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Photo Collections Record

Lake Eglington Family Photograph Collection

Extent: 1.6 Linear Feet (4 hanging folders, 1 shared box of negatives, and 1 flat file)
Location: Photo Cabinet 1:C, Photo Collection Negatives Box 02, Oversize Photo Cabinet 1:A

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Lake-Eglington Family Papers, 1905-1983. MS-00142. Special Collections, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.

Earle Frost Eglington. Interview, October 30, 1975. OH-00527. Oral History Research Center, Special Collections, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.

Olive Lake-Eglington. Interview, October 30, 1975. OH-00528. Oral History Research Center, Special Collections, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.

Olive Lake-Eglington. Interview, July 01, 1984. OH-00529. Oral History Research Center, Special Collections, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mrs. (R. E. & Tom) Lake. Interview, February, 1951. OH-01051. Oral History Research Center, Special Collections, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.

Collection Contents:

0001    Petroglyphs
0002    Petroglyphs
0003    Petroglyphs
0004    Petroglyphs
0005    Incised stone
0006    Petroglyph collected by R.E. Lake

Early Las Vegas

0007    Native Americans (oversize)
0008    Big Springs at a distance
0009    Trees at Big Springs
0010    Spring at Big Springs

Old Fort (Old Ranch)

0011    Old Mormon Fort (oversize)
0012    Vegas Creek and the Old Bridge (postcard)
0013    Old Fort, tents at left
0014    Burros, Stewart Ranch (postcard)
0015    Well at Ranch (may be Eglington rather than Las Vegas Ranch)
0016    Group at Las Vegas Ranch
0017    Interior of tent, group picture


0018    Whorl's Hardware
0019    First State Bank
0020    Woodard's Down Town Camp
0021    Barber shop, Hotel Nevada

Schools (Education)

0022    Schoolchildren at 2nd & Lewis
0023    Las Vegas School, flag pole ceremony, ca 1915-16
0024    CCHS Basketball team
0025    CCHS school picture 1912
0026    CCHS school orchestra ca 1912
0027    CCHS play; take-off on Merchant of Venice
0028    Las Vegas School children ca. 1912
0029    Olive Lake's Fourth Grade, 1918
0030    CCHS Washington's Birthday Anniversary Exercises
0031    Ada Lake's Sunday's school class, Methodist Church

Residences (Domestic Architecture)

0032    Lake tenet house
0033    Lake home on North 3rd Street
0034    Eglington barn home on ranch
0035    Eglington ranch house under construction
0036    "                 "            "1911-1912
0037    "                 "            " spring 1913
0038    "                 "            " (dup. With ms. Notations)
0039    Eglington ranch house (questionable date)
0040    Eglington ranch home with Mrs. Luena Eglington, 1916
0041    "                 "                        " (duplicate as postcard)
0042    Dora Lee's house
0043    W.R. Thomas residence (postcard)
0044    Backyard of residence (Lake) on N 3rd St, snow scene
0045    Grace Worrell's home

Folder 10-2

Artesian Wells

0046    Flowing well
0047    Leaubenheimer well, 15 inches.
0048    Eglington well
0049    Well at Eglington Ranch
0050    Close-up of Eglington well
0051    Eglington well, spouting 25ft in air (postcard)
0052    Crystal Beauty well (postcard)
0053    Eglington Artesian well, ca 1912-13
0054    Frederick and Earle Eglington at well
0055    Artesian well on Eglington Ranch near Las Vegas, Nevada. (postcard)


0056    Horse and wagon
0057    Earle in Overland 90 (auto)
0058    Earle and his first car

Later Las Vegas

0059    Old Fort, ca 1949
0060    Manual training building, Las Vegas High School (postcard)

Methodist Church

0061    Ground breaking
0062    Cast for church play
0063    Lorenzi Park (postcard)
0064    Mint Hotel (postcard)
0065    Sahara Hotel (postcard)


0066    Russell Home
0067    Arden Plaster Mill at Arden. Arden Plaster RR and ore cars in background)

Boulder Dam, Colorado River

0068    Boulder Junction celebration of construction of branch to the dam.
0069    Boats on river
0070    Col. River Board, Bureau of Recl.
0071    Signing of Six Companies contract (dup?)
0072    Boulder Dam construction (postcard)
0073    "At Boulder Dam" (water pouring from outlet works)
0074    Col. R. looking upstream, Boulder dam site (postcard)
0075    Boulder Dam (downstream) (postcard)
0076    Boulder Dam (downstream) (postcard)
0077    Arizona Spillway and Highway Bridge, Boulder Dam (postcard)
0078    Boating on Boulder Dam Lake (postcard)

