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Benham, Frank

Goldfield, Nevada

0001    “Main St., Goldfield, Nevada, 1905. Early days—looking north.” (photo by F.H.Benham)
0002    “RR Station—Goldfield, Nevada.”
0003    “Benham and Bollinger in the Real Estate Business, Goldfield, Nevada. Our office back of sign.” (--F.H. Benham, 1907)
0004    Pioneer buildings in Goldfield, Nevada. (from a postcard)
0005    ‘Lobby of old Post Office, Goldfield, Nevada, 1904”.
0006    Dug-outs, Goldfield, Nevada. (postcard)
0007    “Ore team. Goldfield, Nevada.”
0008    The Angelus00Goldfield, Nevada, 1906.“Old Post office—Goldfield, Nevada. My office next window left from the people standing. I was Asst. Postmaster. A very busy office employing some 30 people.”—F.H. Benham
0009    Homes in Goldfield, Nevada, 1906. “Rem of EB Lord house—the adobe house to the right was my 3rd house in Goldfield Nev. 1906. Tex Rickard lived next right to me. I had one of the coolest houses in the camp—in summer.”—F.H. Benham
0010    “Home of ERL & my tent. Goldfield, Nevada.”—F.H. Benham
0011    “RSG & Bernard Niulmo (?), Goldfield, Nevada. My first home in Goldfield. Hammond and I occupied it first.” --F.H. Benham
0012    F. Benham—Asst. Postmaster—Goldfield, Nevada (1905)
0013    “Entrance to new Post Office, Goldfield, Nevada.” (1947-48) (Photo by Al Reinheimer)
0014    “Assistant Postmaster F.H. Benham in his private office. Goldfield Nevada. 1905”
0015    Miniatures of Goldfield, Nevada. (Copyright 1903—Tom Jones) Fold-out shows 25 views of the town and nearby mines. Nevada—Miscellaneous
0016    Looking up Main Street, Rhyolite, Nevada. (1906)
0017    The Northern. “Vernon, Nevada. Seven Troughs Mining District. I had claims there—sold them. The Northern—one of Tex Rickards places.”—F.H. Benham [c.1905]
0018    “Mines at Milltown, Nevada. Near Goldfield. 1905.”—F.H. Benham
0019    Florence Mine, Goldfield, Nevada. (postcard)
0020    Hotel Vernon. “Seven Troughs County Nevada. Camp of Vernon Nevada starting—I had claims here—sold them. I stayed at this hotel.”—F.H. Benham 1907
0021    The Fairview—Furnished Rooms.“Seven Troughs County Nevada. As the camp of Vernon started up—gold camp. This is out of Lovelock Nevada” – F.H. Benham 1906 or 1907 (Photo by F.H. Benham.
0022    Church in Goldfield, Nev. (1905-06) Man standing in front. “A Quaker—yes?” “Bert M. Weaver’ (name written on back of photo)
0023    Barrel House. (postcard) Tonopah, Nevada.
0024    Scotty the Desert Mystery (“Death valley Scotty”). Larson Pho. 4503. (postcard) “6/2/07. This is an exact likeness of the famous Scotty of Death Valley, as I have seen him many times here at Goldfield Nev. We were around together.”—F.H. Benham