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Houssels Collection

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(See Harmon/Houssels House related information)

0001-0093    Moving the Houssels house from original location, 1012 S. 6th St., Las Vegas, Nevada to grounds of UNLV campus on Brussells Street. (SLIDES)
0094-0095    Houssels House at 1012 S. 6th St. (original location) Photo by Phil DiMarino. (color photos)
0096         Houssels House at its original site (1012 S. 6th St.)—shot of back yard.
0097-0102    Houssels House at its original site (1012 S. 6th St.)
0103-0110    Proof sheets of moving the Houssels House from original location, 1012 S. 6th St., Las Vegas, Nevada, to grounds of UNLV campus on Brussells.
0111-0193    Houssels House, taken just after an arson fire, showing an $80,000 reconstruction, and then an additional $80,000 upgrade. These slides weretaken between 1982 and early 1984. (SLIDES) House located at UNLV location, Brussells Street.
0195         Moving the Houssels house from 6th Street to the UNLV campus. Shown as it passes the Las Vegas Hilton.
0196         Moving the Houssels House from its original location 1012 S. 6th, Las Vegas, to its new site on the UNLV campus, Brussells St. It is passing by the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel.
0197-0242     SLIDES showing the moving of the Houssels house from its original downtown location on 6th street to its present location on Brussells Street on the UNLV campus.