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Victor Kunkel Photograph Collection, Victor

Extent: 1.75
Location: PC 03:D, PC Negatives Box 07, MS MC 01:B

Collection Contents:
Basic Magnesium Inc. Plant Las Vegas , Nevada

0001    U.S. Senator & Mrs. Pat McCarran toured plant. Seven million dollars in silver bus bars �' X 8" lengths , 2 foot to 40 foot long (Due to lack of copper)

0002    Let to right: 1-U.S. Treasury Guard, 2-Victor V. Kunkel, 3-F.O. Case , 4-Senator Pat McCarran, 5-Pop Mooney, 6- U.S. Treasury Guard.

0003    Drilling 7/8" holes in bus bars

0004    Air view, east, metal producing plant, with trailer camp and construction boarding camp in background.

0005    Construction progress of thickener tanks in neutralizing plant, showing wall forms and reinforcing steel in place.

0006    Special bus bar bender.

0007    Bus bar schedule of night and day shifts of bus bar

0008    Bus bar shop- bus bars ready for assembly

0009    Milling edge on bus bars

0010    Construction progress of thickener tanks in neutralizing plant, showing wall forms and reinforcing steel in place

0011    Stacks of bus bars cut to length ; bus bar cutting and storage department.

0012    Hydraulic bending machine for bending � X 8" bar cold.

0013    Stacking bus bars ready for fill.

0014    Starting of first building for Basic Magnesium Co., 1942

0015    Ventilation duct in chloration building

0016    Same as above

0017    Finished bus bars ready to be delivered to field

0018    Close-up of hydraulic binder

0019    Milling connector ends of bus bar

0020    Test jigs for bus bar

0021    Heavy duty saw for cutting bus bars to length

0022    Sanding bus bars

0023    Completed bus bars ready to deliver to field

0024    Showing machinery necessary for making bus bars

0025    Special built hydraulic benders for bending bus bars

0026    Water exchange valve room

0027    Plant that processes pellets used in manufacture of magnesium.

0028    Dust collection-Eddie Cleat on, supt. Of masonry

0029    Sheet metal shop fire

0030    Sheet metal shop 1943

0031    General sheet metal office-1943

0032    Four foot heavy shear

0033    Sheet metal temporary storage shop

0034    Part of sheet metal welding shop

0035    Ten foot binding brake

0036    Sheet metal shop -fabrication


Basic Magnesium Inc. Plant Las Vegas , Nevada (cont.)

0037    Hopper & blow pipe for feeding pellets to building

0038    10 foot shear

0039    Roof ventilators in place. Each ventilator weight 750 pounds.

0040    Roof view of metal building

0041    View of roof of metal building

0042    Roof ventilators in yard

0043    Temporary sheet metal shop

0044    Temporary sheet metal shop

0045    First sheet metal shop before fire

0046    New sheet metal shop after fire

0047    Looking east across roof. Demountable homes in upper part of picture

0048    Special jig pole for installing framework of buildings

0049    Installing ventilator to be installed on metal building

0050    Powerhouse and boiler room

0051    Roof of metal building

0052    Roof of chloration building]

0053    Metal building construction

0054    Anchors for clam shell

0055    Another view of metal building showing construction

0056    Steel support for metal building

0057    Welding brackets for clamshell ventilators

0058    Metal building construction

0059    Anchors for metal building

0060    View of metal building

0061    Metal building

0062    Processing Plant

0063    Roof of Basic Magnesium Plant

0064    Rubber Line American Blower Fan

0065    Metal building unit #10

0066    Metal building unit #9

0067    Special building Union Pacific Railroad siding for magnesium plant

0068    Chlorine gas plant

0069    Processing plant

0070    Warehouse showing Union Pacific Railroad siding

0071    Small warehouse on railroad siding

0072    Pump house and valve for chlorine storage

0073    Boiler house

0074    L-R: Mrs. Pat McCarran; F.O. Case, project manager for BMI; U.S. Senator Pat McCarran; unidentified; Pop Mooney, gen. prog. Store and warehouse manager.

0075    Ralph Simpkins and V.V. Kunkel-"completion of world's largest asbestos protected metal installation, Oct. 2, 1943"


Basic Magnesium Inc. Plant Las Vegas , Nevada (cont.)

0076    Same as #74

0077    Victor Kunkel placing last bolt in building

0078    Same as above, different place

0079    Foundry room for Basic Magnesium Co. White buildings used for peat moss storage.

0080    Brownie, Keaton and Dave Anderson by the "Lake"

0081    Bathing beauty Helldorado float 1943

0082    Helldorado float leaving McNeil Ranch to Helldorado parade, May 20, 1943

0083    L-R: V.E. McDonnel, R.E. Thomas, W.E. Whittier, Bruce McNeil, F.O. Case, Jack Charles, H. Satterthwaite

0084    Basic Magnesium Plant Las Vegas Nevada (OVERSIZE)

Basic Magnesium, Inc. Plant, Gabs Valley, Nevada

0085    Basic Magnesium, Inc.

0086    Ore being hauled by truck

0087    Aerial view of B.M.I. plant (Dup. in Ellis Coll., Temp #6 , Album #5

0088    Same as Above

Additions to Collection

Arizona and New Mexico

0089    Train collision at Winslow, Arizona. (1892)

0090    Train collision at Winslow, Arizona (1892)

0091    The Devil's Punch Bowl near Winslow, Arizona (Photo by W.Cal Brown & Co., official photographers A&P.R.R.Co.)

0092    Devil's Punch Bowl near Winslow, Arizona. (One of the men is Mr. Kunkel)

0093    Devil's Punch Bowl near Winslow, Arizona. (One of the men is Mr. Smith)

0094    Top of Jasper Hill, in Petrified Forest in Arizona . (Ben Wittick-photographer)

0095    A view of Petrified Forest near Holbrook, Arizona. (Photo by Ben Wittick)

0096    View of the Apache camp in Arizona. (Photo by Ben Wittick)

0097    Indians in camp [somewhere in Arizona]. (Photo by A.A. Forbes)

0098    Mojave Indian camp [in Arizona ] (photo by Ben Wittick)

0099    Tzashima, woman of Pueblo Laguna, New Mexico. (photo by Ben Wittick)

0100    Na-buagh-I-ta, Apache medicine man. (photo by Ben Wittick)

0101    Bonito, Chiricahua chief. (photo by Ben Wittick)

0102    Gai-ten-eh, head chief of Warm Spring Apaches, with his family. (He was successor to Victorio) Photo by Ben Wittick

0103    [Waniga], Mojave woman. (photo by Ben Wittick)

0104    Apache baby. (photo by Ben Wittick)