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Denny Lynch Photograph Collection

Location: PC 09:C, PC Negatives Box 17

Collection Contents:
Lynch Family & Homes

0001    The home of the Rev. Charles Lynch and family at the time of his death in 1913. (Troy, Missouri) The Rev. Lynch was Denny's father.
0002    L-R: Denny Lynch, Agnes Lynch, son "Mike" Lynch; August 1973 in Pahrump Valley, Nevada.
0003    The late Jim Lynch. (Brother of Denny)
0004    Lynch residence near Blue Diamond, Nevada. (1972)
0005    Lynch home under construction near Blue Diamond. (c. 1970)
0006    Interior of Lynch home under construction near Blue Diamond. (c. 1970)
0007    Beginning construction of Lynch home in Pahrump Valley. (Aug. 1973)

Pahrump People & Places

0008    The old Pahrump Trading Post and U.S. Post Office circa 1948. Long time post mistress shown is Dutch Turner.
0009    Entrance gate to Pahrump Valley Company (Hotel, Ranch, School, Homes, etc.) (1916) Notice water flowing across road; it was from an artesian well and was used for irrigation.
0010    Pahrump Ranch (1916). L-R: Frank Buell, Bruce Telford, Bonnie Darrough, (held by cousin) George Telford, Clarence Darrough, and June Raycraft.
0011    Pahrump Valley Company (1916). Left to right Telford duplex home, company car, rear of blacksmith shop, company store, and post office.
0012    Mini-outhouses auctioned for $120 at Ambulance Benefit (in Pahrump).
0013    Judge Margaret E. Whittaker, center, Nye County justice of the peace for Pahrump Township, receives her Advanced Judicial Certificate from Judge John W. Kern, left, dean of the National Judicial College, and Judge W. E. Teurman of Fallon, president-elect of the Nevada Judges Association.
0014    Steve Whittaker, metro police officer; he is husband of Margaret Whittaker, Pahrump justice of the peace.
0015    L-R: Ron Floyd, Chamber of Commerce Vice President Tom Weber, and architect Dave Wells stand on the future site of Calvada North Sports & Health Center (Pahrump).
0016    L-R: (1) unidentified; (2) the late Ed Ostrander, jury foreman; (3) Mrs. Ed Ostrander.
0017    Mrs. Ed Ostrander.
0018    Ed Ostrander, Grand Jury Foreman
0019    Andy De Le Cruz, member of Nye County School Board..
0020    L-R: Dan Warden and Rod Pekarek, high school principals, studying rendering for new Pahrump Elementary School.
0021    Tom Lorentzen, former executive with G.O.P. party; later was with Small Business Bureau in Washington, D.C.
0022    Bill Kissam, owner of Pahrump Realty.
0023    Jerry Kotecki, Electric Company.
0024    Walter Hines, Deputy Chief Nevada Highway Patrol.
0025    Jim and Alice Munson (Pahrump, Nevada).
0026    Margie Haynes (wife of Perry) Pahrump Valley, Nevada.
0027    Left, Diana Stiles, member of Pahrump Town Board; middle, woman who was chairman of the Clinic Board (name unknown); right, unidentified.
0028    Marla Nyberg with Cut line Ambulance.
0029    L-R: Shirley Laute and Marla Nyberg, employed by ambulance company in Pahrump.
0030    Future home of Pahrump Community Medical Center. (People not identified.)
0031    Local artists and their paintings art show in Pahrump (n.d.). L-R: (1) Ron Dennis, Mgr. Of Cal-Vada Gym; (2) Mrs. (?) withers; (3) Agnes Lynch; (4) (?) Huffman; (5) unidentified; (6) Lew Flyge
0032    Grand prize winter in art show in Pahrump displays her award-winning painting. (Believe her last name is Huffman.)
0033    Coral Sands Northern Arizona by Pahrump artist, the late Lew Flyge.
0034    Mrs. (?) Withers and her entry in art show in Pahrump. (She and her husband owned Western Auto in Pahrump Valley.)
Hawthorne, Nevada
0035    "Welcome" sign outside Hawthorne, Nevada.
0036    Bus depot (Las Vegas Tonopah-Reno Stages) [Hawthorne, Nevada?]
0037    El Capitain [Hawthorne, Nevada?] c. 1940's.
0038    Joe Mavdi standing in front of bar in [Hawthorne, Nevada?]. Goodfellow Cafe is next door.
Amargosa, Nevada
0039    Amargosa Club Amargosa, Nevada. (1982)
0040    Artist's rendering of Amargosa Municipal Center, Amargosa, Nevada. (Architect Alton Dean Jensen)
0041    Plant in Amargosa, Nevada. (1982)
0042    Nye County Complex Amargosa Valley, Nevada. (2-25-82) Houses Fire Dept., Sheriff's Dept., Ambulance, and Library.
0043    Nye County Sheriff's Department and Amargosa Volunteer Fire Department Amargosa, Nevada. (2-25-82)
0044    Store under construction in Amargosa, Nevada. (2-25-82)
0045    Apartment house under construction in Amargosa, Nevada. (2-25-82)
0046    Building under construction in Amargosa, Nevada. (2-25-82) (Apartment building.)
0047    Buildings under construction in Amargosa, Nevada. (2-25-82)
0048    Store in Amargosa, Nevada. (2-25-82)

