, and bookshelves with books.
p.3.2    East End of the school with an apricot tree nearby. Mrs. Merwin seemed to take much delight in the apricot tree. Having come from Michigan where orchards are common, she said she missed such trees and delighted in the few she found in Nevada.
p.3.3    West End of school showing tie construction.
p.3.4    Schoolyard with table and benches. Because the school was so hot, many school activities and study took place out-of-doors.
p.4.1    Pahrump School
p.4.2    Interior of school
p.4.3    Apricot trees near school
p.4.4    School children pledging allegiance in a morning school exercise.
p.4.5    Shed on school grounds. A student, Dorothy ?
p.4.6 1 ?, 2. Paula ?, 3. Geneva Stark, teacher, ca. 1941-42
p.5.1    Students of Pahrump School 1941-1942. l-r 1. Cynthia Jim, 2. Patricia Jared, 3. Mildred Darr.
p.5.2    Scene in Pahrump, Nevada
p.5.3    Seated l-r on Pahrump School Step:

    1. Mildred Darr
    2. Patricia Jared
    3. Cynthia Jim

p.5.4    Flag flying in schoolyard of Pahrump School
p.5.5    Front to back 1. Pasty (Jared?) 2. ? 3. Dorothy ? 4. Paula?
p.5.6    "Our Well"
         Left to right:
                         1. ?
                         2. Paula
                         3. Dorothy
                         4. Patsy

p.6.1    Lorraine Jim
p.6.2    Left to Right:

    1. Dorothy
    2. Paul (in back)
    3. Cynthia (foreground)
    4. Lorraine Jim

p.6.3    Left to right:            

    1. Lorraine Jim
    2. Patsy

p.6.4    "Paula and cherry blossoms"
p.6.5    "Five of my ten pupils"
         Left to Right:
                         1. Lorraine Jim
                         2. Dorothy ?
                         3. Paula ?
                         4. Cynthia Jim
                         5. Patsy ?

p.6.6    Cynthia Jim
p.7.1    "The day we raked the yard"

Left to right: Dorothy, Paula, Patsy, Mrs. Merwin remembered that on the first day of school Patsy walked a mile to school with a bad limp. On inspection, Mrs. Merwin found the child's foot full of splinters and slivers of wood with a bad infection. Mrs. Merwin observed that little attention was paid in the way of sanitation and health care in Pahrump on those days. She bathed and medicated the child's foot.

p.7.3    Patsy. "I had for two weeks, (at the beginning of the school year), with only Patsy in attendance".
p.7.4    Patsy.
p.7.5    Left to right:
                        2. ?
                        3. Dorothy
                        4. Patsy in small metal drum, second grade.

p.7.6    Miss Stark (Merwin) rings "School Bell"
p.7.7    Joan Jared
p.7.8    Miss Stark in front of her Pahrump School, 1941 or 1942
p.8.1    Raycraft family at ranch in Pahrump
p.8.2    Raycraft family with ranch headquarters in background.
p.8.3    Ginny and Bob Raycraft feeding doggie lambs
p.8.4    Sheep and sheds on Raycraft.
p.9.1    Ginny Raycraft feeding doggie lambs.
p.9.2    Feeding doggie lamb. Bob Raycraft and daughter
p.9.3    Lamb
p.9.4    Lamb
p.10.1    Ginny Raycraft on steps of headquarters feeding pair of doggie lambs.
p.10.2    Ginny and Bob Raycraft feeding doggie lambs.
p.11.1    Pahrump view
p.11.2    Flock of sheep on Raycraft ranch
p.11.3    Fruit trees in blossom
p.11.4    Raycraft children?
p.11.5    Cattle on Raycraft ranch.
p.11.6    "Raycrafts' sheep in background. Sam Wray, sheepherder, with Patsy and Joan Jared.
p.12.1    "Young stock Manse Ranch"
p.12.2    "Largest artesian well in the world Manse Ranch"
p.12.3    "Cattle on range"
p.12.4    "In the field at Manse Ranch. Mountains in southeastern Pahrump Valley"
p.12.5    "Mrs. Marrone believe it or not." Mountains in southeastern Pahrump Valley.
p.12.6    "These [cattle] graze on governments land most of the time, Manse Ranch"
p.12.7    "Noon in the field at Manse Ranch Eastern mountains. Jimmy Carter, Mr. Carter, Mrs. Sullivant, Mr. Sullivant."
p.13.1    Raycraft Ranch Headquarters
p.13.2    "Bob and Ginny" [Raycraft]
p.13.3    Ginny and Bob Raycraft. Ranch headquarters in background.
p.13.4    Ranch scene
p.14.1    Couple walking away from camera. Probably Ginny and Bob Raycraft.
p.14.2    "Jimmy Carter"
p.14.3    "The same Umbrella Tree. Jimmy Carter. Mrs. Allen Carter (Flora)."
p.14.5    "Paula Sullivant 6th grade. Dorothy Hawkins, 8th grade.
p.14.6    "We drove 7 miles to school from Manse Ranch. Paula, Dorothy and
                         I." [Miss Stark lived at Manse Ranch for some time.]

p.15.1    "Pahrump Ranch"
p.15.2    Scene on Pahrump Ranch.
p.15.3    Scene on Pahrump Ranch.
p.15.4    Scene on Pahrump Ranch.
p.15.5    Scene on Pahrump Ranch.
p.15.6    Scene on Pahrump Ranch.
p.16.1    Scene on Pahrump Ranch.
p.16.2    Scene on Pahrump Ranch.
p.16.3    Scene on Pahrump Ranch.
p.16.4    Guy ?, foreman at Pahrump Ranch (deceased).
p.16.5    Darlene Cayton lived on Pahrump Ranch ca. 5 years old.
p.17.1    Scenes on Pahrump Ranch.
p.17.2    Scene on Pahrump Ranch.
p.17.3    Scene on Pahrump Ranch.
p.17.4    Scene on Pahrump Ranch.
p.17.5    Scenes on Pahrump Ranch.
p.18.1    Flowering fruit tree.
p.18.2    "Mr. Buol 'Pop'."
p.18.3    "Pear trees in blossom."
p.18.4    Frank Buol in front of store. Post Office also located in his store. Mrs. Merwin remembered that "Pahrump Sunday" was on Wednesday when the mail came in on the bus to Buol's Post Office.
p.18.5    Pear trees in bloom.
p.19.1    "Cattle at Pahrump Ranch"
p.19.2    "Cattle at Pahrump Ranch"
p.19.3    "Cattle at Pahrump Ranch"