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Las Vegas Sun

Las Vegas

0001    Parade down Fremont Street, unidentified man in 'desert hermit" costume; probably Helldorado Parade.

0002    Tina Hess with her pony "Sparky" in back seat of auto. Helldorado parade, girl's badge reads, "Kangaroo Court Police 123" ca. 1970-71

0003    Parade down Fremont Street; man in "Uncle Sam" costume and midget

0004    Memorial event commemorating the last Union Pacific passenger train through Las Vegas, April 30, 1971. (L-R) Mrs. Maryellen Sadovich, Research Sec'y, So. Nevada Historical Society ; Mr. K.O. Knudson, Pres. , So. Nevada Historical Society; Mr. Glen Taylor , Pres., Henderson Chamber of Commeerce; Mr. Warren Neustrom, General Agent, Union Pacific Railroad in Las Vegas.

0005    Demolition of the MacDonald Hotel 208 Las Vegas Blvd. No; 3/16/82

0006    Demolition of the Friendly Club at 1st & Fremont Streets to make way for a new

addition to the Golden Nugget. Uncovers old store front of "The Exchange Shop"previously covered by front of Friendly Club 11/11/83

0007    Demolition of the Friendly Club 11/11/83

0008    Same as Above

0009    Same as Above

0010    Picture of minorities marching for better jobs in Las Vegas

0011    Dedication of the Motorcycle Training course at Clark County Community College    (L-R) Val Garner, Head of Community Services at CCCC; Raymond Switzer, North Las Vegas City manager; Dr. Jerry Young, Dean of Educational Services; Dr. Judith Eaton, President, CCCC; Ray Daines, Mayor of North Las Vegas; Gary Rainey, North Las Vegas Police Department (on motorcycle) 3/81

0012    Day Dream Ranch ; 6/82

0013    Protest of testing of nuclear arms at Nevada Test Site; 4/82

0014    Anti-nuclear bomb protest (probably staged at Nevada Test Site) 4/82

0015    Myram Borders of UPI at Nevada Test Site

0016    Dedication of new courtroom, Clark County Courthouse; (L-R) District Judge

Charles Thompson, Supreme Court Judge Al Gunderson; 12/82

0017    Secret witness donation; (L-R) Nage Palmer, Secret Witness coordinator; Leona Cummings, Charlotte Kelly, Marg Perrin, Curtis Park homemakers; Sheriff John McCarthy.

0018    Melnee Chamberlin, corrections officer, Clark County Jail; 1981

0019    Handmade weapons by prisoners while incarcerated; 3/81

0020    Copy of a check written to Nevada Power on the back of a man's shirt

0021    Front of an architectural structure

0022    Hydrotube located near Clark County Community College, North Las Vegas

0023    Hydrotube

0024    Hydrotube

0025    UNLV mascot


Las Vegas (cont.)        

0026    Dead Man's corner? Oakey and Jones

0027    Intersection of Las Vegas Blvd. South and Flamingo Road looking north; 1983 (L) Caesars Palace; Barbary Coast

0028    Sands Hotel; 1982

0029    Hughes Executive Airport Lounge; 1983

0030    Striker

0031    Christmas decorations at the Boulevard Mall Shopping Center

0032    Clark County Registrar of Voters Office

0033    Metropolitan Police Dept. Dispatch

0034    Civil Defense Rescue Net

0035    Modernization of McCarran International Airport; 1983

0036    McCarran Airport "Master Plan 2000" remodeling and addition; "Dusty Mac"; 1/83

0037    Female artist in front of her work

0038    Unidentified aircraft

0039    Fire at Spring Mountain Range as photographed from downtown Las Vegas;


0040    Photo taken from the elevator of Las Vegas Hilton looking toward Sahara Hotel; 1982

0041    Stardust Hotel Racebook; 1982

0042    Consumer Electronics Show 1983

0043    Installation of fireworks at Union Plaza Hotel, downtown Las Vegas 1983

0044    Aerial view of Caesars Palace Arena preparation for Holmes-Cooney fight 5/82

0045    Union Plaza Hotel, Downtown Las Vegas; Amtrak Station in foreground; California Hotel and Las Vegas Club in background; 6/82

0046    Amtrak Station foreground; California Hotel and Las Vegas Club background; 6/82

0047    Canoeing on the Colorado River, Hoover Dam in background; 6/82

0048    Golden Nugget Gambling Hall with Hotel in background; 6/82

0049    Golden Nugget Gambling Hall marquee (new electronic sign); 1983

0050    Belt buckle or commemorative medallion of Fremont Street, Las Vegas

0051    Ground breaking -Silver State Disposal (now Clark Sanitation) Pollution Control & Recovery Transfer Facility Station. All persons unidentified except the fifth from the left who is Tom Isola.

0052    Demonstration for renters' protection; 6/82

0053    Parade Happy Birthday Martin Luther King Jr. Fremont Street 1/15/83

0054    Relocation of the Will Beckley House

0055    Same as above

0056    Memorial Day, 1983

0057    "Sign the petition to save Mr. Charelston"

0058    Ken Causey, tax protester

0059    Pouring of Hoover dam replica

0051    LAS VEGAS SUN COLLECTION            


0060 Shamrock Brothel. Lathrop , Nye County, NV

Las Vegas -People

0061    ( L-R) Unidentified , bac of Sen. Lazalt's head, President Ronald Regan; U.S. Senate candidate, Chic Hecht, Congressional candidate, Peggy Cavanor; Congressional candidate: Barbara Vucanovich. Fall 1982

0062    (L-R) Frank Fahrenkoph; unid; Governor Robert List; President Ronald Reagan; Chic Hecht; unid, Attorney General candidate Brian Mc Kay; Belie Williams; Probably congressional and gubernatorial campaign of 1982.