Nevada Towns

0049    Havilah, Nevada. (c. 1900)
0050    Semi-truck overturned on sharp curve in Goldfield, Nevada. (11-14-79)
0051    Gardnerville, Nevada.
0052    Minden, Nevada.

Politicians State & National Level

0053    L-R: President Ronald Reagan; Nancy Bogan, candidate for Nevada Assembly; Nevada Senator Paul Laxalt. (July 1980)
0054    L-R: Vince Saunders, candidate for U.S. Congress; President Ronald Reagan. (July 1980)
0055    Former Nevada senator Ken Redelsperger.
0056    Center, (blue gown): Mrs. Robert List, wife of Governor Robert List of Nevada (standing next to her); next to him, at right, are Mr. And Mrs. Ed Barszcz. The others are Pahrump residents. The occasion is a Ball in Pahrump. (1979)
0057    L-R: William Reid, Tourism Director, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority; Rossi Ralenkotter, Dir. Of Marketing and Tourism. LVCVA; Congressman James Santini of Nevada, Chairman of the Congressional Travel and Tourism Caucus; and William D. Toohey, President, Travel Industry Ass'n of America. (At a breakfast given by the Nat'l Council of Urban Tourism Organization and the Nat'l Council of State Travel Directors in Los Angeles, California. (c. 1981)
0058    Nevada Governor Robert List on horseback.
0059    Rick Fore.
0060    Congressman James Santini of Nevada.
0061    George Franklin, Nevada politician.
0062    Noel Manoukian, Nevada Supreme Court justice.
0063    Sam Cavnar, Republican candidate for U.S. Senator (from Nevada).
0064    At left, Harry Reid (later became U.S. Senator from Nevada).
0065    Nevada Congresswoman Barbara Vucanovich (at microphones) at a Washington, D.C. news conference. With her (L-R) are Reps. New Gingrich of Georgia, Vin Weber of Minnesota, Connie Mack of Florida, Larry Craig of Idaho, and Phil Gram of Texas.
0066    Governor Richard Bryan and State Forester Lody Smith planting a weeping flowering cherry tree in front of the State Capitol as part of an effort to get the public involved in a reforestation program.
0067    Press conference in Washington, D.C., held before the vote to raise the speed limit on rural interstates to 65 mph: Congresswoman Barbara Vucanovich at microphones with (1-r) Senator Steve Symms of Idaho, Congressman Richard Stallings of Idaho, Senator Phil Gram of Texas, Senator Chic Hecht of Nevada, Congressman Jim Hansen of Utah, and Congressman Dave McCurdy of Oklahoma.
Miscellaneous People
0068    Mr. David Weide, UNLV Professor, Geoscience Dept.
0069    Myrna McDonald.
0070    (The late) Jim Spicer and his wife Effie, Beatty, Nevada.
0071    Heinz Pallasch and children. (c. 1980's)
0072    "Death Valley Scotty" and his wife in Beatty, Nevada.
0073    Mr. (?) Daines.
0074    Dellie Stone.
0075    L-R: Dorothy Ritenour and Dellie Stone.
0076    Flo Provenza Real Estate Co. (Pahrump?)
0077    Claire [Crow?].
0078    Juga Campton. (c. 1981)
0079    (L-R) Col. Harold Roberts, Governor Richard Bryan, BG Tony Clark, Col. John Molini, Ltc. Miles Celio, Com. Sgt. Maj. Wayne Wilson, Ltc. Mike Casey, CMSgt. Dennis Tracy. (National Guard)
0080    Belie Williams.


