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Blanch Jackson Photograph Collection

Location: PC 09:A, PC Negatives Box 16

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Collection Contents:
Early Tonopah Labor Day Parade

0001    Labor Day; 1906. Drilling contest at intersection of Main and Brougher Streets, Tonopah, Nevada.
0002    Labor Day, 1906. Drilling contest, taken from Brougher Street. (Tonopah, Nev.)
0003    Labor Day Parade, 1906. Escort for Governor Sparks forming on Brougher Street, west of Main. (Note "Surveyors Office" sign former Bradford & Bradford Office.)
0004    Labor Day Parade; Tonopah, 1906. Governor Sparks and escort in formation, Brougher Street west of Main.
0005    Labor Day Parade, Tonopah, Nevada, 1906. Queen's float. (Rathbun sisters)
0006    Labor Day Parade, Tonopah, Nevada, 1906. Eagles' float.
0007    Labor Day Parade, 1906. (Tonopah, Nevada.) Elks' Band.
0008    Labor Day Parade, Tonopah, Nevada, 1906. IBEW float. (Shows Golden Block, on left; Mizpah Saloon and Bank on right; taken on Main St. at Brougher.)
0009    Labor Day Parade, Tonopah, Nevada, 1906. Indians in parade.
0010    Labor Day Parade (1906) Tonopah, Nevada. 20 (?) mule team.
0011    Labor Day; Tonopah, Nevada. Three Indian ladies crossing street. [ca. 1904-1906] (Note McNamara Meat Market at left.)
0012    Labor Day Parade, Tonopah, Nevada. [ca. 1904]. This shows dog riding burro, pulling two-wheeled cart. (Photo taken on Main St. Opposite White House Clothing Store, Merchants Hotel, and Barrel House.)
0013    Labor Day Parade Tonopah, Nevada. [ca. 1905] Indian Family in Wagon on Brougher St., west of Main.
0014    Labor Day Parade, Tonopah, Nevada. [ca. 1905-1906] View of Main Street.

Scenes of Early Tonopah

0015    Parade Float and Wagons on Main & Brougher, Tonopah, Nevada. [ca. 1904-1906 Labor Day]
0016    Fourth of July Parade, 1906. Bradford & Bradford float. William Hillman Shockley seated in front; S.K. Bradford standing; May Bradford Shockley seated in rear. (Tonopah, Nevada.)
0017    Snow scene in Tonopah, Nevada. (1905)
0018    Tonopah, Nevada. [ca. 1905]
0019    Tonopah, Nevada. [ca. 1906]
0020    Tonopah, Nevada. [Mizpah Mine, Ca. 1905-1906]
0021    Steam tractor on Main Street, Tonopah, Nevada. (1905)
0022    Steam tractor Main Street, Tonopah, Nevada. (1905)
0023    Mt. Brougher and Mt. Butler, Tonopah, Nevada. [ca. 1905-1906]
0024    Tonopah, Nevada, with Mount Brougher in the background. (June 2, 1906) (Note that neither the Mizpah Hotel nor the State Bank & Trust Co. Building has yet been erected - #3 is Senator Oddie's house) Photo by H.T. Shaw.
0025    Panorama of Tonopah, Nevada (left side - #1, right side - #2). [ca. 1906]
0026    Panorama of Tonopah, Nevada. [ca. 1906]
0027    Tonopah Extension Mine, Shaft #1; Tonopah, Nevada (1908). (At right is the North Star dump. The old Casino Athletic Club is visible in middle distance.)
0028    Panorama of Tonopah, Nevada. [ca. 1906-1908]
0029    Automobiles parked on Main Street, Tonopah, Nevada. [ca, 1915]
0030    Advertisement for Tonopah Railroad Company. [ca. 1905]
0031    Advertisement for Diamondfield Triangle Mining Co., Diamondfield, Nevada. (includes photo of "Diamondfield Jack" Davis, founder and locator of the mining district.) [ca. 1905]
0032    Main Street, Tonopah, Nevada. [ca. 1915-1918]
0033    Parade on Main Street Tonopah, Nevada. [ca.    1915-1918]
0034    Parade on Main Street, Tonopah, Nevada. [ca.    1915-1918]
0035    Tonopah: Parade on Main Street. [ca. 1915-1918]


