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Photo Collections Record

Harold Hind Photograph Collection

Location: PC 03:D, PC Negatives Box 07, MC MS 01:B

Collection Contents:

0001    Harold Hind

0002    Susan Hind Ostanik, daughter of Harold Hind

0003    (L-R) 1st row, seated: Harold Hind; Ruth Biggs; Teddy Jane Binion; ?; ?; Faye Merrill; Mrs. Collins 2nd row, standing: Betty Hind; Ballard Barron; Benny Binion; Flanoy (sp?); Mrs. Flanoy (sp?) ; piano player at Las Frontier; Freddie Merrill

0004    (L-R) Gene Austin; Jack Smith; Harold Hind; Rudy Vallee

0005    L-R) around table; Peter Lind Hayes; Mary Healy, Grace Hayes

0006    (L-R) around table: Harold Hind; Betty Hind

0007    Large group seated around table; only ones identified: Harold Hind, far left; Betty Hind, far right

0008    (L-R) Joan Schaeffer; Ray Schaeffer, Chief of Police, LV, now a security officer

0009    Large group seated around table, couple on far right; Harold & Betty Hind

0010    Five people seated around table, Harold Hind only one identified

0011    Large group standing: Betty Hind, Dub McClanahan only ones identified

0012    Large group seated around table, only ones identified are: Betty Hind , Bea Barron

0013    Large group seated at table, 4th & 5th from left are : Betty Hind & Harold Hind

0014    Large group seated at table, Betty Hind , far right

0015    Two men on horseback, Helldorado Parade? (L-R) Spicer, Comm., Nellis AFB, Butch Leopoldt

0016    Hotel Last Frontier Birthday Party??