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John and Barbara Kizziar Photograph Collection

Location: PC 10:A, PC Negatives Box 18

Collection Contents:
0001    Liberty's Last Stand, a bootleg bar set up on Block 16, LV (1931-1932) as part of federal sting operation. (see book, Liberty's Last Stand, by R.A. Kelly, call # HV 5089.K36 1932)

Photographs #0002-0111 were copied from a photo album compiled by John Kizziar which chronicle his adventures working on construction of Hoover Dam.

0002    "Transports coming from dam - day shift. Climbing out the sides to be one of first in the commissary for a bottle of beer. It's been hot down there and they are thirsty." (handwritten inscription)

0003    Six Companies Inc. dormitory housing 172 men, Boulder City, NV. (Bureau of Recl. Photo) "One of several dorms that happened to be
mine - arrow points to room. No grass to mow. One of its good points. Radios would not receive programs until early night, reason - no ground - no moisture in soil" (handwritten inscr.)

0004    "One pour wide getting in each other's way; hi-line moving catwalk soon will be finished." (handwritten insc.) Hoover Dam under construction.

0005    Hoover Dam Construction. "This picture shows 'tail tower'. Each tower has a 50 ton counter-weight on each tower. Man sitting on tract is tender." (handwritten insc.)

0006    Construction on dam. " The view the operators see. Head towers of four hi-lines - I understand this is the first time this type of handling the mud, ever been used." (handwritten insc.) (No.7 and 8 at left of photo; No.5 and 6 at right)

0007    Dam - "Upstream face nearing completion began collecting water. Notice how small the men look on the catwalks. This picture taken Jan. 5th, 1935." (handwritten insc.) (upside down on proof sheet)

0008    Newspaper photo, headline reads: "Workers Receive Last Paychecks." Caption: "With its contract fulfilled the Six Companies Corporation turned Boulder Dam over to the government yesterday. Workmen on the project are showing receiving their last paychecks as the engineering concern closed books. Some 1600 men will remain as government employees." (Acme photo)

0009    Mess Hall for Six Companies employees. "The best of meals were served three times a day- and when each shift starts down to work - all the sandwiches you can carry plus drinks $1.75 a day with room. Entrance on right is celebrity dining room where lots of movie stars had dinner. Clara Bow came often. She and husband had a ranch nearby. (Bell Ranch)" (handwritten insc.)

0010    Motor transport (150 men), Boulder Dam. (U.S. Bureau of Reclamation photo) "Too tired and sleepy to want anything but a shower and bed." (handwritten insc.)

0011    "Georgia and I at entrance to top of dam. Head tower of massif government hi-line, to handle 50 ton sections of pipe." (handwritten insc.)

0012    "York and Georgie."

0013    "Another view of head tower of government line; notice large 6 cables it uses." (handwritten insc.)


0014    "Train load of gravel coming in three shay engines used for this load. Gravel comes from downstream of Boulder Canyon." (handwritten insc.)

0015    March 9, 1934 - New Union Pacific Train arrives at Boulder Dam.

0016    Top workings on Boulder Dam from NV rim of Black Canyon. (U.S. Bureau of Reclamation photo) "Top of dam about one form wide - everyone getting in each others way. '(0)' shows how much the slant of the dam has shortened the pours - form raisers have this one in place, waiting for carpenters to build the short side panels. (x) points out upstream face panels - form raisers nightmare, water soaked and patched up, very leery of climbing out, and straddling that lower 2x6 and start unbolting the panel. Notice the hand rails on other panels, but nothing to protect you from walking off the most thrilling fall of your life. Reeves often would (when we were safely out of sight, sitting astride a 2x6) he would sling out a bolt, and wait that long, long minute before it hit bottom. And say, 'Boy,' I'd hate to fall that far.' To be continued." (handwritten insc.)

0017    "High mixing plant (blending and mixing plant." (handwritten insc.)

0018    "Shay engine used at mixing plant. Instead of pistons or drivers, wheels are turned by screws; screw driven." (handwritten insc.)

0019    "York and Georgia at screening plant." (handwritten insc.)

0020    "Personal pictures taken by Tommy Teas (my brother-in-law) of his work mates on #8 line. Bucket swinging - hard to spot. It hanging about 500 ft. Bell boy talking to operator who is out of sight on top of mountain." (handwritten insc.)

0021    (Personal pics, cont., see #0020) "Men building key, about 10 in. high and two ft. wide. (1) Bell boy getting a good sight to spot the bucket in the right place." (handwritten insc.)

