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Lincoln County Museum Collection

Collection Contents:


0001    Mill and Bullionville & Pioche locomotive
0002    Condor Canyon , Bullionville & Pioche Railroad Grade
0003    Condor Canyon , Bullionville & Pioche Railroad Grade


0004    Condor Canyon, Caliente & Pioche Railroad locomotive
0005    Mountains near Caliente
0006    Township panorama
0007    Township panorama
0008    Vacated
0009    Vacated
0010    Railroad tracks between Caliente and Pioche
0011    Samuel Newhouse's party waiting for a private car to Salt Lake City 1906
0012    Samuel Newhouse's party waiting for a private car to Salt Lake City 1906
0013    Samuel Newhouse's party waiting for a private car to Salt Lake City 1906
0014    Old Timer's picnic, June 7, 1953


0015    Mountain trail to Prince mine


0016    Reduction works
0017    Mining camp and mill
0018    Nevada office of Delmar Lode and operations


0019    Township panorama, about 1906


0020    Township panorama


0021    Ruins of Mill

Folder 119-2

Nevada (cont.).


0022    Flatnose Canyon near Panaca
0023    Jail in cave near Panaca
0024    Public School, 1893, Chad Ronnow, teacher
0025    Band, July 4, would parade in Frank Edward's wagon band members identified


0026    Township panorama, Aug. 10th
0027    Township panorama, Aug. 10th
0028    Near Caliente, 1906
0029    Jail in cave near Pioche
0030    Main Street, c. 1935
0031    House built by William C. Browne, first indoor bathroom built in Pioche, and third white boy born there, September 21, 1873, Frank Eisenmann
0032    House
0033    Chinese Laundries, 1907
0034    Tailor Shop, 1908
0035    Main Substation, Lincoln County, Pioche and Caselton
0036    Raymond & Ely mine
0037    Amalgamated Pioche #1 and Mill, June 28, 1916
0038    Picture taken off back of train
0039    Train substation
0040    Little girl on horse, "First Day in Pioche," 1907
0041    Ruth Miller and Mother at home, Boston Pioche mine
0042    Ruth Miller and Friend (snake)
0043    Miller's Cook at Boston Pioche mine
0044    Indian wash women and children for the Millers at Boston Pioche mine
0045    Indian wash women and children for the Millers at Boston Pioche mine
0046    Indian children at mine
0047    Indian children at mine
0048    Indian boy with figures made by them
0049    Indian wickiup housing at Boston Pioche mine
0050     Figures made by Indians at mine
0051    Figures made by Indians at mine

Folder 119-3

Nevada ( cont.)

Round Valley

0052    Canyon and grazing horses
0053    Picnic party in covered wagon

Unidentified Locations (and locations identified at later date)

0054    The Canyon, mountain view
0055    "A camp for a day at the mouth of the Canyon"
0056    "About 1905, M.E. Church and hotel," panorama of township
0057    Unidentified town, panorama
0058    Charles D. Marriage Assay office, 1907
0059    Turner House, George B. Swasey, proprietor
0060    House made of firestone tufa
0061    Log Cabin in desert area
0062    Picture "taken from cabin looking into Valley"
0063    Group of men and children and building, possibly church
0064    House and creek
0065    Miner's cabins at base of mountains
0066    Mining area and operation
0067    Mining operation
0068    Mining operation
0069    Mining operation
0070    Mining operation
0071    Mining operation
0072    Mining operation
0073    Mining operation
0074    Mining operation
0075    Mining operation
0076    Mining operation
0077    Inside mill
0078    Mules hauling freight near mining camp
0079    "Jack rabbit " Railroad locomotive engine
0080    George Garrison, Atlanta Freight Line, in 1915 "T" Ford
0081    Hunter and catch
0082    Hunters and catch
0083    Group of English students, 1875-1893, possibly college
0084    Group of women outside house

Unidentified Locations (and locations identified at later date)

0085    Group of men on porch
0086    Child in driveway
0087    Script Money