Lost City

0079    Restored Homes (postcard)
0080    Layers of Ashes in Plaza (postcard)
0081    Skeleton and Pottery
0082    Ruins of Adobe Houses (postcard)

Mt. Charleston

0083    Cabins in snow


0084    Wedding photo, Olive Lake and Earle Frost Eglington
0085    WW I soldiers from Clark County (postcard)
0086    Group of young women including Grace Worrell, Wanda Ball, Julia Russell, Olive Lake
0087    Pastel portraits by Gladys (Boggs) Marshall
0088    Helen Sanders
0089    Jack Tuck
0090    Group of Las Vegas women including Frances Farnsworth and Helen J. Stewart.
0091    Boone Wilson family
0092    Marie Wilson, Olive Eglington
0093    Teacher Elsie Bartlett, Alice Lake and Walter Manuel with LV School pennant


0094    Death Valley (Dinah?) machine later bought to El Dorado Canyon.
0095    Long Beach picnic of Las Vegans, 1928 (oversize)


Additions to Lake-Eglington Collection

0096    James Beck Wilson, George "Tweed" Anderson Wilson (dup. #0011 0008)
0097    Tents on Las Vegas Creek, Old Ranch, ca. 1905
0098    Lake family, Ontario, 1900
0099    Fremont Street, 1921
0100    Pack animals, Las Vegas Ranch
0101    Similar view
0102    Wheel of Fortune, Spud Lake is dealer (postcard)
0103    Clark County High School Class Day program. May 8, 1919. (neg)
0104    Indian Ben's home. Later used for Blue Diamond School-now the Oliver Ranch. (neg)
0105    Squaw camp on creek where Indians used to drink and howl. (neg)
0106    Old Eglington Ranch 9/41. After Eglington home was gone. (neg.)
0107    1907 possibly "Ladies Aid" group (neg.)
0108    Fourth St. Ferrons on the corner 1/10/30. (neg)
0109    Woodward's Downtown Camp and Garage , 1926.
0110    Woodward's Downtown Camp and Garage , Small cottages to the right rear.
0111    Fremont looking west from January 10, 1930
0112    Jan. 10, 1939. Where Earle worked.
0113    Woodward's Downtown Camp & Garage.
0114    High School Freshman class held in Methodist Church, 1912-13. Left to right: Olive lake , Teacher Miss Jones, May Depew. Front row: L-R: Nita Tooley, Herbert Squires, Rose Coughlin, Harold Clayson, and Jessie Bishop. (dup. Of photo from album #I:18)
0115    "About 1916-Paradise Valley School. Near Wittwer Ranch south of Vegas. My first school. Boarded at Mc Griff Ranch. Margaret, Irma Potter, Wittwer Twins, Buster [Wilson], dog, George." Handwritten insc. By Olive Lake Eglington.

