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Lynch, Agnes

People of Pahrump

0001    Pahrump High School graduation, 1980. L-R: Roberta Ashbaugh, teacher; Tracie Lindeman (daughter); Sen. Howard Cannon (Nev.).
0002    Political rally in Pahrump. County Commissioner Andy Eason (left) Campaigning for re-election. Man at right is either Jack Soules or M.K. Hafen.(c. 1980s?)
0003    County Commissioner Andy Eason campaigning for re-election (c.1980). (He Lost the election.)
0004    Jane Logan campaigning for County Commissioner with Don Chenoweth, Pahrump Justice of the Peace. (c. 1980?)
0005    Bonnie Brown from Tonopah, Nevada, campaigning for County Clerk. (c.1980)
0006    Loretta King in Cactus King Shop in Valley View Plaza, Pahrump, Nevada.
0007    Senior citizens perform dance routine at official opening of Valley View Plaza in Pahrump, Nev. (1979)
0008    Graduating class of Pahrump Valley High School, May 23, 1980. Sen. Howard Cannon gave the address. (Pahrump, NV)
0009    William Vanerbilt Kissam, owner of Pahrump Realty in Pahrump, NV. (c.1980?) Former state assemblyman from Las Vegas. Developer of new community called Vegas Valley West.
0010    L-R: Joan and Bob Bieganski with daughter Holly. (Residents of Pahrump, NV.)(c. 1980?)
0011    L-R: John McSweeney and Dennis Lynch at opening of Pahrump Senior Center in Pahrump, Nevada. (n.d) McSweeney was then Director of Nevada Division of Aging.
0012    Stacy Wines, daughter of ex Sheriff Joni Wines (of Pahrump) (n.d.)
0013    Susan Hall, daughter of Kathy Ledford Hall (former publisher of Pahrump Valley Star (.n.d.)
0014    Suzy and Jack Azbill, operators of Pahrump Renter Center, Pahrump, Nevada. (n.d.)
0015    Congressional candidate John Wines and her husband Blaine at Lake Tahoe, Nevada. With them are grandsons Andy and Jake. They were campaigning Through her congressional district. (n.d.)
0016    Governor Robert List's visit to Pahrump, Nevada, in 1980. L-R: Ray Wulfenstein, Bob Bieganski (editor of Tribune, Denny Lynch.
0017    Gov. Robert List stops to visit with John Reitz during his visit to Pahrump, Nevada, in 1980. Man in plaid jacket, far right, is Clovis Cates.
0018    Gov. Robert List (left) shakes hands with Ken Waldehanna (sp?), manager Of the bank in Pahrump. Justice of the Peace Don Chenoweth in the center. (1980 Pahrump, Nev.)
0019    L-R: Don Chenoweth, Gov. Robert List, Ray Wulfenstein. (Pahrump, Nevada, 1980.
0020    Kathy List, wife of Gov. Robert List (center); lady at right is Flo Provenza, Pahrump realtor. (1980 Pahrump, Nevada.)
0021    Gov. Robert List (left) with Bob Bieganski, editor of Pahrump Valley Tribune.(Pahrump, Nevada, 1980)

Pahrump Scenes

0022    Valley View Plaza, Pahrump Valley's first shopping center. Built by Bob Bieganski. (c. 1980?)
0023    Nye County Complex, Amargosa Valley - - Fire Department, Sheriff's Department, Ambulance, Library. (1982)
0024    Spring rain in Pahrump, Nevada, looking south on Homestead Road. (Photo By Ken Pleuve sp?)
0025    Spring rain in Pahrump, Nev. Looking south on Homestead Road.
0026    Pahrump, Nevada. Looking south on Homestead Road.
0027    Pahrump, Nevada, spring rain. Looking south on Homestead Road.