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Frank Benham Photograph Collection

Location: PC 11:B, PC Negatives Box 19

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Collection Contents:
Goldfield, Nevada

0001    "Main St., Goldfield, Nevada, 1905. Early days-looking north." (photo by F.HBenham)
0002    "RR Station-Goldfield, Nevada."
0003    Benham and Bollinger in the Real Estate Business, Goldfield, Nevada. Our office back of sign." (--F.H. Benham, 1907)
0004    Pioneer buildings in Goldfield, Nevada. (from a postcard)
0005    'Lobby of old Post Office, Goldfield, Nevada, 1904".
0006    Dug-outs, Goldfield, Nevada. (postcard)
0007    "Ore team. Goldfield, Nevada."
0008    The Angelus00Goldfield, Nevada, 1906."Old Post office-Goldfield, Nevada. My office next window left from the people standing. I was Asst. Postmaster. A very busy office employing some 30 people."-F.H. Benham
0009    Homes in Goldfield, Nevada, 1906. "Rem of EB Lord house-the adobe house to the right was my 3rd house in Goldfield Nev. 1906. Tex Rickard lived next right to me. I had one of the coolest houses in the camp-in summer."-F.H. Benham
0010    "Home of ERL & my tent. Goldfield, Nevada."-F.H. Benham
0011    "RSG & Bernard Niulmo (?), Goldfield, Nevada. My first home in Goldfield. Hammond and I occupied it first." --F.H. Benham
0012    F. Benham-Asst. Postmaster-Goldfield, Nevada (1905)
0013    "Entrance to new Post Office, Goldfield, Nevada." (1947-48) (Photo by Al Reinheimer)
0014    "Assistant Postmaster F.H. Benham in his private office. Goldfield Nevada. 1905"
0015    Miniatures of Goldfield, Nevada. (Copyright 1903-Tom Jones) Fold-out shows 25 views of the town and nearby mines. Nevada-Miscellaneous
0016    Looking up Main Street, Rhyolite, Nevada. (1906)
0017    The Northern. "Vernon, Nevada. Seven Troughs Mining District. I had claims there-sold them. The Northern-one of Tex Rickards places."-F.H. Benham [c.1905]
0018    "Mines at Milltown, Nevada. Near Goldfield. 1905."-F.H. Benham
0019    Florence Mine, Goldfield, Nevada. (postcard)
0020    Hotel Vernon. "Seven Troughs County Nevada. Camp of Vernon Nevada starting-I had claims here-sold them. I stayed at this hotel."-F.H. Benham 1907
0021    The Fairview-Furnished Rooms."Seven Troughs County Nevada. As the camp of Vernon started up-gold camp. This is out of Lovelock Nevada" F.H. Benham 1906 or 1907 (Photo by F.H. Benham.
0022    Church in Goldfield, Nev. (1905-06) Man standing in front. "A Quaker-yes?" "Bert M. Weaver' (name written on back of photo)
0023    Barrel House. (postcard) Tonopah, Nevada.
0024    Scotty the Desert Mystery ("Death valley Scotty"). Larson Pho. 4503. (postcard) "6/2/07. This is an exact likeness of the famous Scotty of Death Valley, as I have seen him many times here at Goldfield Nev. We were around together."-F.H. Benham