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Las Vegas Bugle Photograph Collection

Location: PC 12:C, PC Negatives Box 20, MC MS 01:H

Collection Contents:
NOTE:    This collection contains color photographs taken by Donna Michelle Porter. Some were published in the Las Vegas Bugle.

0001    Twenty (20) images of people at Angles {nightclub}, 4633 Paradise Road, Las Vegas. (1994-95) Several are id'd on back.
0002    Three (3) images of people at Angles [nightclub], 4633 Paradise Road, Las Vegas. (12-31-94) "Peter" and female impersonator "Tausha".
0003    Angles-n-Curves (aka Angles, Angles-n-Lace, and Lace), 4633 Paradise Road, New Year's Ever celebration, Dec. 31, 1994. (2 images)
0004    Angles-n-Lace [nightclub], patio area, 7-8-95. Located at 4633 Paradise Road, Las Vegas. (2 images)
0005    Animal Magic (dog grooming shop) (1995) Seven (7) images including owner Lee Eberly. (purple shirt)
0006    Backdoor Lounge, 1415 E. Charleston Blvd., Las Vegas. (1994-95) (4 images) Some ids on back of photos.
0007    Backstreet Lounge-5012 South Arville Road, Las Vegas. (c. 1994-95)
0008    Twelve (12) images of customers at Badlands Saloon in Commercial Center, 953 E. Sahara, Las Vegas. (1995) Rafael Navarre, owner, identified on back.
0009    Bound for Pleasure (leather and S&M clothing and devices), 3430 E. Tropicana, Las Vegas. (5) Five images including owner Peter Tadora.(1995)
0010    Bound for Pleasure fashion show sponsored by Aid for AIDS for Nevada and Lace. (1995) (9 images-includes Ann Davis Mulford)
0011    Buffalo Exchange (used clothing store)-4110 S. Maryland pkwy, Las Vegas. Two views of the staff.
0012    Twenty-seven (27) images of customers in Cave (nightclub)-5740 W. Charleston Blvd. (1993-95) (some ids on back)
0013    Delta Lambda Phi, Feb. 10, 1995, Valentine's Day dance and show to benefit the Gay & Lesbian Community Center at the Cave nightclub. Far right: Joel Castillo, co-director of the UNLV Lesbian, Gay, & Bisexual Association.
0014    Twenty-eight (28) images from Cave nightclub-5740 W. Charleston Blvd., Las Vegas. (November 1994) Kenny Kerr in beaded gown and star necklace. "Brian" in black jacket and white shirt.
0015    Cave nightclub, 5740 West Charleston Blvd., Las Vegas, NV. (1993-95) (13 images of customers)
0016    Eight (8) images of "Leslie" at the Cave nightclub. (1994)
0017    Cave nightclub-8 (eight) images of "Coco", a drag performer. Located at 5740 W. Charleston Blvd., Las Vegas. (1994)
0018    Cave nightclub-5740 W. Charleston Blvd., Las Vegas. (2 views of Wendell Jackson, female impersonator.) (1994)
0019    Charmers (serial party), 2600 E. Flamingo Road, Las Vegas. (1995) Fifteen (15) images of performers and customers.
0020    Charmers (serial party)-See photo #0019-(1995) Some ids on backs of photos. Fifteen (15) images.
0021    Charmers (serial party)-see photos #0019 and #0020. Fourteen (14) images. (1995) Some ids on backs of photos.
0022    Four (4) images-Choices (nightclub)-1729 E. Charleston Blvd., Las Vegas. (1995) Includes Michelle Holiday tending bar.
0023    Dicotignano, Jay and Jayson (1995). See ids on photo backs. Jay is an HIV/AIDS counselor with Clark County Health District and a priest in the American Catholic Church.
0024    Eagle (nightclub)-3430 E. Tropicana, LV. (1995) Includes Mark Baysa, John Smith (bartender). Nine (9) images of customers.
0025    Faces (nightclub)-701 E. Stewart Ave., Las Vegas. (1995) Four images.
0026    Three (3) images-Flex (nightclub)-4371 W. Charleston Blvd., Las Vegas. (1995) Two bartenders also pictured.
0027    "Fashions '94"-fundraiser for Gay & Lesbian Community Center. March 14, 1994. Some ids on back of photos. Eleven (11) images.
0028    "Fashions '94" see photo #0027. Ten (10) more images. Some id'd.
0029    Gay Skate Night at the Crystal Palace, Las Vegas. (1995) A fundraiser for the Gay and Lesbian Community Center. (Includes Dr. Jerry Cade)
0030    "Wall of Dedication" at the Gay and Lesbian Community Center, 912 E. Sahara Ave., Las Vegas. (1995) Each brick of the wall has a plaque to reflect the donation. "Becky" is the chairperson for the wall project. (2 images)
0031    Pride Street Dancers from "Greased Lightning: at the Gay & Lesbian Community Center. (1995)
0032    Las Vegas Gay Pride Festival-June 5, 1994. Fifteen (15) images including Kenny Kerr, Las Vegas Mayor Jan Jones, Ann Occhi. Some ids on back of photos.