0022    Dam - "Still below river bed. Good look at a pouring crew (x) shows bell boy giving orders to operator. Nice shot showing how bucket works. After the bucket leaves, the men will walk all through the fresh mud to walk out any air pockets." (handwritten insc.)

0023    "Part of foundation for powerhouse." (on Boulder Dam)

0024    "Arizona outlets for valve house on Boulder Dam. "Penstocks protruding, waiting for the valve house to be built around them. (x) shows location of working tunnel to receive the pipes to put them in place. Will be plugged later." (handwritten insc.)

0025    "The Dam - indentation in canyon walls are for intake towers. Comparatively small down between the gigantic walls of Black Canyon. Still below river level, but looks like a lot of concrete to me. Train (x) on trussel, with 8 yds. bucket of mud, from lower mixing plant. Nice stroll across the catwalk ($) or better yet, try climbing that wig-wagging stairway wiggling up the canyon wall. I know a guy who did it (once)." (handwritten insc.)

0026    First bucket of concrete in Boulder Dam, June 6, 1933. "The first bucket was 'grout' (cement and water) which was spread over surface of pour with steel brooms. All loose rocks have been pried out, and all cracks have been pumped with grout until filled. Some has taken a week of continuously pumping night and day. Each from and pour is supervised by government selected men." (handwritten insc.)


0027    "Excavation for foundation three hundred feet below river bed down to bedrock." (Looking upstream, excavation for dam foundation, Boulder Dam; Bureau of Reclamation photo) "Seen from lookout point above. Trucks struggling up and down the steep grade, reminds you of ants as they attack this giant job. I often wondered where did they put all this dirt and rubble? Brakes were soon worn out and never replaced. Trucks were geared down real low, but you still got a thrill, going downhill. x-marks trussel for rail that will bring concrete from lower mixing plant around the bend where the mts. end in a gentle slope." (handwritten insc.)

0028    "Drilling of walls to clean up and to blast off loose slabs on upstream canyon walls. These men climb hand over hand at end of shift - and slide down to work. The art of keeping your balance in a bos'n chair is picked up in a hurry at heights like this. I saw a miner hand a 90 lb. Hammer of his shoulder and climb hand over hand 75 ft. up, until he got past the overhang before he could touch the canyon wall with his feet. It was a side show." (handwritten insc.)

0029    "First big blast in canyon."

0030    "The long straight road between Las Vegas and Boulder City." (Boulder Highway)

0031    J.B. Morrison ("Georgia") - "Pal and co-worker, we have shared our hardships, our fun, from the beginning of our time on Boulder Dam." (handwritten insc.)

0032    Lower portals - Arizona side. "Each drill is connected with a water line to wash the drill dust out, and to aid the men in breathing. At end of shift the men come out the tunnels looking like chocolate soldiers - being covered red with mud out of the drilled holes. The temperature often reaches 126 degrees in tunnels. Glad I was a form raiser." (handwritten insc.)

0033    "Upper portals - working bridge for trucks. Taking muck from tunnels - using it to make temporary dam across river to direct water through tunnels." (handwritten insc.)

0034    "First big blast in canyon as seen from road above canyon." (handwritten insc.)

0035    High scaling - Boulder Dam. "The Blackbirds drilling holes for blasting. High scalers - tough job. No chance to sleep here unless you want a long nap. 'Blackie', the graveyard shifter, tells me when he was working the drill from a bo'sn chair. He caught a man who had fallen out of his chair. Had a little too much of on the rocks. Some did fall without any help." (handwritten insc.)

0036    The last big blast at Boulder Dam. (U.S. Bureau of Reclamation photo) "Blasting walls of canyon for keyway."

0037    Coffer dam at Boulder Dam. "Steel beams pile driven, rock filled and covered with reinforced concrete. Note size of trucks (at this time, largest in the world) in front of largest 'drilling jumbo' in the world also. There's six working levels on each side for men to work from, and is forty ft. long. About fifty men, each with a tender, works on this jumbo." (handwritten insc.)


0038    "No.7 hi-line 'My first job'. Showing all the old crew. I am seasoned by now. But Colette the boss (bottom right), on my first night, began to eat me out because I didn't know to follow the crew to next pour. Here stood a man as large as a bull, with a black eye and a hare-lip & bull-dog face, didn't fear me at all - all my fear was on that stuff going back and forth overhead." (handwritten insc.)