0036    Clyde Jackson (left) in Tonopah, Nevada. [ca. 1901]
0037    Clyde Jackson's first house in Tonopah "Cabin #1" 1905.
0038    Clyde Jackson (Tonopah, Nevada in background) [ca. 1905-1906]
0039    Tonopah Riding Club members: L-R: Billy Russell, Walt Bundschu, Blanch Jackson, James Zeigler, and Sarah Oddie. (Shows Belmont Silver Top Mine, upper left; Jeffrey house upper right.) [ca. 1905]
0040    Tonopah Riding Club members: L-R: Sarah Oddie, James Zeigler, Blanch Jackson, Walt Bundschu, and Billy Russell. [ca. 1905]
0041    Blanch Jackson horseback riding. [ca. 1905-1906] Tonopah, Nevada.
0042    L-R: Blanch (Mrs. Clyde) Jackson and Miss Mary Curtis (sister of Uri B.). Tonopah, Nevada, ca. 1905-1906. (In background can be seen North Star dump, Montana and Mizpah Mines.)
0043    [Miss Mary Curtis (Uri B. Curtis' sister) in Tonopah, Nevada. ca. 1905]
0044    "Some of the beautiful people": L to R: Blanch Jackson (with parasol), two unidentified young ladies, Mrs. Sam Forman, Harry Crocker and Mrs. Crocker. In the foreground, Sam Forman is being poked with his wife's parasol. Tonopah, Nevada, 1905.
0045    Kate Jackson (sister-in-law of Blanch Jackson) wearing latest fashions of the day. [ca. 1905]
0046    Blanch Jackson wearing latest style, silk-and-lace dress, tilted hat with ostrich feathers under upswept brim. Tonopah, Nevada. [ca. 1905]
0047    Blanch Jackson in latest fashion dark dress, over-tunic, braid trim, white     blouse Tonopah, Nevada. [ca. 1905]
0048    Blanch Jackson in Tonopah, Nevada. [ca. 1905]
0049    Blanch Jackson in Tonopah, Nevada. [ca. 1905]
0050    Clyde Jackson. [ca. 1905-1908]
0051    Clyde Jackson. [ca. 1905-1908]
0052    David Howell Jackson at Nome, Alaska, for the gold rush. (1900) (He is in center of photo, wearing cap with ear flaps.)
0053    Dr. L.E. Benson (right), of Los Angeles, pictured in Circle city, Alaska, 1929. He went there to treat natives who were victims of a smallpox epidemic. (Man in center is H.H. Clark)
0054    Candelaria Mining Office(Nevada).
0055    David Howell Jackson (left) with friend at cabin in [Devil Canyon, Nevada].
0056    Wire bridge across Trinity River, California.
0057    The 400 Society of Devil's Den, California.
0058    Devil's Den, California.
0059    David Howell Jackson wearing his Masonic uniform.
0060    David Howell Jackson in Masonic garb. (NEGATIVE ONLY)
0061    David Howell Jackson after fishing, Mussel rock at Moonstone Beach. (March 7, 1914)
0062    David Howell Jackson after fishing; Mussel Rock at Moonstone Beach. (March 7, 1914). (Man at right is unidentified.)
0063    David Howell Jackson at La Jolla, California, 1924. (Photo taken by Frank Jackson.)
0064    David Howell Jackson in La Jolla, California, 1924. (Hand-written inscription on back: "Dear Clyde, I wish you a My Xmas and a happy and prosperous New Year. D.H. Jackson")

Mining Camps Nevada and Arizona

0065    Clyde Jackson (right) and mine owner at the Virginia Mine shaft, Searchlight, Nevada. (1907)
0066    Blanch Jackson waiting for Clyde who was underground Virginia Mine shaft, Searchlight, Nevada. (1907)
0067    Searchlight, Nevada Virginia Mine shaft. 1907. [Looks like Blanch and Clyde Jackson in background.]
0068    Searchlight, Nevada Virginia Mine shaft. 1907. Stope prospecting entrance.
0069    Uncovered vein of Virginia Mine, Searchlight, Nevada. 1907.
0070    Road trouble on a trip to Rhyolite, Nevada (1905). Man with Stetson is Clyde Jackson. (Note entrance to the back seat, opening in the rear.) This is a couple miles south of Goldfield in the Rhyolite road.
0071    Jackson trip to Rhyolite, 1905.    Car trouble on wagon road. Clyde Jackson, wearing Stetson, is sitting on rise at right.
0072    Jackson party inspecting a prospect on Bonanza Mountain, early 1905. Bullfrog Mine is on flats in the distance. (Rhyolite trip)
0073    Jackson party prospecting - Rhyolite, Nevada. (1905)
0074    Vein of Denver-Bullfrog Mine, Rhyolite, Nevada. Prospect entrance. (1905)
0075    Rhyolite trip: The tent town of Bullfrog in early 1905. Taken by a member of the Jackson party down from Tonopah to examine a mine in Bullfrog.
0076    Rhyolite trip 1905.
0077    Comstocker Jim Morgan and Blanch Jackson. Mineral Park near Chloride, Arizona Territory. (1907) Mules named "Fanny" and "Jenny".
0078    Jim Morgan and Blanch Jackson Mineral Park near Chloride, Arizona Territory. (1907)
0079    David Howell Jackson sampling a chunk of "rose copper" at Mineral Park. (1907)
0080    David Howell Jackson at Mineral Park, Arizona Territory. (1907)
0081    James Haas, owner of the Mineral Park property. Chloride, Arizona territory. (1907)
0082    Jim Morgan and Clyde Jackson in front of tent house, Mineral Park, 1907.
0083    Camp Jackson, Mineral Park, Arizona Territory, 1907. (Shows cook and dining tent and individual miners' tents.)
0084    Clyde Jackson at Mineral Park, Arizona Territory, 1907.
0085    Blanch Jackson and her lizard. Mineral Park, Arizona territory. (1907)
0086    The Jacksons' tent house, Mineral Park, Arizona Territory (near Chloride). 1907.
0087    "View from our tent" Clyde and Blanch Jackson (handwritten insc.) Mineral Park, Arizona Territory. (1907)
0088    Gold Pan, Arizona Territory. (June 1907)
0089    Camp Jackson Mineral Park, Arizona Territory. (1907)
0090    Jacksons' horse called "Blue" - taken at Mineral Park.
0091    Red Gap, Arizona Territory. (1907)
0092    Mine entrance at Red Gap, Arizona Territory. (1907)
0093    Looking across from Red Gap, Arizona Territory. (1907)

