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Robert E. "Spud" Lake Photographs

Extent: 0.2 Linear Feet (2 hanging folders)
Location: Photo Cabinet 2:C

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Collection Contents:
The Robert E. "Spud" Lake Photographs depict "Spud" Lake, his family, and Las Vegas, Nevada from 1905 to 1947. The photographs include the Las Vegas town site auction, Stewart (Kiel) Ranch, Clark County Courthouse, Eglington Ranch, Helldorado Parade, and Colorado River and the Hoover (Boulder) Dam. The photographs also depict a Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce luncheon honoring Las Vegas pioneers, the Gold Bar Club tent in Pahrump, Nevada, and Fremont Street in Las Vegas.

Early Las Vegas

01    Auction, Clark Townsite, May 15, 1905

02    Main Street

03    Stewart Ranch (postcard)

04    Clark County Courthouse. Frank Waite , under sheriff, and wife Nellie on horseback.(c. 1914)-Identified by Ron Donoho , 1-13-98.

05    Ball field

06    New York Store baseball team

07    Freighting team in front of Cottage Hotel, including Ed Marshall, E.G. Waite, Earl Rockwell, Spud Lake (postcard)

Air Transportation

08    U.S. Air Mail, April 17, 1926 ( Fred Kelly name on plane) (postcard)

09    Mounted rider giving mail sack to pilot, Western Air Express, April 17, 1926 (postcard)

10    Snow scene, 4th and Fremont, 1921

11    Eglington Ranch

12    Petrified wood gathered by Lakes

Later Las Vegas

13    Helldorado, 1935, with Spud Lake and George Hathaway

14    Helldorado, 1935, Spud Lake in costume and vehicle

Colorado River, Boulder (Hoover)Dam

15    Murl Emery and party in boat at shore

16    Congressional party visiting Black Canyon dam site, 1923

17    Spud Lake at Colorado River

18    Spud Lake at Colorado River

19    Unident. Man at Colorado River

20    Hoover Dam, upstream

Lucky Dutchman Mine

21    Lucky Dutchman, RR Pass, man pictured is Spud Lake


22    LV&T Depot Rhyolite, 1920's. Still shows "Women" over separate waiting rooms.



23    Tent mining town

24    Gold Bar Club, men at entry, including George Sanders

25    Gold Bar Club, Nellie Waite, Claude Mackie and George Sanders, 1928

26    Gold Bar Club, Fred Hesse and Spud Lake

27    Gilbert Bros.

Unidentified location

28    Airplane and four unident. individuals (prob. Las Vegas)

29    Automobiles

30    Driveway gate

31    Two men, unident., appears to be tug o' war over fish


32    [Cliff Lake on telephone?] with tent in distance (postcard)

33    Robert E. Lake (double exposure)

34    Spud Lake on horseback, ident. As "Wild Cave Man"

35    Jack Tuck and burro

36    Nellie Waite , s.e. of Sloan in front of petroglyphs

37    Frank and Nellie Waite at same location

38    Frank Waite and Spud Lake at Fort Callville, waters of Lake Mead rising

39    [Ed Waite?] standing by auto in desert

40    Tom Lake, Spud Lake?, Jack Tuck, using burro to pull wagon

41    Robert and Mary Lake and two unident. men on desert outing

42    (same outing as above, note additional woman)

43    (same outing as above, note additional woman to 41)

44    Nellie Brighton Lake (also id'd as Nellie Waite)

45    Spud Lake, Mike Fisher, Ed Wagner, Frank Waite identified as "alias Charleston?"

46    Nana Emrich, and children; Jim Bearden, Eugene Bearden, Bob Eglington at Eglington Ranch

47    Frank Waite and two women in horse-drawn wagon (postcard)

48    Las Vegas Oldtimers including Squires, Aplins, Balls, Lakes, Westlakes, Von Tobels.

49    Unidentified prospector and burro entitled, "The Prospector-(Return)", taken by railroad station which was in a railroad car. Prospector shows original station. SP,    LA &SL coach No. 12 in background.


***NOTE: Spud Lake made some identifications in 1978. Because of his advanced age, id's should be used in conjunction with other evidence .

He stated that planes may be those of Maury Graham, pioneer pilot. Also, he noted that Tommy Thompson ran Rockwell Field when it was opened. Petrified wood pictured in no.12 was gathered in the vicinity of the Spring Mountain Ranch. In 1978 it was donated to the Nevada State Park System and returned to Spring Mountain Ranch.

A. Kepper 3/27/79