0039    "Good view of men working on No.8 hi-line - not up to the intake towers yet, but have dumped a lot of mud in this hole - good picture for night shift. A good action picture. Know all the men well - First there is Slim, Blackie, the man whose back we see is Whitie, the foreman then Tommie. My brother-in-law. There are four lines like this." (inscription)

0040    "Early morning on grave-yard shift - day shift coming on - notice lunch boxes. Hardway Johnnie (John Armitage) the graveyard Asst. Super. Coming down to see why they are slow getting to their jobs - that's me right behind him" "The men nicknamed me (Hardway Jr.) I relayed his orders. He had a hard time walking those 2x12 boards on top of the forms - they did install rails later, as you can see, but didn't weather the rough treatment - (xx) elevator shaft."

"I got a lot of learning under John Armitage. He sent me to relieve on so many different jobs. Had clean up crew for three months - also I ran the pours with #5 hi-line until it could reach the dam no more, with the angle it sat. Tied steel on intake towers two nights.
"Most fearful job was relief hook tender on the stiffleg. The job was situated on a pad on the upstream face of the dam, about level with the low-mix trusel, with just enough room for two of the 8 yd. buckets - the stiffleg would leave a bucket of mud - pick an empty one - No.6 hi-line would leave and empty one and pick up the empty. The men stood as flat as they could - during the exchange with the bucket down. The men would grab the swinging steel cables in one hand, the 12 pound hook and slam in place - no guard rails." (handwritten insc.)

0041    "Intake towers growing. The bottom of the picture shows a finished pour - it must cure for 12 hours in the hot weather, and 48 hours, cold weather - 300 ft. down if you step off the end of this panel (see arrow)." (handwritten insc.)

0042    "The morning after my first night of work, with Dickey" (dog). (John Kizziar, handwritten insc.)

0043    "Government hi-line setting 30' pipe on tracks in working tunnel. Note size of men." (handwritten insc.)

0044    "Placing pipe in penstock tunnels. Spider stays in place until next pipe is connected - still on the rails." (handwritten insc.)


0045    "Both (this picture and #0040) give a good view of workmen getting these two locations ready to pour. The carpenters leveling the panels and installing the vertical keys - plumbers installing cooling pipe - clean-up crew with their air and water hose sandblasting top of cement for better bonding. Must be a rush job for grave-yard tonite."

"Form raisers, with 'A' frames in place. Prying the specially made panel, to replace it with regular one you see lying in pour below." (see top arrow)

"Gov. inspectors (b.arrow). They check every form of work that is done on the dam. Then sign the OK to pour. My job, once, was to see that all works were OK."

"I liked the carefree and daring of the form raisers. Also had a friend in the crew. I got a lot of ribbing from them about my easy job. After two weeks of trying I at last got a transfer. Later felt Tommy sorry. But could walk the 2x12 with both shoulders slung with chain jacks and block & tackle. Or drop down on a up-stream panel, hook my safety belt and twist out as many 'she-bolts' as the best."

"It was fearful hanging on your safety belt, on the upstream face of the dam. Out of sight, all you could see was a lot of down - hang on for dear life - when the crew starts prying the panel loose and you & panel are swinging on the jacks - loved it." (handwritten insc.)
0046 "Arizona spillway empties into 50' diversion tunnel, which will be blocked off above intersection of spillway. The rest of the tunnel is of no use anymore. It was used to divert water around dam while being built. Stoney gate will release as well as the spillway."

"This section of the tunnel was very unstable. Sections of the tunnel would fall without giving any warning at all. Kept the men spooked. I knew a young fellow, who told me he had to get drunk before he could get up enough nerve to go to work. Couldn't get a transfer. This kind of work I call 'hero's of Boulder Dam'." (handwritten insc.) (concreting operation in the No.3 diversion tunnel, Boulder Dam - U.S. Bureau of Reclamation photo)

0047    "Like donkeys in a mine never see daylight." (trucking mammoth concrete buckets in the 50 ft. diameter tunnels at Hoover Dam.) (Oakes photo)

0048    "visit of L.A. Examiner scout car - crossing canyon on Gov. Hi-line." (handwritten insc.)

0049    No.2 diversion tunnel with floor and side walls concreted - Hoover Dam Project. (Oakes photo) "Trucking mud to short hoist above that transfers the mud further in, reinforcing with re-bar where spillway 'intersects' diversion tunnel." (see photo #46) (handwritten insc.)