Miscellaneous People and Places (Nevada)

0094    Blanch Jackson (wearing hobble skirt). ca. 1913-1917.
0095    Jackson boys Tonopah, Nevada. (1915)
0096    Tonopah, Nevada. 1915. (Persons not identified.)
0097    [Jackson?] boys with playmates Tonopah, Nevada. 1915.
0098    Unidentified child in Tonopah, Nevada. 1915. (Possibly one of the Jackson children?)
0099    Indian log house (at right), Jefferson, Nevada. (Note sod and dirt roof.) [ca. 1905-1907]
0100    The owner of the log house (in photo #0243 0099).
0101    Indian Log house in Jefferson, Nevada. [ca. 1905-1907; may be owner standing at right he is also in photo #0254 0100.] (NEGATIVE ONLY)
0102    [Belmont, Nevada (?) ca. early 1900s]
0103    [Belmont, Nevada (?) ca. early 1900s]
0104    [Belmont, Nevada (?) ca. early 1900s]
0105    Revert Divide Mine, Esmeralda County, Nevada. Showing head frame and blacksmith shop in foreground. Hoist house directly back of blacksmith shop. Transformer house in distance. [ca. early 1900s]
0106    Boarding house at Revert Divide Mine, Esmeralda County, Nevada. [ca. early 1900s]
0107    Revert Divide Mine, Esmeralda County, Nevada. Showing four new bunkhouses and boarding house. [ca. early 1900s]
0108    [Mine equipment] at Revert Divide Mine, Esmeralda County, Nevada. [ca. early 1900s]
0109    Hoist house and head frame at Verdi Divide, Esmeralda County, Nev. Blacksmith shop directly back of head frame. (1919)
0110    Four bunkhouses at Verdi Divide (Divide District, Esmeralda County, Nevada, aka Gold Mountain). 1919.
0111    Abandoned mill & cyanide plant. [Divide District, Esmeralda County, Nevada. ca. early 1900s]
0112    Abandoned mill & cyanide plant. [Divide District, Esmeralda County, Nevada. ca. early 1900s]
0113    Blanch Jackson's oldest grand-daughter, Patricia Jackson, with her mother Jean. (Photo was taken Jan. 1, 1941, at 1118 S. Manhattan Place, Los Angeles, California.)
0114    [Possibly Jackson trip to Rhyolite, Nevada. 1905] Men not identified.
0115    Unidentified town, probably in Nevada. [ca. early 1900s]
0116    Sagebrush in Nevada.
0117    [Near Rhyolite, Nevada, early 1900s (?)]
0118    Unidentified bar in Nevada [Tonopah?] ca. early 1900s.
0119    [Unidentified. Might be La Jolla coast?]
0120    Unidentified Nevada mining town in early 1900s. [Possibly Tonopah.]
0121    Minder who worked for David Howell Jackson.
0122    Unidentified miner poses near his tent. [Nevada, early 1900s.]
0123    Nevada ranch, ca. early 1900s. (Man not identified.)
0124    Nevada ranch, ca. early 1900s. (Man not identified.)
0125    [No positive I.D. It is likely that man wearing dark hat is David Howell Jackson and other man his employee. ca. 1900-1910]
0126    [Possibly Clyde Jackson driving horse drawn buggy. ca. early 1900s]
0127    "Horseless" carriage parked by tent early mining days in Nevada, ca. early 1900s.
0128    Car parked at mining camp. [Arizona or Nevada, ca. early 1900s.]