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Photo Collections Record

A. S. Henderson Photograph Collection

Location: PC 11:D, PC Negatives Box 19, MC MS 01:H

Collection Contents:
Nevada Legislature

0001    Nevada Legislature, Carson City, NV. 1920s

0002    Nevada Legislature, Carson City, NV. 1923. (list of members in folder)

0003    Nevada Legislature, Carson City, NV. 1920s


0004    Mrs. Oliver, Albert Scott Henderson's great-grandmother. (She was Mary Scott Henderson's grandmother) (n.d.)

0005    Mr. and Mrs. Scott, Judge Henderson's maternal grandparents. (n.d.)

0006    Mrs. Scott, Judge Henderson's maternal grandmother. (n.d.)

0007    Mr. and Mrs. Scott, Judge Henderson's maternal grandparents. (n.d.)

0008    (tintype) One of the women is A.S. Henderson's paternal grandmother. Others unidentified. (n.d.)

0009    Mr. & Mrs. Scott, Judge Henderson's maternal grandparents. (n.d.)

0010    Mr. Oliver, A.S. Henderson's great-grandfather on his father's side (n.d.)

0011    Mr. Oliver, A.S. Henderson's great-grandfather on his father's side (n.d.) Shown at 84 years old.

0012    Mary Scott Henderson, A.S. Henderson's mother. (she was born 1843)

0013    George Henderson, father of A.S. Henderson. (born 1843)

0014    George S. Henderson, father of Judge A.S. Henderson. (n.d.)

0015    Mary Scott Henderson, mother of Judge A.S. Henderson.

0016    Mary Scott Henderson holding son James (1867) (A.S. Henderson's mother)

0017    [James Henderson?], brother of A.S. Henderson. (1880s)

0018    James Henderson (left) with Uncle William Scott. (n.d.)

0019    James Henderson, brother of A.S. Henderson. (1880s)

0020    James Henderson, brother of A.S. Henderson. (born 1866)

Albert Scott Henderson

0021    L-R: Albert Henderson, Alice Henderson O'Brien (his sister), Dr. O'Brien (Alice's husband). (n.d.)

0022    Albert Scott Henderson as a boy (n.d.)

0023    [Albert Scott Henderson]

0024    Albert Scott Henderson, as a young man.

0025    Albert Scott Henderson, as a young man. (n.d.)

0026    Albert Scott Henderson in the Nevada State Legislature. (1923)

0027    Autographed photo of A.S. Henderson. Seated at his desk in the Nevada State Legislature, 1929.

0028    Judge A.S. Henderson in court. (n.d.)

0029    Judge Albert Scott Henderson in court. (n.d.)

0030    Judge A.S. Henderson in court. (n.d.)

0031    Portrait of Albert Scott Henderson. (n.d.)

0032    Portrait of Judge A.S. Henderson. (n.d.) (OVERSIZE)

0033    Portrait of A.S. Henderson (n.d.) (OVERSIZE)

Henderson Family

0034    Daughters of A.S. Henderson. L-R: Alice (2 years, 2 months) and Wanda (3 years. 3 months). (1909-1910)

0035    Wanda Rose Henderson (Aug. 16, 1907), eldest daughter of Albert Scott and Rose Henderson.

0036    Wanda (left) and Alice Henderson, daughters of A.S. & Rose Henderson.

0037    (vacated)

0038    L-R: Wanda and Alice Henderson, Judge Henderson's daughters. (n.d.)

0039    Wanda Henderson and her first husband. (name unknown) (n.d.)

0040    Taken at John Henderson's home: L-R: (back) Leland Henderson, Dr. O'Brien, (married to Alice), John Henderson, Frank Henderson, Bert (A.S.) Henderson. (front) Doris Lee, Alice O'Brien, Ena Henderson. John, Frank, and Alice are siblings of A.S. Henderson. Ena H. was A.S. Henderson's second wife.

0041    L-R: Alice (daughter) Allie (sister) and Wanda (daughter) of A.S. Henderson. Taken in Richmond. (n.d.)

0042    L-R: Wanda, Reginald Pegram, unidentified friend. (Wanda was A.S. Henderson's daughter),

0043    L-R: Reginald Pegram, Francis Phelps, Wanda Henderson Pegram (A.S. Henderson's daughter), John Phelps. Dec 21, 1942. Photo taken in San Francisco.

0044    L-R: A.S. Henderson, Wanda Henderson Pegram (A.S.'s daughter), Bert Pegram (grandson of A.S.), Mary Scott Henderson (mother of A.S.), Reginald Pegram, Alice Henderson Doll (daughter of A.S.) (n.d.)

0045    Albert (Bert) Henderson and wife Ena in top three frames. Roy and Vicki (4th frame); Vicki (bottom)

0046    Alice Henderson O'Brien (A.S.'s sister) and Bert Pegram (A.S.'s grandson). (n.d.)

0047    L-R: Wanda Henderson's first husband, Alice Henderson, Rose Henderson (first wife of A.S.), Wanda Henderson. (n.d.)