0050    "Big Gamble - using 8yd. Bucket, dumping mud in small face pour. Notice all that rebar. This is where the dam takes off from the powerhouse."

"Did this once too often - at a much higher elevation. Cable broke at tail tower, bucket no longer under control. Knocked out the panel and slide down the face of the dam and slowly came to a halt. The doors came open and dumped the mud. Lot of excitement at the pour. Someone noticed a small light down by the bucket. Investigating, they found a bell boy striking matches. He had ridden the bucket all the way down." (handwritten insc.)


0051    "View of powerhouse. (x) shows where turbines will be installed." (handwritten insc.) (Bureau of Reclamation photo)

0052    "View of hi-line and carriages on a double cable. First used on buckets. Was a little slow. These hi-lines stretching across the dam on a huge cable. Consist of several small cables in center, weaved together. In the center, outside, the carriages ride on smooth surface of one inch wide steel strips wrapped around the cables for a tight and smooth surface." (handwritten insc.)

0053    "'Pipe fitters' raising air and water pipe to a higher elevation for easier access." (handwritten insc.)

0054    "'The water bag', a very popular item on Dam. Warning signs placed around, 'Do not drink water from taps on dam'. Arsenic in the water and in the mts. Once you get an open cut, you must avoid getting water from the dam in it. You have a good chance of arsenic poisoning. A boy in my dormitory got it. He broke out in sores at some spot. After long treatments it would heal, but two or three weeks break in another spot. Once in the blood, too bad." (handwritten insc.)

0055    "Another good view. Stiffleg making a pour on dam nearest and #7 working in a lower pour - pours are numbered - from face to upstream face. 1-2-3 etc. across from wall to wall by alphabet, the slot (center) is between J & K." (handwritten insc.) (see photos #59-61 for reference to "stiffleg")

0056    "See the river behind the dam. A heavy flow storming upriver - slot in middle of dam has gauges installed along to register heat generated by this pile of cement. Pipe strung along bottom of each pour on each level of the dam, ends in the slot. Each pipe at each level will be pumped with refrigerated water until each level has been cooled. Then the pipes will be pumped full of cement. They will then fill that 5 ft. height. If not cooled, would generate enough heat to explode." (handwritten insc.)

0057    "#8 hi-line with doors open; line is slack on doors. This line is called, by bell boy to operator, the load line. When full of mud this line carries the load. No.8 is now using single line, makes it faster and quieter." (handwritten insc.)
0058 "No.8 and No.7 working off hi-trussel." (Top arrow: "hook tender"; bottom arrow: "donkey operator and his donkey - run by electricity.") "No.8 using 4 yd. bucket to pour small forms on the face of the dam. Some forms become quite small as the slant of the dam shortens them at each height." (handwritten insc.)

0059    "Stiff leg crane. Workers getting stiffleg ready to work. To be a hook tender for this, on the dam, is a very tough job. It has its good points tho. Some days there's not much to do, and you are hung on upstream of the dam, where no one wants to take a chance, and climb down to see what you are doing." (handwritten insc.)

0060    "Riggers threading the steel cable on stiff leg." (handwritten insc.)

0061    "Stiff leg - Crane erected to pour Arizona intakes and this corner of the dam." (handwritten insc.)


0062    Nevada side of dam showing intake towers. "Nevada intakes in their infancy. Another kind of stiffleg to handle material for intake towers on Nevada side = see the monkey slide and wiggling stairway - small view of head tower for hi-lines in upper corner." (handwritten insc.)

0063    "Good view of rebar that goes into intake towers. Very heavy reinforcement steel. I tied steel a half shift one night. On this tower, Nevada side, and two nights later." (handwritten insc.)

0064    "A beautiful sight. Intake tower at night." (handwritten insc.)

0065    "Stiff leg [crane] - crane erected to pour Arizona intakes and this corner of the dam" - (handwritten insc.)

0066    "High and low level (x) is location of control gates. When completed - 380 ft. high - 85 ft. diameter at base - cylinder gates, at base, and 150 ft. higher. Steel and concrete bridges connect towers to the dam control house on each tower to operate gates - weighting half million pounds." (handwritten insc.)

0067    "Babcock and Wilcox Plant - 'Home of 30' pipe' - Being unable to transport large pipe by rail - it was necessary to build an onsite plant 1 mi. from dam." (handwritten insc.)