0033    Las Vegas Gay Pride Festival-June 5, 1994. Nineteen (19) images.
0034    Eighteen (18) images taken at the Las Vegas Gay Pride Festival-June 5, 1994.
0035    Las Vegas Gay Pride Festival-June 5, 1994. Twenty (20) images (includes Anne Davis Mulford, Rosalie Pouinard, Daniel Hinkley, Strutt Hurley, Mark Burns-all id'd on back.)
0036    Las Vegas Gay Pride Festival-June 5, 1994. Twenty-one (21) images.
0037    Las Vegas Gay Pride Festival-May 28, 1995. Fifteen (15) images. (Includes Raul Mangubat; Wes Miller; Joel Castillo; Rob Schlegel; Kenny Kerr; LV City Councilman Michael McDonald; drag performer Cha-Cha; performer Kristine W.)
0038    Thirteen (13) images-Las Vegas Gay Pride Festival-May 28, 1995.
0039    Las Vegas Gay Pride Festival-May 28, 1995. Thirteen (13) images.
0040    Las Vegas Gay Pride Festival-May 28, 1995. Thirteen (13) images.
0041    Las Vegas Gay Pride Festival-May 28, 1995. Thirteen (13) images.
0042    Get Booked (bookstore), 4643 S. Paradise Road, Las Vegas. (c. 1994-95) See back for i.d.
0043    Get Booked (bookstore-4643 S. paradise Rd., Las Vegas) June 27, 1995. Autograph reception for the book, Pink Highways, by the Mad Monks. Eighteen (18) images include: store owner Wes Miller; manager Raul Mangubat; Mad Monks James Crotty and Michael Lane. (See backs of photos for i.d.s)
0044    Gipsy (nightclub)-4605 Pa5radise Rd., Las Vegas, 1995. Twenty-three (23) images.
0045    Gipsy (nightclub)-4605 paradise Rd., Las Vegas, 1995. (includes drag performers) Sixteen (16) images.
0046    Gipsy (nightclub)-Las Vegas. (1995) Fifteen (15) images.
0047    Gipsy nightclub-4605 Paradise Road Las Vegas, Nev. (1995) Thirteen (13) images (includes drag performers).
0048    Gipsy nightclub-Las Vegas. (1995) Twelve (12) images.
0049    Gipsy (nightclub)-4605 paradise Rd.-Las Vegas. (1995) Seven (7) images (includes Islagar Labrada). Labrada in blue striped shirt, Patty in tank top.
0050    Go-Go boy (Elden) at the Cave nightclub-5740 West Charleston-Las Vegas. (1993) Five (5) images.
0051    Cave nightclub-5740 West Charleston Blvd., Las Vegas Nev. L (1994) Go-Go Boy-Adam.
0052    Cave nightclub in Las Vegas-5740 W. Charleston Blvd. (1995) Go-Go boys and male strippers. Nine (9) images.
0053    Cave nightclub-5740 W. Charleston Blvd. (1995) Male strippers and Go-Go boys. Three (3) images.
0054    Goodtimes-1775 E. Tropicana Avenue in the Liberace e Plaza, Las Vegas. (1995) Includes drag performers. Seventeen (17) images.
0055    Goodtimes-see photo #0054-1995. Seventeen (17) images, includes drag performers.
0056    Goodtimes nightclub-1775 E. Tropicana Avenue, Las Vegas. (1994) Two views of Giovanni.
0057    David Green (left) at Goodtimes nightclub-1775 E. Tropicana, Las Vegas. (1995)
0058    Tony James (rt.), drag performer at Goodtimes nightclub in Las Vegas. (1995)
0059    Kenny Kerr, Las Vegas performer-1995. Six (6) images. Tony James in one picture. (id'd on back of photo)
0060    Kenny Kerr birthday party at Gipsy nightclub, Nov. 24, 1994. Includes Kenny Kerr, drag performers, male stripper. Sixteen (16) images.
0061    Lace nightclub (aka Angles-n-Curves; Angles-n-Lace), 4633 Paradise Road, Las Vegas. (1994-95) Eighteen (18) images.
0062    Lock, Stock, and Leather (4640 Paradise Rd., Suite 10, Las Vegas ). (1995) Three (3) images include Mary Rasmussen aka "Murphy".
0063    National Coming Out Day/Gay Day-at Wet 'n' Wild, Las Vegas. (Oct. 1, 1995) Includes Tony Clark. Eleven (11) images.
0064    Gipsy nightclub-Las Vegas-(1994-95). L-R: Lane Olson and Tyrone Smith.
0065    "Princess Anne's Castle"-party at the home of Anne Davis Mulford, 1995. Six (6) images.