0048    Wanda and husband Reginald Pegram. (1940s)

0049    Reginald and Wanda Henderson Pegram. (1940s)

0050    L-R: Dr. and Mrs. (Alice) O'Brien; man on right unidentified. (Alice was Judge Henderson's sister) (n.d.)

0051    Bert Pegram (Judge's grandson) and Mary Scott Henderson (mother of the Judge) (n.d.)

0052    L-R: Alice Henderson O'Brien, Alice Henderson, Mary Scott Henderson, Wanda Henderson. (n.d.)

0053    Wanda (Judge's daughter), her son Bert, Judge A.S. Henderson. (n.d.)

0054    Rose Wadsworth Henderson (first wife of Judge) with her grandson Bert. (n.d.)

0055    Reginald Pegram and son Bert. (Bert was Judge Henderson's grandson.) (n.d.)

0056    Reginald Pegram, son-in-law of A.S. Henderson. (1940s)

0057    Judge A.S. Henderson and grandson Albert (Bert). (n.d.)

0058    A.S. Henderson's grandson Bert, his wife, and their infant son Steven. (n.d.) (Pegram family)

0059    Judge Albert Scott Henderson holding his great-grandson Steven Pegram. (n.d.)

0060    L-R: The Henderson brothers: (1) Albert (2) Frank (3) John (5). (#4 is Leland, Jay Henderson's son) (June 1936)

0061    Photo taken in John Henderson's yard in Bishop, Calif. 1945. L-R: John, Frank, Bert (Albert). Their sister, Alice Henderson O'Brien, front.

0062    Family group photo in John Henderson's yard, Bishop, Calif. 1945. John H. (3rd man, back), Frank (4th man, back); Bert (far right); Alice O'Brien Henderson (middle lady)

0063    L-R: Albert Henderson, his mother Mary Scott Henderson, his sister Alice Henderson O'Brien. (n.d.)

0064    Profile of Albert Scott Henderson, May 1949.

0065    Raymond Doll, son-in-law, and Albert Henderson (right). (n.d.)

0066    Judge A.S. Henderson holding his great-grandson Steven Pegram. (n.d.)

0067    Judge A.S. Henderson and wife Ena Russell Henderson. (n.d.)

0068    L-R: Mary Scott Henderson, Albert S. Henderson, Wanda Henderson Pegram, Bert Pegram. Sept. 9, 1940 San Francisco. Mrs. Henderson was 97 years old; Bert Pegram, 12 years old.
Family and Friends

0069    Judge A.S. Henderson and his bailiff (unidentified). (n.d.)

0070    Photo taken at the Flamingo Hotel, Nov. 2, 1954. L-R: Bert Pegram, Reginald Pegram, Ena Henderson, A.S. Henderson, Wanda Pegram.

0071    Taken at the Flamingo Hotel, Mar. 14, 1959. A.S. Henderson (2nd from left), Gladys Snider (3rd from left), Ena Henderson (5th from left), Will Snider (next to Ena).

0072    Group photo at the Sahara Hotel. (May 14, 1954) Wanda Henderson Pegram (far left); A.S. Henderson next to her. Ena Henderson (far right); Reginald Pegram next to Ena.

0073    At left, Ena and Bert (A.S.) Henderson. Friends Jean and Joe at right. Sahara Hotel Mar. 8, 1954.

0074    Frank McNamee (3rd from right) and A.S. (Bert) Henderson (2nd from right) in the Old Timers Parade, part of the Helldorado celebration.

0075    Kiwanis Club group photo taken on the lawn of the Last Frontier Hotel, Jan. 3, 1945.

0076    A.S. and Ena Henderson standing at left. Reginald and Wanda Pegram (at back of group behind man wearing bow tie). Gracie Allen (2nd row, 2nd from right)

0077    Entertainer Gracie Allen (left); Ena Henderson (2nd from left); Wanda Pegram (behind Ena obscured view); comedienne Carol Channing (2nd from right, the blonde) (n.d.)

0078    Gracie Allen (at left, back to camera); Carol Channing (blonde at center, far side of table); Wanda and Reginald Pegram (couple at right, far side of table). (n.d.)

0079    Five (5) photos of Victoria Doll, adopted daughter of Alice Henderson Doll, on the day of her christening Sept. 17, 1944. She was Judge Henderson's granddaughter.

0080    Seven (7) photos of Victoria Doll at various ages. She was the adopted daughter of Alice Henderson Doll.

0081    Thirteen (13) photos of Albert Pegram, Judge Henderson's grandson. Albert was the son of Judge's daughter Wanda and her husband Reginald Pegram.

0082    Eight (8) photos of Steven Pegram, Judge Henderson's great-grandson, as a baby and toddler. He was also the son of Bert Pegram and his wife.

0083    Group photo Howard Cannon (front row, 3rd from left); C.D. Baker (front row, right); Artemus Ham Sr. (2nd row, fourth from left); Albert Scott Henderson (2nd row, 3rd from right). No date occasion not known.

0084    A group of Judge Henderson's former students in Las Vegas, Apr. 19, 1959. Judge Henderson, back row, standing 3rd from left)

0085    Former students of A.S. Henderson Apr. 19, 1959. Henderson standing, 2nd from left.

0086    Judge Albert Scott Henderson (left) with couple he married in the desert.

0087    Judge A.S. Henderson (right) with wedding party. He officiated at the ceremony. (n.d.)

0088    Mr. and Mrs. Kopels married by Judge A.S. Henderson (center), Jan. 23, 1959.

0089    Unidentified boys (n.d.) One is probably Albert Scott Henderson.

0090    Unidentified group of people probably some of Judge Henderson's family.(n.d.)

0091    Taken in Bishop, Calif. June 1936. One of the men is Albert Scott Henderson.

0092    Molly, an Indian maid, who worked for the Hendersons in the family home in Eureka, NV. (n.d.)


0093    The Henderson home in Eureka, NV. Albert Scott Henderson was born and raised here.

0094    The Henderson home in Eureka, NV, birthplace of A.S. Henderson.

0095    Las Vegas home of Judge A.S. Henderson. (n.d.)

0096    Pegrams' beach house. (another view on reverse) Location unknown, no date.

0097    Damaged ship that Reginald Pegram served on. (Two other views on reverse) (n.d.)

0098    Brown Hotel in Eureka, NV. (postcard) (n.d.)

0099    Palisade, NV. (1906) (postcard)