0068    "Lowering first section of 50 ton pipe to 80' penstocks leading from intake towers." (handwritten insc.)

0069    "'Nevada spillway' during overflow from a record snowfall in the mountains. Reeves fell from the entrance, shown behind the head caption reads: "Tourists photographing spillway at Hoover Dam; tunnel behind man's head carries runoff almost half a mile to the Colorado River below." (handwritten insc.)

0070    Young dam worker, R.B. Reaves (friend of John Kizziar), who fell to his death in the Colorado River. He was a form stripper for Six Companies and he lost his balance while working in the Nevada spillway raise. He was only 17 years old. (March 1935)

0071    Looking upstream through the channel of the Arizona spillway, Boulder Dam. (U.S. Bureau of Reclamation photo). "Spillway with gates up. Weight of water will open gates. Working platform is being moved out of tunnel." (handwritten insc.)

0072    "Speaking of celebrities - 'Form Raising Crew'. A tough and dangerous - a few boys were hurt on this one. I managed to say a little prayer before climbing over a hanging, swinging panel - Dear 'God' don't let it fall now. Only one man on it while it's swinging. Get that first bolt in fast. Art Strickland 'Ill'. Swinging panels make him seasick - some chickens can't fly -" (handwritten insc.

0073    "'Form Raising Crew'�(cont.) 'So. Dakota Slim' - My Gott in himmel! If we had something that wouldn't move - we called on Slim and Reeves." (handwritten insc.)

0074    General view of operations looking across Black Canyon from high point above Nevada spillway. (U.S. Bureau of Reclamation photo). "Birds eye view of dam, spillways, -- intake towers." (handwritten insc.)


0075    " 'Form Raising Crew' (cont.) - 'Chris' the Boss - Webfoot 'Oregon" - Alright boys; let's go over the top - Reeve and I had the guts to climb over a swinging panel. If it was a large panel Slim would climb over after we secured it with a bolt on each end." (handwritten insc.)

0076    " 'Form Raising Crew' (cont.) - Pal Jake 'Georgia' - Georgia Cracker. ('Whar's the hammah? Who's got the bahr')." (handwritten insc.)

0077    "The Crew. (Pictures were taken week after Reeve's seventeenth birthday - 'something for the kid'.) This form is hooked up to 'A' frame bars you see in foreground, is used to pry form from cement after it has been unbolted. Then it is jacked up to position and bolted up. Then load your 'A' frame - jacks, and block & tackle, and move to another job - some high pours have four panels - all swinging." (handwritten insc.)

0078    " 'Form Raising Crew' - cont. - Whitie, Indiana 'Hoosier', lining the bolt up from inside. Always looking for a hammer, or bar, when it was time to climb over the top." (handwritten insc.)

0079    "Drilling jumbo in mouth of spillway tunnel." (handwritten insc.)

0080    "Nevada spillway with flood gates lowered. Notice size of man in gates. Constructed to prevent flood waters from overflowing dam. Each spillway - capable of passing 200,00 cu. ft. per second." (handwritten insc.)

0081    "Record pour - Graveyard crew on No. 7 cableway. 240 8 cu. buckets. 8 hour shift, Boulder Dam. 12-18-34"
        1. high-line operator
        2. Bell boys hi-trussel and on dam. Andy
        3. Donkey operators
        4. Hook tenders
        5. shifter, of crew (Colette)
        6. Night Supt. Car Colette
        7. Regular crew
        8. Me. Returned to help crew for this record from form-raising crew.

"All worked on No. 7 line in some capacity, except 8. Kizziar (KI-ZAH) -as a regular.

"Lots of work that day. Didn't take time for lunch. Run over to grab a bite and jump back. My job was to trip the safety (dog). Bucket was in the pour every two minutes. Just time to wade out of knee deep mud. On top trussel everything was panic. Bellboy sets an empty bucket in crib of flat car (which has three cribs). Hook tender unhooks it and donkey driver will back up to hook on full bucket. Bellboy signals hi-ball -- operator knows how far to take it out by now, easier for bellboy to bring it down. In meantime donkey is heading back to mixing plant for more mud. (Everything going up at a speed, you couldn't keep up every day.)" (handwritten insc.)
[No. 7 Highline crew poured 240 buckets, containing 1932 cubic yards for a pouring record.]


0082    " 'No. 7 Head tower' (x) is where operator sits, by console-like control panel about 2 x 2 with pencil size levers about 2in. in length. That he operates two or three levers at one time. It takes both hands. As he listens to signals from bellboys, or the phone, he can't see the dam where he sits." (handwritten insc.)

