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Lake-Rockwell, Alice and Earl Rockwell Collection

Collection Contents:
Early Las Vegas

01    Camping on the creek below Bonanza [Las Vegas Creek], men include Johnnie Horden

02    Same as above, men include Bill Bishop

03    Same as above, stopping for a beer

04    Same as above, relaxing

05    Same as above, probably gambling

06    View of downtown, towards 2nd and Fremont, depot in distance, ca. 1906

Colorado River, Hoover Dam

07    Dam-related construction scene above river

08    Hoover Dam

09    Hoover Dam completed, aerial view, upstream

10    Hoover Dam completed, downstream

Additions to Collection

Early Las Vegas

11    View of Las Vegas from depot, ca. 1910 (postcard) (Wilson Drug Co.)

12    Volunteer fire department, Oakes Foto

13    Volunteer fire department, Oakes Foto?

14    Rockwell residence, 118 N. 3rd Street , 1912


Blue Diamond

15    Pete Mescher at Cottonwood

16    View from distance

17    Old Fort Callville about 1910


18    Mabel Grant Plumb, May 1905 (first school teacher, LV)

19    Earl Rockwell, Helldorado garb ?

20    Earl Rockwell with 10-1/4 lb fish

21    Baseball team, ca. 1907-8 ( Alter Coll.)


Rockwell Family Genealogical

22    Unknown couple (daguerreotype)

23    William H. Rockwell

24    Lottie A. Rockwell, full portrait

25    Lottie A. Rockwell, bust portrait

26    School scene in New York, including Earl Rockwell

Additions to Collection

27    Las Vegas Police; Left to right seated : 1. Archie Mellott, 2. Dick Leavitt, 3. Eddie Sorvinski, 4. R.E.R., 5. Jimmie Downs, 6. Tiny Putman, 7. L.H.R., 8. Lynn Botts, 9. Bill Trelease (back of Case), 13. Tommy Pickett (in seat, black hat), 14. Bill Hall(in seat,light hat)

28    Tatt E. Smith, Las Vegas police force on steps of station

29    Jimmie Downs and R.E.R. , on fire truck, 1962