Additions to Collection from Album***

***Negatives only unless indicated otherwise.
I:4.3    "Our second home in Las Vegas at 'bend of the creek' near First & Bonanza. May 1905."
I:6.1    "Back row-1. James Squires 2. Mrs. Palmer 3. Tom Lake 4. Frank Ferris 5. Ernest Lake 6. Jessie Bishop. Second row: 7. Wanda Ball 8. Olive Lake 9. Julia Westlake 10. Edith Aplin 11. Joe McQuade-1906"
I:6.3    "Third Street looking north toward Fremont. Our house was first beyond the large house in the distance. 1907-08"
I:6.4    "1. Tweed Wilson 2. Mrs. Ball 3. Joe McQuade 4. Spud    5. Jim Wilson 6. Olive 7. Wanda 8. Lois Ball 9. Ada. 1908"
I:15.3    "Julia Russel, Grace Worrel, Olive, Wanda, our S.S. Teacher."
I:16.2    "Cottonwood Ranch."
I:18     See #0114 above for identification.
I:19.1    "Olive-near Stewart Ranch."
I:20.1    "Olive-near Stewart Ranch."
I:24.1    "Wanda, Gladys, Steven, Martha."
I:25.1    "Maude Swartwood, a cousin of Earl Rockwell. Visiting from New York.
I:27.1    "At Ladd's Resort east of Las Vegas"
I:32.1    "Chopping Wood."
I:32.2    "At Big Springs in Vegas."
I:33.3    "Charleston 1912. Olive Herbert, & Dad at his mine, 2 miles on up the Canyon."
I:34.4    "Log cabin 'Charleston'." (Another photo, #3, features Mr. Worrell. This Cabin was probably his.)
I:36.1    "Charleston. Olive."
I:37.3    Men sitting on rail.
I:39.1    (Print) "Sunday School picnic at the Stewart Ranch."
I.:41.    Basketball Team CCHS
I:41.2    (Print) Team playing on the field.
I:41.3    Players in black garb.
I:42.1    (Print) Girls basketball team, CCHS "H.S. Princ., Mr. Overman. Wife & daughter."
I:45.4    "Helen Bunker, Gladys Boggs, Zatta McDonald, Olive Lake, Norma Brockman, Maria."
I:46.1    "Las Vegas & Tonopah R.R."
I:47.1    Standing group
I:50.2    "Blacksmith shop at Wilson's Ranch ."
I:51.2    Wagon "at Wilson's Ranch."
I:51.3    "Watering trough 'at Wilson's Ranch'".
I:52.2    "At Wilson's Ranch"
I:52.3    "At Wilson's Ranch"
I.53.1    "Wanda, Olive 'at Wilson's Ranch".
I:53.2    At Wilson's Ranch. At Wilson's Reservoir.
I:55.1    "Buster & Boone Wilson. Tweed's boys by Annie. Indian Ben's daughter at Wilson Ranch. "Jack Naylor, Ranch and 'at Wilson's ranch."
I:56.1    "Mary Syphus, Florence Bishop, Martha Kramer, Helen Bunker, Wanda Ball, Olive Lake. In front yard at dorm where most of them lived while going to H.S. in Vegas 1912-1913."
I:57.1    "Top row- Helen Bunker, Mary Syphus, Florence Bishop, Zella Peterson, Wanda Ball."
I:58.1    "1912-1913. Helen Bunker, Martha Kramer, Zella Peterson, Miss Senn (housemother & teacher), Mary Syphus, Florence Bishop."
I:58.2    "Olive Lake. Graduation, 1913."
I:59.1    "Martha Kramer, Helen Bunker."
I:61.2    "John." (John Summerville, Olive's first sweetheart, 1913.)
I:64.1    "Roy Mosback & Henry Lotts at "Lucky Strike" mine, Charleston."
I:65.1    "Ada's H.S. Class."
I:66.3    "Charlie Brown & Spud Lake, about 1917."
I:73.1    (Print) "Las Vegas in 1913." (RR yards)
I:73.2    (Print) "Las Vegas in 1913." (RR yards)
I:74.1    (Print) "Las Vegas in 1913." (RR yards)
I:74.2    (Print) "Las Vegas in 1913." (RR yards)
I:76.2    "Emily Lake."
I:82.2    "Our home- 128 N. 3rd ST." (Print) "At Charleston, Ball's Cabin."
I:89.1    (Print) "At McGriff Ranch. South of Vegas where I lived while teaching at Paradise Valley. Mr. & Mrs. McGriff & his mother."
I:89.2    (Print) "My first school in Paradise"
I:90.1    "Olive at McGriff's well."
I:90.2    "Green house. Warm water from well at McGriff's Ranch."
I:92.1    "Back row-Margaret Howell, Irma Potter. Front row- Witter twins, Arda & Verda Potter, Dale Howell. Fall, 1916."
I:93.1    "At Potosi Mine, 1917."
I:93.2    "At Potosi Mine, 1917."
I:98.1    "Olive, Clyde & Della McGriff."
I:126.2    "Teachers in Las Vegas Schools. R to L, Olive (half), Rose Ullom, Cora Maeble, Dora Lee, Maude Williams."
I:128.1    "Kirkpatric Bros.-Ralph in center."
I:136.3    "Olivia Jewel."
I:150.2    "Jim, Ada, Tweed." (In front of blacksmith's shop at Wilson's Ranch)
I:160.3    (Mrs. Lake & 4 daughters)
I:164.1    Women posing
I:164.2    Women posing