0083    "Government hi-line; Arizona in the Background." (handwritten insc.)

0084    "Top of dam about one form wide - everyone getting in each other's way" (duplicate of #0272-0016)

0085    "Getting higher and more enormous. Can you see what's swinging on end of No.7 line?" (arrow - top right of photo.) " (3) tunnels drilled for penstocks that divert water to turbines. So much to tell about, that's shown in this pic. You can see where the turbines will set. The (slot) in middle of dam indicates how much of the dam has been cooled. Notice how dam curves into canyon walls - to brace against weight that will build up behind it." (handwritten insc.)

0086    Early view of the enormous amount of excavating being done and tailings to be moved. Pouring cement on any part of the dam has not begun, only the diversion tunnels and tracks for head tower and tail tower that hi-lines across the channel are connected to."(See arrow at top of photo) "(x) Reeve fell down this tunnel but was cemented at that time."

"On the dam I never heard anyone being hurt with falling rock. But - most injuries and fatalities occurred building roads to the dam and at the location of dam."

"No men have been covered up and left in the cement. Nothing but the purest cement went into the construction of dam, maybe a piece of metal if it wasn't oily. About men being buried in the dam is a misconception (sic). Some have been covered up with cement when the bucked dumped out of control, but the men were rushed to first aid and washed off, and treated, but very few injuries." (handwritten insc.)

0087    Six Companies Inc. employee card in name of J.T. Kizziar, dated Sept. 115, 1933. Pass #3036.

0088    J.T. Kizziar's Six Companies credit card for use in Boulder City.

0089    Visitors pass - Boulder Canyon Project. Pass was needed to travel in and out of the area controlled by the Department of the Interior.

0090    Memorial erected in honor of the men who lost their lives in the construction of the dam. Dedicated by the Boulder City Central Labor Council, May, 1935.

0091    John T. Kizziar.

0092    (L-R): John Kizziar, York.

0093    "York - nice friend with a car. We would drive around and take some pictures." (handwritten insc.)

0094    Boulder Dam Hotel, Boulder City, Nevada. "A new building built in 1934-35. Needed to accommodate influx of visitors to the dam." (handwritten insc.)

0095    Residential section, Boulder City, Nevada. "City built for government men - very neat - with green grass and ornamental plants - in the far distance were small houses for dam workers with families. " (handwritten insc.)


0096    "Dam is completed - visitors driving along the top for a thrill. Water has backed up to height of lower intake valve." (handwritten insc.)

0097    Boulder Dam. "Finished. " (handwritten insc.)

0098    John T. Kizziar's poll tax receipt. (Collected by Six Companies Inc. 3-31-34.

0099    " 'Finished'. With Tommy (brother-in-law), and Dicky, greeting us on our return from work. " (handwritten insc.)

0100    " 'Finished'. Ferry across Colorado River to Kingman, Arizona. The only crossing to Las Vegas from Arizona." (handwritten insc.)

0101    "For Sale: former 'dam worker's' home. " (handwritten insc.) [Typical dam worker's home]

0102    Billboard outside Las Vegas. (c. late 1930s). "Las Vegas, Nevada. Gateway to world's greatest engineering project - Boulder Dam."

0103    Boulder Dam - "Finished." (duplicate of #0272 0097)

0104    "Union [Pacific] Station sitting at the end of Fremont St. West - A beautiful promenade lost forever in oblivion. " (handwritten insc.)

0105    Clark County Court House. "Hireing (sic) hall (slave market) for dam, was just across the street. Men waiting for a chance to be hired, would gather on court house lawn, under the shade of trees - No 'Keep of the grass' here, as they were in my town. Gave me a feeling of doing something wrong when I walked on the grass. " (handwritten insc.)

0106    "Death Valley Scotty's" Castle.

0107    Historic 20 mule team borax wagons, Death Valley near Las Vegas.

0108    Charleston Lodge - Charleston Park. New road to Mt. from Las Vegas. "Early view - a quick and pleasant relief from the terrible heat of Vegas." " (handwritten insc.)

0109    "The Lodge [Charleston] - blanketed in snow. " (handwritten insc.)

0110    Looking upstream in Black Canyon - before the diversion tunnels for the dam were drilled. (color photo)

0111    Looking downstream in Black Canyon after drilling of the diversion tunnels for the dam. (color photo)