0081    Nevada centennial marker No. 12: Nevada's Birthplace, Carson Valley.
0082    Fort Churchill from contemporary sketch. (Photo Nevada Historical Society) postcard.
0083    Train engine and railroad workers in early days of Nevada. (postcard photo courtesy of Southern Nevada Museum)
0084    A Nellis Cub Scout raises the flag as other scouts pay their respects during a "Scouting the Nellis Way 1982" two-day event. (U.S. Air Force Photo by Sgt. Sheila Winters)
0085    Sourdough Saloon (location now known) c. 1985.
0086    Dough Boy Bakery.


0087    Shipping Christmas trees up the river (no location or date).
0088    Shipping Christmas trees up the river (no location or date).
0089    Tonopah political candidate. (not identified)
0090    Covered wagon, [somewhere in Nevada] in a small town c. 1800's. (no identification)
0091    Group of children and adults. (no identification)
0092    Unidentified man.
0093    Unidentified construction site [in Nevada] shows heavy equipment.
0094    Unidentified golfer by a river. [Possibly in Pahrump Valley?]


0095    Miscellaneous postcards of scenes in California and Hawaii. Includes courthouse in Modoc County, CA.; Alturas, CA; Maui, HI, etc.
0096    Grover Hot Springs in California.
0097    Kern River between Kernville and Johnsondale. (in California)
0098    Scene somewhere in the Sierras in California.
0099    Greenhorn Mountain high above Lake Isabella [in California].
0100    Small town [in California].
0101    [Hotel] in Germany or Austria. (postcard 1984)

Early Pahrump Personalities

0102    Lois Kellogg at home; (for background on Ms. Kellogg, see HIS-Story of Pahrump Update by Denny Lynch, Call # F849.P2 L95); c. 1921-1924.
0103    Miss Lois Kellogg posing regally.
0104    Lois Kellogg digging at her home, "Fool's Folly" (in Palm Springs). c. 1921-1924.
0105    Having her hair shampooed, Lois Kellogg takes time out for some clowning.
0106    Lois Kellogg and her wolfhound. Taken at home in Palm Springs (called "Fool's Folly"), c. 1921-1924.
0107    Lois Kellogg in front of her mirror in her Palm Springs home.
0108    Dramatic pose of Lois Kellogg posing as Garbo.
0109    Harvest at Pahrump Valley Ranch, 1917. Sacks of grain and thrashing machine; ladies with lunch for workers.
0110    Clarence Darrough, held by father, Glenn Darrough in cornfield, and Dr. Chilton, who arrived three days late for Bonnie Darrough's birth. Pahrump Valley Ranch, 1916.
0111    Pigs raised for 1916-1917 market, as World War I effort. Freight was too much of a problem to market as a profit for Pahrump Valley Ranch Company. Pens west and south of foreman's house.
0112    Ladies of Pahrump Ranch, 1916-1917: Anita Chubb, wife of mechanic; Carolyn Darrough, wife of ranch manager; Clare Telford, wife of carpenter; Miss Cash, boarding house cook; Verne Bowen, school teacher, later married Earl Hegle, Ranch store keeper.
0113    Clarence Telford watering horses from well halfway between Pahrump and Shoshone on old road. He met the train at Shoshone to take his wife, Clare, and sons, Bruce and George to the Ranch to live from April 1916 to November 1917. Their home was in Ramona, CA.
0114    George and Bruce Telford holding (goshawk) hawk shot by their father, Clarence Telford (Pahrump Ranch carpenter), from flock of several hundred hawks migrating near Pahrump Valley. (c. 1916-1917)
0115    Telford Brothers George and Bruce on burro given them by an old prospector who came to buy supplies with gold dust from the company store. Pahrump Valley, Nevada, c. 1916-1917.
0116    George and Bruce Telford, 1916, playing in stream by corral which was flowing from the spring pools and artesian well. (Pahrump Valley ranch)
0117    Pahrump Valley Ranch Company, 1916. Spring-fed swimming pool with "ladies at play". R-L: Verne Bowen, school teacher; Mrs. Clyde (Anita) Chubb; Mrs. Glen (Carolyn) Darrough; Mrs. Clarence (Clare) Telford; others unidentified. Women swam afternoons, men (a-la-nude) mornings, boys both times.
0118    George and Bruce Telford standing by Pahrump Ranch Company tractor, 1916.
0119    Denny Lynch, 1989.