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Kiel Ranch

March 1988

0001    General view, looking north from Carey Avenue.
0002    General view, northeast from Carey and Commerce Street.
0003    General view, looking east from Commerce Street.
0004    General view, looking northwest from Losee and Carey.
0005    General view, showing former reservoir.
0006    Park Mansion (A) south front.
0007    Park mansion (a) west side.
0008    Park Mansion (A) north back, showing rear porch.
0009    Park Mansion (A) east side.
0010    Park Mansion (A) detail, south front entryway.
0011    Park Mansion (A) detail, interior south front porch.
0012    Park Mansion (A) detail, exterior south front porch.
0013    Park Mansion (A) interior, showing remnant fireplace.
0014    Adobe Building (B) south front, porch and pony wall.
0015    Adobe Building (B) east side, showing cellar.
0016    Adobe Building (B) west side.
0017    Adobe Building (B) northeast side showing double adobe.
0018    Remnant House © east front.
0019    Remnant House © west back.
0020    Foremanís House (D) south front, showing front porch.
0021    Foremanís House (D) east side.
0022    Foremanís House (D) north back, rear screened porch.
0023    Foremanís House (D) west side.
0024    Foremanís House (D) southwest view.
0025    Dollhouse (E) east front.
0026    Dollhouse (E) northwest side, showing bath addition.
0027    Dollhouse (E) south side, additional entrance.
0028    Brown House (F) south front.
0029    Brown House (F) southeast side.
0030    Brown House (F) near rear showing porch and root cellar.
0031    Brown House (F) west side.
0032    Brown House (F) south front showing double entry.
0033    Brown House (F) interior fireplace.
0034    Cinderblock House (G) south front.
0035    Cinderblock House (G) north rear.
0036    Cinderblock House (G) east side unit.
0037    Cinderblock House (G) west side.
0038    Cinderblock House (G) interior fireplace, west duplex.
0039    Wooden Duplex (H) west front.
0040    Wooden Duplex (H) east rear.
0041    Wooden Duplex (H) north side.
0042    Wooden Duplex (H) south side.
0043    Wooden Duplex (H) interior north unit, showing kitchen.
0044    Livestock Shed (I) west rear.
0045    Livestock Shed (I) north side.