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Photo Collections Record

Blue Diamond

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0001    Aerial view of mine
0002    Aerial view of mine.
0003    Aerial view of mine
0004    Structures at mine
0005    Structures at mine (color)
0006    Trucks at mine
0007    Award copy
0008    Trucks at mine
0009    Trucks at mine
0010    Worker next to mine equipment
0011    Worker in mine
0012    Employees
0013    Employees
0014    Employees
0015    Aerial view of mine
0016    View of mine
0017    Aerial view of mine
0018    Employees
0019    Workers at mine
0020    Workers at mine
0021    Truck at mine
0022    Aerial view of mine
0023    Aerial view of mine
0024    Aerial view of mine
0025    View of rock wall at mine
0026    Tractor at mine
0027    Structures at mine
0029    Tractor trenches at mine
0030    Employees at celebration
0031    Aerial view of mine
0032    Employees at tables
0033    Aerial view of mine
0034    Aerial view of mine
0035    Construction equipment at mine
0036    Aerial view of mine
0037    Aerial view of mine
0038    Aerial view of mine
0039    Aerial view of mine
0040    Aerial view of mine
0041    Aerial view of mine
0042    Aerial view of mine
0043    Aerial view of mine