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Thomas J. Hickey Photograph Collection

Location: PC 09:B

Collection Contents:
0001    Thomas J. Hickey, Democratic State Senator from Clark County District #2. (1987)
0002    Thomas J. Hickey, State Senator. (1987)
0003    Sen. Tom Hickey and his wife Liliam; opening day at the 64th session of the Nevada Legislature, Jan. 20, 1987.
0004    Sen. Tom Hickey at right. (1987)
0005    Nevada State senator Tom Hickey, (1987).
0006    Thomas J. Hickey (1987).
0007    Thomas J. Hickey, Nev. State senator (district 2- Democrat). Photo taken in 1987.
0008    Sen. Tom Hickey. (1987).
0009    Senator Hickey. (1987)
0010    Sen. Thomas J. Hickey. (1987).
0011    Sen. Tom Hickey speaking during 64th session of Nevada legislature. (1987).
0012    Thomas Hickey, Nevada state senator. (1987).
0013    Thomas J. Hickey attending legislature session in 1987.
0014    Sen. Tom Hickey speaking to fellow legislators. (1987).
0015    Senator Thomas Hickey, during session of Nevada legislature, 1987.
0016    Thomas J. Hickey (center, wearing green cap) during legislative session. (1987)
0017    Sparks train yard Sparks, Nevada. (1989)
0018    Train yard in Sparks, Nevada. (1989)
0019    Sparks, Nevada train yard. (1989)
0020    Interior of the cab of a locomotive which ran between Sparks and Carlin, Nevada. (1989) Engineer sent this photo to Sen. Hickey to protest the working conditions of the railroad employees.
0021    Interior shot of the cab of a locomotive (1989). Shows lack of maintenance and filth which railroad employees were forced to work in.
0022    Toilet facilities at Sparks train yard which employees used. (an engineer sent these to Sen. Hickey as proof of the terrible working conditions for employees.)
0023    Home of the Good Shepherd, Las Vegas, Nevada.    (1988-1989)
0024    Chapel at the Home of the Good Shepherd, Las Vegas, Nevada. (1988-1989)
0025    Room in one of the buildings at the Home of the Good Shepherd, Las Vegas. (1988-1989)
0026    Marker on site of Home of the Good Shepherd, Las Vegas. (1988-1989)
0027    Home of the Good Shepherd, Las Vegas, Nevada. (1988-1989)
0028    Scene at Home of the Good Shepherd, Las Vegas, NV. (1988-1989)