0063    U.S. congressman ( U.S. Senate candidate) Jim Santini at Clark County Community College; 1/15/82

0064    U.S. Senator Howard Cannon, primary election winner; 9/15/82

0065    U. S. Senator Howard Cannon press conference after the primary election; 9/15/82

0066    Debate between gubernatorial candidate Richard Bryan and Governor Robert List; 10/15/82

0067    (L-R) Monique Bray; Bovernor Mike 0'Callaghan; Jerry Allen attending benefit for Opportunity Village; 5/82

0068    (L-R) Two unidentified ; Clark County Commissioner, Manny Cortez; 9/16/80

0069    (L-R) Hank Greenspun, publisher, LV Sun, Barbara Greenspun; Barbara Sinatra; Frank Sinatra

0070    (L-R) Unidentified; Governor Mike O'Callaghan ; Nancy Austin

0071    (L-R) Governor Robert List; Edith Barcus; William Wright in background; Opening of the Nevada State Museum & Historical Society at Lorenzi Park; 10/30/82

0072    (L-R) Las Vegas City Commissioners, Al Levy & Ron Lurie with Guardian Angels; 7/23/82

0073    (L-R) Governor Mike O' Callghan accepts check for LV Sun Campfund from Joe Donato, Grand Knight , Las Vegas Council of Knights of Columbus; 7/18/82

0074    (L-R) Mel Exber; Benny Binion being honored by the National Jewish Hospital & Research Center; 12/1/82

0075    Albert Dunn; 7/23/82

0076    Dr. William J. Pearson, General Dentistry ; 1982

0077    Central figure, Richard Byran, gubernatorial campaign; 1982

0078    (L-R) John Moran, candidate for sheriff; Sheriff John McCarthy in debate; 1982

0079    Chic Hecht; Republican, winning U.S. Senate seat from Howard Cannon, Democrat; 11/82

0080    (L-R) President Ronald Regan; U.S. Senator Paul Laxalt; Las Vegas visit in support of Republican candidates; 11/82

0081    UNLV's Head Basketball Coach Jerry Tarkanian

0082    (L-R) Harvey Dondero; Ruthe Deskin; LV Sun Youth Forum; 1982

0083    R.L. Love and unidentified woman

0084    (L-R) Ms. Belmont; First Lady, Kathy List; Governor Robert List, Jerry Mack, Valley Bank

0085    Sam Boyd, owner of Sam's Town Hotel & Gambling Hall, accepts the National Conference of Christians and Jews Citizen of the Year Award; U.S. Senator Howard Cannon presents the award; 1/82

0086    State Senator Rick Blakemore, D-Nye County; 1983

0087    U.S. Congressman Harry Reid and Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Richard Bryan; 1982

0088    (L-R) Harriet Trudell, campaign worker for U.S. Congressman Harry Reid at what appears to be the Nevada State Democratic Convention; 1982

0089    Swearing in of Assemblyman Ed Kovacs to his legislative office by District Judge Addeliar "Del" Guy , 1/83, Kovacs had to be sworn in from his hospital bed, His family is on the left side of the photo; Carrie & Robert Kovacs; Tim Kovacs; wife, Joan Kovacs.

0090    Jerry Lewis leaving Desert Springs Hospital after heart bypass surgery 1/83

0091    Jimmy Connors winner of Caesars Palace Alan King Tennis Classic '83

0092    (L-R) U.S. Congressman Harry Reid and 3 unidentified people

0093    (L-R) Unidentified; U.S. Congressman Harry Reid and 2 unidentified people

0094    (L-R) Frank Sinatra ; Caesars Palace Exceutive Harry Wald; U.S. Senator Paul Laxalt.

0095    Vice President George Bush

0096    Lt. Governor Bob Cashell

0097    George Franklin, local politico, former State Assemblyman, County Commissioner, City Commissioner, etc.

0098    Clark County District Court Judges: (L-R) Don Mosley, Earle White, Miriam Sheering, Addlair Guy, last person unidentified, 1983

0099    (L-R) unidentified ; former Assemblyman, Zel Lowman; Mary Lowman

0100    (L-R) unidentified ; City Commissioners Al Levy and Ron Lurie

0101    (L-R) Bev Carlino; Herman Van Betten Friends of the Library (CCL)

0102    Harvey Hyde, Head football coach of UNLV Rebels, second from right; Rebel Park is the practice field for the UNLV football team

0103    Nevada Test Site; 8/82

0104    Bobby Baldwin, gambling-Las Vegas, Nevada

0105    Texaco Station at 313 N. Main ST. 1929-33 (neg. only)

0106    Area at 13th & Charleston, 1948 (neg.only)

0107    Aerial of N.S.U 1965

0108    Aerial of N.S.U 1967

0109    Aerial of UNLV 1978

0110    Aerial of McCarran Field 1962

0111    Aerial of racetrack 1964 in vicinity of Las Vegas Country Club

0112    Aerial of the Kings Crown Tallyho Jan. 3, 1964

0113    Aerial of Tallyho 1964

0114    Aerial of Twin Lakes (Lorenzi Park)

0115    Similar to above

0116    Aerial of Las Vegas Strip (1970's)

0117    Aerial view of Washington and Decatur Streets, Las Vegas , Nevada 1964 (photo by Ken Jones)