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Photo Collections Record

Georgia Lewis Photograph Collection

Location: PC 07:B, PC Negatives Box 12, MC MS 01:F

Collection Contents:
Nevada -- Las Vegas

0001    First Mobile Crime Lab in Las Vegas, Lt. O'Reilly.

Boulderado (Taylor) Ranch

0002    Flyer for Boulderado Ranch
0003    View of Kyle Ranch
0004    Entrance to Boulderado Ranch
0005    Front porch, Taylor Ranch
0006    Inside the Boulderado Ranch house
0007    The "Green House" during Taylor days at Kyle Ranch
0008    Boulderado Days. Adobe in background.
0009    The "swimming hole" at Boulderado. Late '40s
0010    Allen. One of the guests at the ranch. In '30s.
0011    Swimming hole at Boulderado
0012    Boulderado Ranch. Late '40s
0013    Riders at Boulderado
0014    Catt and Jim Losee
0015    At Taylor Ranch
0016    Catt Losee at Boulderado
0017    Zelda and Verle Allen
0018    The Allen children at Taylor Ranch in 1920s
0019    John Craig, Sr. at Taylor Ranch
0020    Mrs. Craig sitting on the porch of the Taylor Ranch. C. 1930
0021    John Craig as a boy at the Taylor Ranch. C. 1930
0022    "Slim" Davison with "Kiwi" (early '40s)
0023    Las Vegas Theatre Group meet at the Taylor (Kyle) Ranch during the '30s
0024    Riding group at Taylor Ranch. '30s
0025    Jim Losee. Late '40s
0026    Ilka Chase at Boulderado Ranch


0027    Old Turner Shaft, Groom
0028    Wedekind and Pat Sheahan, Groom, 1907
0029    Groom, 1907

Indian Springs

0030    Driving is C.Towner, T.J. Osborne, Pat Sheahan, 1907


0031    Aerial view of Sloan
0032    US Post Office, Sloan, NV.    No date.
0033    Some fliver, Sloan
0034    The eagles, my car and myself. Bill Ellis


0035    Unidentified location in flood


0036    Lena Johnson Franks, Jennie Culverwell, Jake Johnson, Ornie H. Smith,Bill Orr, Charles Culverwell, Roy Orr, Edna Johnson Orr, Mamie Orr,Isabelle Nesbett.
0037    Panaca, Nev., July 5, 1897.
0038    Panaca Sunday School
0039    Oscar Stocker, Harold (10 years old), Aunt Lilly Newton, Jack Kramer, Mayme, burro. 2nd and Lewis, Charles Freeland's house
0040    Stockers, Sunday March 13th, 1908
0041    Esther Free, Ed Deck, and Rachel Free. Panaca
0042    Mayme Stocker, Bess Downing, and Ida Raih, July 28th, 1910
0043    Mayme, Mrs. Raih, and Mrs. Downing, Los Angeles, July 18th, 1910
0044    Mrs. Ferguson, Mrs. Ray, and Mayme Stocker, LA, August 3rd, 1911
0045    Unidentified train
0046    Henry Lee and Lila Carmen
0047    Robert Seipp, John Seipp, Vi Bradford, Della Bradford Seipp, Edward Seipp, and Mrs. John Bradford in front of a house
0048    Billie, Geraldine, Mayme, Mae Ackett Stocker, and Mae's Aunt
0049    Geraldine, Billie, and Mayme
0050    January, 1936, Overton, Nevada, silica sand mine. Geraldine, Harold, Mayme
0051    Harold, Geraldine, mother, with two unidentified persons. Silica mine at Overton
0052    Nevada lawmen under Sheriff Butch Leypoldt in Washington
0053    Nevada lawmen under Sheriff Butch Leypoldt in Washington
0054    So. Nevada lawmen. Butch Leypoldt far left
0055    Unidentified
0056    Butch Leypoldt with two unidentified persons
0057    Butch Leypoldt and unidentified person. No date.
0058    Mayme Stocker, May 27th, 1963
0059    Unidentified
0060    Charles Culverwell, Sr.
0061    Charles Ronnow
0062    Ida Darrel Rice, Panaca
0063    Unidentified
0064    Unidentified
0065    Harold Stocker on burro in Las Vegas
0066    Billy (Geraldine's nephew) and Harold, Overton Mine
0067    Margo Goumond
0068    Mayme and Harold's Packard 1934, 605 S. 3rd
0069    Mayme, June 25, 1947
0070    Unidentified
0071    Grant Sawyer
0072    J. Edgar Hoover (oversize)