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Hulse, James

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0001    Panorama


0002    Panorama from Meadow Valley, Shaft House No. 5
0003    Panorama and text about Pioche (postcard)
0004    Panorama of snow scene
0005    Town View
0006    Town View 1905
0007    Entering Pioche, including Gem Theatre (postcard)
0008    Lower Pioche, mostly homes (postcard)
0009    Lower Pioche, mostly homes (postcard)
0010    Street view (postcard)
0011    Street view (postcard)
0012    Street view (postcard), including Oseletto Café and A.S. Thompson store
0013    Street view (postcard) including Garden Bar and Rexall Drugs.
0014    Main street, including Stever’s Store, Garden Bar, and Rexall Drugs.
0015    Snow scene in town, including Bank of Pioche, Inc. Stevers Apparel & Shoes, The Garden, Pioche News Stand, U.S. Post Office, Hodges—Cook Mercantile, and Jones Market
0016    Lincoln Co. Courthouse (postcard)
0017    Lincoln Co. Courthouse (postcard)
0018    Lincoln Co. Courthouse (postcard)
0019    Lincoln Co. Courthouse (postcard)
0020    Lincoln Co. Courthouse (postcard)
0021    Interior, Lincoln Co. Courthouse
0022    Schoolhouse
0023    Power & Electric Company
0024    Power & Electric Company
0025    Brown Building
0026    Mountain View Hotel
0027    Thompson Opera House
0028    Odd Fellows Building
0029    L.D.S (Mormon) Church (postcard)
0030    House, August 24, 1915
0031    House
0032    Mining operation
0033    Mining operation
0034    Fire, May 8, 1947, general view during fire
0035    Fire, May 8, 1947, general view during fire
0036    Fire, May 8, 1947, general view during fire
0037    Fire, May 8, 1947, close-up of Pioche Club and Café during fire
0038    Fire, May 8, 1947, close-up of Pioche Club and Café during fire


0039    Women on Fourth of July, Pioche, Nevada