0066    Opening of the film "The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love" at the Paradise Cinema, Las Vegas. (July 21, 1995) Some ids on back of photos. Eleven (11) images.
0067    Nine (9) images-Carlo Roncancio, photographer (gold hat). (1994-95)
0068    Safer Sex Party at Angles-n-Lace fundraiser for Aid for AIDS of Nevada. (Aug. 405, 1995) Fifteen (15) images.
0069    Safer Sex Party fundraiser-see photo #0068. Sixteen (16) images. Anne Davis Mulford in some.
0070    Safer Sex Party fundraiser see photo #0068. Fourteen (14) images. Strutt Hurley and Anne Davis Mulford in one.
0071    Snick's Place, 1402 S. Third St., Las Vegas, Nevada. (1995-96) Four (4) images.
0072    Eugene Godina at the Tiger Lily Flower Shop. (1995) Two images.
0073    Texas Rodeo Saloon, 3430 E. Tropicana Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada. (1995) Four (4) images.
0074    UMC AIDS UNIT-10TH ANNIVERSARY-1995. Three (3) images. Includes Dr. Jerry Cade. (See Las Vegas Bugle , 9-10-95, 10-15 for complete identification.)
0075    Vicious Rumors [nightclub], 6370 Windy Street, Las Vegas. (1994-95) Fifteen (15) images.
0076    Vicious Rumors-see photo #0075. (1994-95) Fifteen (15) images.
0077    Vicious Rumors nightclub-see photo #0075. (1994-95) Eight (8) images.
0078    Jeff Williams. (1995) Bouncer at Backstreet & Buffalo and Angles'n'Lace. Coordinator of the 20-something youth group for the Gay and Lesbian Community Center.
0079    Rick Thurber, owner of Video West, 5785 W. Tropicana, Las Vegas. (1995) Three (3) images.
0080    L-R: Dr. Lisa Bechtel; Susan Carratelli, Holly [Lee] Carratelli. (1994)
0081    Ann Occhi (3rd from right). (1994)
0082    Unidentified meeting at the Spotlight Lounge, c. 1998. See id inside envelope. Seven (7) images.
0083    Unidentified Spotlight Lounge bartender, c. 1998.
0084    Michael Wirick.
0085    Southern Nevada Association of Pride, Inc., Board of Directors, 1996. See oversize copy for identification. (OVERSIZE PRINT ALSO)
0086    Unidentified event evidently sponsored by the Imperial Royal Court of the Desert Empire Inc., c. 1998. [Known in 1998 as the Imperial Royal Sovereign Court of the Desert Empire, Inc.] Seventeen (17) images with negatives. See paper inside envelope for ids.
0087    Vincent Frey at right. (c. 2001-2002)
0088    Gay and Lesbian Community Center Honorarium (April 28, 1996) at Utopia nightclub. Eighteen (18) images. Some ids on back of photos.
0089    Gay and Lesbian Community Center Honorarium (Apr. 28, 1996). See photo #0088. Seventeen (17) images.
0090    Friday night men's group. Thanksgiving dinner at Community Counseling Center, 1998. Located at 1120 Almond Tree lane, Suite 207, Las Vegas. Five (5) images.
0091    Ken Christmas ("Mr. Las Vegas Leather 2001"). (2 images)
0092    Imperial Royal Court of the Desert Empire-2002. Eight (8) images. Emperor IV, Tim Conway; Helen Twelvetrees, Empress IV.
0093    Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel-1205 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas. (2001) Five (5) images. Sonny Brown (long hair) and Bill Sullivan.
0094    Free Zone (nightclub), 610 East Naples Drive, Las Vegas. (c. 2001-2002) Rob and Jason.
0095    Christopher Kamis.
0096    Party Gras Las Vegas '99. (Mardi Gras Ball at the Holiday Inn Emerald Springs, 2-28-99). Nineteen (19) images with negatives. Some photos id'd on back.
0097    Sixteen (16) images-Party Gras Las Vegas '99. See photo #0098. Some photos id'd on back.
0098    Cast of "A Very Gay Christmas Carol" (c. 2001?) Center Stage Productions. Eighteen (18) images. Some photos id'd on back.
0099    AIDS Walk 2002. (4-28-02) Sixteen (16) images. [negative codes 084-629 & 239-160]
0100    Free Zone (610 E. Naples Drive, Las Vegas) (2002) Twelve (12) images.
0101    Gay and Lesbian Community Center Honorarium (5-4-02) Hard Rock Hotel Casino. Ten (10) images. Some photos id'd on back.
0102    Gay Pride Pageant 2002 (May 2, 2002) at Free Zone (nightclub). Twenty-two (22) images. Some photos id's on back.
0103    Miss Back Door Contest-April 19, 2002. Fourteen (14) images.
0104    Miss Back Door Contest-April 19, 2002. Nineteen (19) images.

** NOTE:     Several rolls of undeveloped film are stored in Las Vegas Bugle     Manuscript Collection #2003-21.