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Meehan, Louise

0001    "About August, 1953. Inside the old Boulder Club on Fremont St.-now part of the Horseshoe taken from the bar area looking east. In front Louise (Goble) Meehan, change girl"

0002    "About August, 1953. The long bar on the west side of the old Boulder Club on Fremont St.-now a part of the Horseshoe." Behind the bar, left to right: Ben Turner, bar manager; unidentified bartender; bartender, Chet Blue.

0003    "The card room at the back of the old Boulder Club where Larry Hazelwood played bridge, Jimmy Young played poker, etc. Permission to take this photo given by Jimmy Young, part owner along with Ken Houssels, Sr., Larry Hazelwood, Connie Hurley, and Mrs. Witcher." "At the table left a shill from Horseshoe Club." Seated at right is Blackie, a Boulder Club employee (shill). Standing opposite Blackie is Ben Turner, Boulder Club bar manager. Standing next to Ben are two regulars of the Boulder Club. "About August, 1953."